Planning Your Dream Kitchen Part 2: Creating a Feel for the Details

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Once you have an idea of the layout, budget, and timing of your kitchen remodeling project, you’ll be ready to dive into the details. From here, you’ll want to consider the type of style you’d like to use for your kitchen. Are you traditional, modern, or somewhere in the middle? Being able to answer this type of question will help you to make confident decisions as to what you’re looking for.

Color Scheme

The color scheme you choose in your kitchen is a mixture of personal preference and color psychology. Color has the power to change room elements to such a degree that the kitchen cabinets can appear different in size depending on the choice. Lighter colors will make a room seem more expansive while darker colors create more intimacy. Color personalities are split between active and passive. Active colors excite the body and mind while passive colors are more neutral and muted. Like you will do when imagining your layout, it’s important to imagine how you will use your kitchen. You’ll move faster in a yellow kitchen whereas a neutral kitchen is effective for slow, meditative cooking.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet choice will have a large impact on the feel of your kitchen. One of the first factors to consider is the type of door style you’ll want to use. At a very basic level, you can go with either an inset or overlay cabinet. Inset doors are set within the frame of the cabinet while overlay doors are set over the frame. While stunning, inset doors are usually more expensive and offer less space than overlay doors. Kitchen cabinets can become more interesting by adding elements like glass or a countertop hutch to showcase fine dinnerware. Adding a splash of color to cabinets bring personality to the entire kitchen. An explanation of cabinets wouldn’t be complete without pictures, which is why we have posted many of our completed New Jersey kitchen remodeling projects to our website.


Appliances should match the color and style choices of the kitchen. A modern kitchen may feature an electric stove with stainless steel appliances while a traditional kitchen may masque appliances within the cabinetry. Choose colored appliances for a bold statement and a unique jolt of color to create a friendlier tone that will eliminate the mechanical feel. Aside from color, you’ll need to make decisions such as whether you want a gas, electric or induction cooktop. Do you want to use a range hood for silent ventilation? Is a drawer dishwasher more appealing than a traditional top down? What depth, shape, and size would you like your sink to be? These are all questions to keep top of mind when you come and visit us to start your kitchen remodeling project.

As you can see, there are many small details to consider when planning your kitchen. Keep in mind that once you select your colors and styling, all of the other details will flow right into one another. You will even have a better grasp on the types of appliances you would like to use. The one thing to remember throughout the whole process is what you are going to be doing in your kitchen when the project is finished. Arming yourself with all this information will bring you peace of mind throughout the process.

Planning Your Dream Kitchen Part 1: Envisioning Your Space & Layout

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Kitchen Renovation Company NJ

Kitchen renovation can be exciting and intimidating all at once. For the investment you are putting into the project, it’s important to know some basics before you begin. All of these questions and considerations can continue to pile up in an overwhelming way, which is why it’s so important to break each factor down into small bits.

Question 1: What am I looking to achieve with my new design?

Spend some time in your current kitchen and consider all of the things that lack function. Maybe the stove is too close to the sink. Write all of these factors down along with a solution for the problem. In the example provided, perhaps you could write exactly how much space you want between your sink and stove. Also keep in mind how you will be using this kitchen. How could your new kitchen allow you to prepare a meal faster than before? All of these factors will allow you determine what type of layout you want for your kitchen remodeling project.

Question 2: What is my budget?

Evaluate your current finances and factor in how much you can afford to spend on your project. With this number in mind, consider any other forms of payment that will go into the project. Will you be taking out a loan or refinancing? Once you take this into account, you can consider other factors like real estate value on your home. Depending on how much longer you plan to stay, remember that your renovation can potentially increase the value of your home. You’ll also want to budget for surprise costs like electrical issues or unexpected rotting. Keep in mind that your budget can change drastically depending on how many extras you choose to go for, so try and stick to the original plan. Keeping a spreadsheet of your costs can help to stay organized and avoid overspending.

Question 3: What’s the best time to start my project?

Before you start your renovation, it helps to be completely sure that you are doing it at a time that is most convenient for you. Summer and spring could be great options as they allow you to prepare meals from the barbecue in the backyard. Spring and summer remodeling also means that your kitchen will be ready for the holidays. If the holidays aren’t much of a factor, consider any other celebrations you’ll want to plan around.

While these are some of the more prominent questions you’ll be asking about your project, you will have more questions as you go along, which is why we recommend consulting us before you begin your project. With a quick stop by our showroom, we can walk you through every step of the process and show you some examples of what we have to offer. Our goal is to take out the overwhelm of kitchen remodeling so that you can enjoy the entire process.

3 Steps to Renovating your Kitchen

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3 Steps to Renovating your Kitchen


Step 1: Think About What You Want Out Of The Kitchen Renovation

The first step is all about how you use your kitchen. What do you like to do in there aside from cooking? Does your family use it as a hangout? Find the layout and features that best suit your household’s needs and style. There are tons of resources out there to help you. Think about kitchen additions, like islands, pantry storage solutions and task lighting. What about your kitchen footprint, is it easy to move around in?  Look for opportunities to create a more efficient Layout,  increasing the functionality and storage at the same time. If you like to do a certain type of cooking, for example, you like canning your own jams, is your kitchen layout set up for it? Start saving photos from magazine clippings and online sources that feature your style.  It’s a good idea to keep your ideas organized with notes as to what in the photograph appeals to you.  Being able to accurately convey what ideas are most important to you to your kitchen designer will go a long way in the end – producing a much better overall finished kitchen renovation.

Step 2: Research and Planning A Kitchen Renovation 

While estimating what renovation costs will be is a profession on it’s own, it’ll be helpful to think about your estimated budget. Perhaps you have been saving for an entire year, what are those savings, and are you willing to pull in funds from other sources, thinking about budgeting before the project will ease your worries. As a homeowner, you’re not expected to know what everything should cost, it’s the job of the renovating professionals to educate you on the process, the material, and plan the entire scope of the project.

Some people begin their research by visiting our showroom, where you can see everything. We are available to help you with every aspect of the project – from space planning, budgets, shopping and ordering products, choosing finishes and textures, even helping you set up a temporary kitchen while the work is being done, having a professional on your side is absolutely key to the success of your renovation.  There are also plenty of online resources available for you to research your kitchen renovation in terms of cost and project, although you do have to be careful because these figures are averages of kitchen renovation and do not necessarily translate to your particular  kitchen renovation.  Nothing will be as accurate as an actual design and for your space.

Step 3: Kitchen Renovation Design and Development 

Once you’ve decided on what your dream kitchen looks like, you can proceed to implementing your design choices.  Kitchen cabinetry, backsplash tile, kitchen countertops, floor coverings, plumbing and electrical selections are all detailed in sketches along with space planning, floor plans with cabinet sizes, etc – all these technical factors come in once the design aspects are covered.  An in-depth review of the material selections takes place and finishes are assigned to specific surfaces, making your kitchen renovation one step closer to being realized.

Once the development phase begins, you have to make sure your family is well prepared for the transition.  It will only be a short while before the kitchen renovation begins so it’s perfect timing to start thinking about how your family will  call about daily activities while the kitchen renovation takes place. While we focus on efficient projects, meaning getting the job done properly and in good timing, we always want to make sure that enough time is allocated to ensure a job well done.  Each projects build time will vary based on specific conditions but in general a kitchen renovation could take anywhere from 4 to 7 weeks to complete. Prepare your household for a temporary shift in it’s natural habitat.  Preparing meals in advance of the kitchen renovation will help ease the transition. 


Overall, a kitchen renovation is exciting for everyone  with proper planning and guidance. With our selection of kitchen cabinets in New Jersey we’re sure you will find something everyone will agree on.  And with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty,  you’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment in your home is safe.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Cabinet Finish

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Whether you’re looking to freshen up a drab kitchen interior or aiming to sell a home on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right cabinet finish.  A cabinet finish that coordinates with the rest of the desired kitchen elements and appliances in a tasteful way will help you see the best return on your investment. 

custom kitchen cabinets

Keep in mind these options below as you plan your remodeling project:

Unfinished Cabinets

Homeowners may choose manufactured wood doors and drawer fronts that are unfinished. This may first appear to be a less expensive choice, but the costs will accrue when homeowners prep and paint them. Any preliminary savings are lost. Keep in mind that any hand painted kitchen requires a coat of acrylic lacquer for protection.

Wood Finishes

Wood is a versatile option for homeowners. It has a broad appeal and is a classic option. For those looking to eventually sell a home, wood makes a timeless choice. We craft cabinets from many different types of wood. Take a deeper look here.

Painted Cabinets

Paint is heavily pigmented. The underlying wood will not show through. White, cream and eggshell colors are popular. Eggshell is a warm finish that reflects light well and can be easily cleaned.

Stained Cabinets

Stains come in an array of pigments. The wood grain will show through and stains will appear darker on the wood’s natural knots and whirls. Using stain can help modify the appearance of many different types of wood cabints

Glazed Cabinets

A glaze is semi-transparent application available to apply over paints. Glazes help provide depth to the cabinetry. Homeowners benefit from more contrast but less consistency. Any details and crevices will be highlighted with a glaze application.

Antiqued Cabinets

When homeowners select an antiqued patina, they are looking for cabinetry that exudes the appearance of wear over time. These patinas are hand-rubbed and as such each cabinet door or drawer will be unique. Those looking for a more rustic look may consider this type of cabinet finish.

Distressed Cabinets

There are a variety of techniques available for homeowners that choose to distress their cabinetry. The wood’s surface will be scored and give the appearance of age and a more weathered patina.

New Jersey residents look to Trade Mark Design & Build for additional insights into the home remodeling process. When you are ready to begin planning our your home remodeling project give us a call! 973-636-0100

5 Tips To Help Keep Your Kitchen Nice and Clean!

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The kitchen, whether we intend or not, is where people tend to gather. Think about it. Regardless of it’s size or shape, when guests come to the home, they migrate to the kitchen. That being said, maintaining a clean kitchen is very important for both social and sanitary reasons. Whether you’ve recently had some NJ kitchen remodeling work done or just need to spruce up your existing space, these tips should help you out:
nj kitchen remodeling

1. Constant-Cleaning: While this sounds like we are recommending you stay cleaning all the time, it’s much less demanding. Adopting a clean-as-you-go model when it comes to kitchen cleanliness philosophy is a must. As you cook, clean up your messes step by step. This will prevent a large mess pileup, and also help prevent the “Company will be here in twenty minutes, what do we do”?! feeling.

2. Clear Countertops: Take advantage of your cabinets and drawers. Only leave what you absolutely need on your countertops and leave the rest stored away. This will enable easy quick cleaning and maintain a far neater appearance as a whole.

3. Stock up on cleaning supplies: Make sure under your sink is stoked up with the essential cleaning materials, so when it comes time you’re not scrambling.

4. Smart Garbage: Keep your trash receptacles either under the sink. If this is impossible, ensure you have a clean looking can with a lid. This will prevent smells from spreading and also keep a neat appearance.

5. Clean Your Stovetop Frequently: Your stovetop can become the source of some nasty buildup. Try cleaning it after every use to avoid having to partake in a deep clean with impossible grease buildup.

We hope these tips help! When you’re ready for that NJ kitchen remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of, you know where to find us.

Kitchen Countertop Options: Choosing One that Works for You

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One of the most visible elements in your kitchen is the kitchen countertops, and they have to do much more than simply look good. They have to stand up to the daily wear and tear that often includes hot pots, sharp knives and foods that like to stick or stain.

As a NJ kitchen remodeling company that has worked with various kitchen countertop materials, we’ve outlined several of the most gorgeous and durable options that function as beautifully as they look.

NJ Kitchen Remodeling

Granite, Natural Stone

Granite has long been a classic countertop material that never goes out of style. Like all natural stone, granite is durable, heat-resistant and comes with individual patterns that will be unique to your own kitchen. While natural stone is one of the more expensive choices for countertops and requires an initial seal plus regular re-sealing, its elegance can be well worth it. Marble, limestone and other natural stone options offer the same sophisticated look coupled with incredible durability.

Quartz, Cultured Stone

Quartz countertops mimic the look of natural stone but with a lower cost and lower maintenance level. Because quartz-surfaced countertops are not porous like natural stone, they don’t require initial and subsequent sealing. Also known as cultured stone, quartz countertops still stand up to heat, scratches and stains but without any specialized care. Cultured stone is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, although the patterns will not be unique like their natural stone counterparts.


Composite countertops are eco-friendly countertops made out of recycled materials. They often contain paper or wood pulp mixed with a water-based resin. The durable surface resists scratches, heat, stains and even bacteria. Available in a wide range of grains and colors, they are a highly affordable option that’s extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends – Just In Time For Memorial Day!

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As Memorial Day approaches, many people start thinking about making improvements and changes to their home. Summer is a popular time for this because many people choose to sell their home during this time and more people have free time available to put into these projects. If you are thinking about making some changes, it pays to look at the current trends. Consider these top kitchen remodeling trends and you can decide if one of these may be the perfect way to add appeal and/or value to your home.

nj kitchen remodeling

  • Go Gray – While wood, white and black continue to be the most popular colors for cabinets, a new color is gaining in popularity—gray! Consider this option for something a bit out of the ordinary yet still neutral.
  • Automation – Ovens you can control from your smartphone and dishwashers that automatically run when full are just a couple of the ways you can automate your kitchen. High-tech options abound today!
  • The Deep Sink – Deep sinks are both appealing and highly functional. A deep sink makes it easier to wash dishes and it is one of those added features that makes a kitchen feel high-end.
  • Unique Countertops – While granite is still very popular, more consumers are trying something new in terms of counter. Quartz is especially hot and it comes in a number of colors and styles.
  • Flooring – Hardwoods and tile continually top the list of most desired flooring; however, these do not have to be the same-old, same-old. Bamboo is an economically friendly alternative to traditional hardwoods and tiles are coming in more styles and colors than ever before.

Whether you want to embrace all the latest trends or you just want to add a touch of spice to your classic kitchen, some of these trendy additions may be something you want to keep in mind. For NJ kitchen remodeling and other home improvement projects, visit us at




Popular Remodeling Design Colors this Spring

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Neutral colors serve to create an airy, spacious feel.
Neutral colors serve to create an airy, spacious feel.

Hot spring colors inspiring New Jersey kitchen remodeling projects involve neutral, harmonious hues that not only influence mood but also unify and enlarge your kitchen while establishing a warm, cozy ambiance that makes your kitchen the only place in the world you want to be. Soft brown, oyster white or buttery yellow are just a few of the extraordinary hues that work to visually enhance a kitchen. Directional lighting fixtures also enhance color continuity by illuminating corners and unlit recesses previously overlooked in small to medium-sized kitchens.

When planning any type of home renovation, NJ residents depend on Trade Mark Design & Build to provide them with creative inspiration, practical ideas and the latest news about kitchen remodeling trends influencing New Jersey home remodeling schemes. For example, Bergen County residents are amazed at the space their kitchens secretly harbored following a professional renovation that includes kitchen cabinets equipped with artificial double cabinet doors and concealed drawers you can pull out for storage and access to cookware. These cabinets represent a more efficient method of keeping pots and pans than the old way of shoving them into cabinet recesses where they usually get damaged or forgotten.

In addition to kitchen remodeling Bergen County NJ residents are opting for house additions to accommodate their lack of home space while beautifying their properties by integrating the newest home remodeling colors, materials and layouts. Adding an extra bathroom is one of the most requested home renovation projects among NJ homeowners. Current trends in bathroom renovations involve the use of cool, lighter hues such as blue or violet that reflect light and gives the illusion of a small space appearing airier and more spacious. Alternately, color schemes composed of contrasting hues tend to divide a whole space into smaller spaces, which works well in larger living spaces.




Open Floor Layouts Prove Popular for New Jersey Homeowners

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kitchen w island

One thing we have noticed over the years working on NJ home remodeling is the move away from closed layouts to more open floor plans. These have become one of the most popular and sought-after design options available today, and it’s no wonder: these plans are designed to help families stay in touch. Open plans typically limit the number of interior walls to create a cozy nest-like interior that’s ideal for promoting family togetherness – often a rare commodity in today’s “plugged in” society where digital devices can limit a family’s social interaction.

But creating a sharing, nurturing environment isn’t all an open floor plan can do. They also create better flow – both for foot traffic and for conversation – avoiding the feeling of isolation that comes when each room is like its own desert island.

Most open plans involve the kitchen, and the reason for that is simple: As the heart of any home, the kitchen tends to attract the most activity. Plans that join a kitchen space with a dining and family room area keep the cook from feeling they’ve been banished to a land of pots and pans by letting them join in the family fun, whether that means talking or watching a movie together. Combine that open kitchen design with an island or breakfast bar and you offer a convenient – and visible – place for kids to do homework and work on school projects.

Open-plan layouts can also work to open up a space and create a feeling of a larger, more spacious room. This is great for homeowners working with limited space as well. Because open-floor plans limit interior obstructions, they’re also a popular choice for empty-nesters and elderley people as it makes moving around and getting from one area of the house with walkers and wheelchairs if need be a lot easier.

With today’s modern materials, open floor plans are easy to create, even in existing homes. All it takes is careful planning and a skilled and experienced NJ kitchen remodeling contractor to make your home dreams a reality.

At Trade Mark Design & Build, we work with our clients to ensure every New Jersey home remodeling project we complete is tailored to the homeowner’s unique needs. Interested in learning how we can help your home look and feel more spacious and open? Contact us today at 973-636-0100 or fill out our online form and request your free estimate.


These Hot Kitchen Floor Trends for 2014 Will Have You Floored

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Black & white mosaic tiles makes for a beautiful floor design.










Floors steal the show in NJ kitchen remodeling trends for 2014. Kitchen makeovers are one way to increase the value of a home as we discussed earlier, but the focus needs to be on functionality. Flooring gives you an opportunity to add extreme style to the mix and get something really distinctive for your home, while ensuring sturdiness to last for years ahead.

Bold Patterns are Key

Overall, kitchen remodeling in Bergen County, NJ is focusing on color to create dramatic flair. You can top off a balanced kitchen with a fancy floor with a pop of color to give everything just a little more punch. Patterned floors are in this year, and an experienced firm like Trade Mark Design & Build has access to some eye-catching products that enhance the kitchen color palette.

A kitchen with white walls and cabinetry for example, will really stand out with a white and black beveled cube design on the floor. Look for a pattern that creates depth using colors and lines to make the geometric designs stand out.

The Art of Illusion

The nice thing about vinyl flooring is the ability to create illusions with it. Vinyl is a common choice for kitchen floors because of its low cost and resilience. You don’t have to settle for boring just because you opt to save. Choose a pattern that imitates tumbled marble or hardwood. You get a nostalgic look that adds to the kitchen’s appeal without the expense of real wood flooring.

The focus of the International Ceramic Tile Fair in Spain this year was creating oxidized looks that give the appearance of stone, metal and wood for contemporary flooring, proving illusion as a design concept works.

Flooring designs are the style anchor for any room. Make your kitchen stand out with bold choices for 2014. Contact the Trade Mark Design team to see what flooring options we create for your home.