Are You Prepared For Hurricane Joaquin? 5 Tips

Home Care

With a potentially hazardous hurricane on the way, it’s important we all prepare for the worst. As major coastal towns and cities have made preparations, we must also ensure we are prepared in the home.


Below, five tips to ensure your home and family remain safe during the coming storm:

  1. Power up: Ensure that all of your battery powered devices are charged, and that you purchase extra batteries. These include cellphones, flashlights, and radios. For families with many portable electronics, you may want to consider picking up some of these portable batteries.
  2. Stay hydrated: Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Purchase enough water so that each family member will have multiple litres per day during the duration of the storm. Tap water may become contaminated during major storms.
  3. Gas up: Gas up your car, and fill your propane tank. This will allow your family an escape route if needed as well as a means to prepare food and purify water.
  4. Tend to the yard: While this may not be top-of-mind for many in this type of situation, it is important to make sure your yard is free of materials that may cause harm to the home or others. Ensure your lawn furniture is secured or brought into the garage. Additionally, remove all loose limbs from trees. It’s better you take them down than the hurricane winds pull them down, causing damage.
  5. Hit the ATM: While we are used to living in a plastic powered world, many establishments may lose power during this upcoming storm. Ensure you have enough cash on hand for whatever you may need.