Popular Remodeling Design Colors this Spring

Kitchen Remodeling

Hot spring colors inspiring New Jersey kitchen remodeling projects involve neutral, harmonious hues that not only influence mood but also unify and enlarge your kitchen while establishing a warm, cozy ambiance that makes your kitchen the only place in the world you want to be. Soft brown, oyster white or buttery yellow are just a few of the extraordinary hues that work to visually enhance a kitchen. Directional lighting fixtures also enhance color continuity by illuminating corners and unlit recesses previously overlooked in small to medium-sized kitchens.

When planning any type of home renovation, NJ residents depend on Trade Mark Design & Build to provide them with creative inspiration, practical ideas and the latest news about kitchen remodeling trends influencing New Jersey home remodeling schemes. For example, Bergen County residents are amazed at the space their kitchens secretly harbored following a professional renovation that includes kitchen cabinets equipped with artificial double cabinet doors and concealed drawers you can pull out for storage and access to cookware. These cabinets represent a more efficient method of keeping pots and pans than the old way of shoving them into cabinet recesses where they usually get damaged or forgotten.

In addition to kitchen remodeling Bergen County NJ residents are opting for house additions to accommodate their lack of home space while beautifying their properties by integrating the newest home remodeling colors, materials and layouts. Adding an extra bathroom is one of the most requested home renovation projects among NJ homeowners. Current trends in bathroom renovations involve the use of cool, lighter hues such as blue or violet that reflect light and gives the illusion of a small space appearing airier and more spacious. Alternately, color schemes composed of contrasting hues tend to divide a whole space into smaller spaces, which works well in larger living spaces.