Kitchen Colors: Top Picks

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Undergoing a NJ kitchen remodeling project is a very exciting process. We love taking customers’ visions and  turning them into realities. While the entire project consists of many many steps, including the gutting, design, and materials acquisition; today we wanted to focus one aspect and one aspect only – color.

When choosing colors for your kitchen, you must take the feel of your home into account. The general theme of the kitchen should match that of the home. Let’s take a look at a few different colors and their properties below. This will help you get a better idea of which colors you may chose when it comes time for a remodeling.

White: White is one of the most prominent and classy selections when it comes to kitchen color. The white kitchen features a pristine and classy feel. Pairing white walls with white appliances maximizes effect.

Gray: Gray can be seen as one of the most neutral colors. In the kitchen, gray is the best choice when you are dealing with many dark colored appliances and perhaps a dark backsplash. A lighter gray is also a good choice when you are dealing with a minuscule amount of natural light.

Red: We have seen an increase in the amount of red used within the kitchen in recent years. Using red along with stainless appliances can really spice up the room.

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Blue: Shades of blue, while not a very common kitchen choice, can be brought to life in the right conditions. For example, if your kitchen features solely northern exposure, it can compliment the cool feel from the indirect light a great deal.

While incorporating exciting colors in the kitchen is a great way to spice things up, keeping the kitchen neutral is more often than not a safe and smart choice, especially when torn between multiple options. Get in touch today to start planning your perfect kitchen! 973-636-0100