Open Floor Layouts Prove Popular for New Jersey Homeowners

Home Remodeling

One thing we have noticed over the years working on NJ home remodeling is the move away from closed layouts to more open floor plans. These have become one of the most popular and sought-after design options available today, and it’s no wonder: these plans are designed to help families stay in touch. Open plans typically limit the number of interior walls to create a cozy nest-like interior that’s ideal for promoting family togetherness – often a rare commodity in today’s “plugged in” society where digital devices can limit a family’s social interaction.

But creating a sharing, nurturing environment isn’t all an open floor plan can do. They also create better flow – both for foot traffic and for conversation – avoiding the feeling of isolation that comes when each room is like its own desert island.

Most open plans involve the kitchen, and the reason for that is simple: As the heart of any home, the kitchen tends to attract the most activity. Plans that join a kitchen space with a dining and family room area keep the cook from feeling they’ve been banished to a land of pots and pans by letting them join in the family fun, whether that means talking or watching a movie together. Combine that open kitchen design with an island or breakfast bar and you offer a convenient – and visible – place for kids to do homework and work on school projects.

Open-plan layouts can also work to open up a space and create a feeling of a larger, more spacious room. This is great for homeowners working with limited space as well. Because open-floor plans limit interior obstructions, they’re also a popular choice for empty-nesters and elderley people as it makes moving around and getting from one area of the house with walkers and wheelchairs if need be a lot easier.

With today’s modern materials, open floor plans are easy to create, even in existing homes. All it takes is careful planning and a skilled and experienced NJ kitchen remodeling contractor to make your home dreams a reality.

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