Wine Cellar Contractor | Hawthorne, NJ

Add on a Wine Cellar, NJ Homeowners!

You don't have to be a devoted oenophile to benefit from the addition of a well-designed Wine Cellar NJ homeowners! This is a chance to really increase the value of the space and to keep wine at its preferred temperature. Both novices and wine enthusiasts can benefit from this investment. However, one cannot just build a couple of shelves in a basement and call this a wine cellar. NJ's Trade Mark Design & Build will do the job for you! Generally, home wine cellars should be built in areas that are dark, well-ventilated, slightly humid and climate-controlled. Theoretically, Trade Mark Design & Build can build a home wine cellar in any room in the house, but there are specific areas that promise better wine storage, and will require less maintenance over time.

Store your entire wine collection at the preferred temperature with a climate controlled wine room.

Even a small space can make a stunning location for a wine cellar with a barrel ceiling.

Highlight your most prized bottles with a custom wine racking feature, a display row with LED lighting.

Keep you cigars fresh and flavorful with our custom designed cigar humidor, integrated into a wine room drawer.

Full view glass enclosures lend a contemporary edge to wine room designs and allow for a fabulous focal point.

Case storage areas are great for mixed storage, special cases or even empty cases while you build your collection.
Our services take you from concept to completion, avoid the hassle of having to manage multiple contractors, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We create sketches, design plans, 3-D renderings and architectural plans so understanding your project is easy with photo realistic views.

Single source accountability, all the services you need to complete your project will be contained in one neat contract.

We handle the​​ permit process, and prevent any "red tape" from delaying your project.​ We also handle zoning reviews & variance hearings.

​A dedicated project manager & designer guide you throughout the process so you're never alone in making decisions. ​

We also handle specialty projects, such as wine rooms, custom home bars, and libraries. Home remodeling should include as little stress as possible.

Our variety of services and simple design process were created to benefit our clients. That is the reason our company is known for making New Jersey "Home Remodeling-Simplified".
  • A complimentary field visit is made to discuss the scope and requirements of the proposed project
  • Drawings are created based on the requirements along with a proposed budget
  • A designer will work with you to choose cabinetry, countertops, tile, plumbing fixtures, ect to ensure a beautiful end result
  • A foreman will be assigned to your job and a kick off meeting we call a pre-construction meeting is scheduled
  • The pre-construction meeting is an important step of our design process. This allows the client, design staff, and build crew to meet and discuss the project. This interaction will ensure that everyone fully understands the specifications of the project, so that it can progress smoothly and efficiently. We want to be sure that we are fully prepared to meet all of your expectations​.
  • Once the build is finished, the last step is the final inspection. A managing member of our team will complete a walk-through with the client to be sure that they are completely satisfied with the finished project.