Fall Cleaning Checklist

As fall approaches, the days grow shorter and the air a little crisper. These tell tale signs of the changing seasons signal the beginning of your fall clean-up chores. Cleaning both the exterior and interior of your home before winter hits ensures a comfortable and relaxing time for you and your family throughout the colder … Read more

5 Tips for Keeping your House Warm in the Winter

  Keep the Curtains Open During the day that is, and at night, close them up. Closing them at night will help to trap heat inside your home. During the day letting the sun in will significantly change the warmer feel in your house. Ensure that any drafts caused by windows are trapped with thick … Read more

Preparing Your Home For Winter

Unless this is your first year in New Jersey, you know what’s coming this winter. Once the fun of the holidays pass, the cold, snowy days of winter begin. As a local NJ home remodeling company, we know what you’re facing each year — and have prepared some tips to help you get ready.  Prepare now … Read more

Fall Home Checklist

We see the signs of fall all around us. With home ownership comes seasonal maintenance. Know what to do to get your home prepared for cooler weather. Check home safety devices. The batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices should be replaced. Test all devices. Winterize your air conditioning. A central air unit requires a … Read more

Are You Prepared For Hurricane Joaquin? 5 Tips

With a potentially hazardous hurricane on the way, it’s important we all prepare for the worst. As major coastal towns and cities have made preparations, we must also ensure we are prepared in the home. Below, five tips to ensure your home and family remain safe during the coming storm: Power up: Ensure that all … Read more

Lawn Care Tips: The Essentials

As the weather continues to warm up and summer approaches, many homeowners will begin to start preparing their lawns for the season. If you are a new homeowner, or have not paid much mind to the appearance and health of your lawn, these tips should prove useful. Below are the essential lawn grooming actions we … Read more

Gutter Cleaning 101: The Basics

Spring is in full swing and many home owners have been partaking in the normal cleaning routine for the season. One aspect of spring cleaning often overlooked? Gutters. Failing to clean your gutters properly can result in home damage, particularly your roof. Additionally, unattended debris can serve as a structural and fire hazard. Here are … Read more

The Big Thaw: 5 Spring Tips For Homeowners

Now that it finally feels like spring, many people are flocking to the great outdoors to enjoy the new warm weather. This winter was a long one, and we couldn’t be happier that the spring has finally shown itself! Although the coming of spring is a very exciting time of year, we must remember that … Read more

Spring Cleaning: 5 Steps To A Better Home

Whoever said that spring cleaning was about dusting the rooms, shining the banister, and donating old clothes, never thought about the perks of redesigning your kitchen. At Trade Mark Design & Build, we believe that spring cleaning should be about making your current home into something from your dreams through these simple NJ kitchen remodeling … Read more