Wood floors top the list for homeowners and home buyers

Home Remodeling

When it comes to choosing a flooring material for your home, one thing is clear: No other flooring material has the same classic appeal and warmth of natural wood. Unlike other types of flooring that can be “dated” to a specific time or style, wood floors work well with any style of home, from Victorian and French country to Arts and Crafts and contemporary.

That’s one reason why it remains a top choice for New Jersey home remodeling clients. It’s also a feature that’s highly prized by home buyers, who know a wood floor won’t “lock” them into a specific color or style like carpeting can.

Wood floors are also versatile, allowing you to easily highlight specific areas of a room, define a conversation grouping or change a room’s entire style, simply by adding a throw rug or two. That also makes them an ideal choice for homes with open floor plans, where a uniform floor material like wood can help every area of the space work in harmony.

Finally, while carpets begin to look worn and old after only a few years of regular use, wood floors develop a patina as they age. Most of today’s finishes are designed to withstand years of regular use, and when a floor does become worn, it has the added advantage of being fully restorable.

Of course, wood isn’t the best choice for all rooms. Puddles and high humidity can cause wood to warp, so for bathrooms and other rooms with high levels of humidity, materials like vinyl or ceramic tile are better choices.

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