Lawn Care Tips: The Essentials

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As the weather continues to warm up and summer approaches, many homeowners will begin to start preparing their lawns for the season. If you are a new homeowner, or have not paid much mind to the appearance and health of your lawn, these tips should prove useful.

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Below are the essential lawn grooming actions we recommend adopting into your routine this season in order to maintain a beautiful landscape:

Weed It: Throughout the spring and perhaps throughout previous years, weeds will accumulate within your lawn and along the boarders. In order to start clean, remove all weeds.

Fertilize: If your lawn is looking a bit patchy or unhealthy, we recommend using fertilizer where necessary. This will give your lawn the nutrients it needs. We recommend acting quickly on this step as it is ideal to fertilize in the spring months.

Plant Grass: Whether you are starting from scratch or simply have some bare spots throughout your yard, planting new grass seeds will help keep your lawn looking lush. Follow instructions on your bag of seed as they differ between seed type.

Hydrate: Ensure your lawn stays hydrated, especially if your lawn is new and young. Your lawn should be watered 2-3 times week when there is no rain fall.

Groom: In order to maintain a tame appearance and also to aide in distributing nutrients, ensure you mow your lawn regularly.

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