The Big Thaw: 5 Spring Tips For Homeowners

Home Care

Now that it finally feels like spring, many people are flocking to the great outdoors to enjoy the new warm weather. This winter was a long one, and we couldn’t be happier that the spring has finally shown itself!

Although the coming of spring is a very exciting time of year, we must remember that just as we took precautions for our homes at the beginning this winter – we must partake in some spring maintenance and check-up tasks as well.

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Homeowner’s can benefit from the following this spring:

1. Examine your gutters – The constant freezing and thawing may have sparked some leaks. These leaks can be damaging to your home.

2. Examine your roof – The winter may have damages some shingles. Any missing or broken pieces should be replaced immediately as to maintain proper protection of the home.

3. Clean your chimney – Now that the winter has come to an end, it’s the perfect time to clean the chimney for a fresh start next time around.

4. Check water sources – All hoses, outdoor faucets, and other pipes should be checked for breaks. If any liquid was left inside over the winter, it could have cause breaks or bursts.

5. Prepare your lawn equipment – Ensure all landscaping and lawn equipment is ready to use for your spring and summer yard work.

We hope these tips were helpful! If you are looking to have any NJ home remodeling projects completed during this beautiful season, don’t hesitate to get in touch!