Winter’s Coming: 3 Ways To Cut Down On Energy Bills

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Winter is just around the corner. You can feel it in the air! While this time of year is full of holidays and family reunions, it also comes with some obstacles. Keeping your home heated can be a bit costly. Now, newer homes or those that have recently undergone a NJ home remodeling project will experience less of a hit this season, but here’s some tips for the rest of us.

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Three ways to cut down on your winter energy bills:

1. Cut it at the source. Prep your windows: When you feel a draft in the home, it’s doing far more damage than sending a chill down your spine. It’s lowering the overall temperature and causing your heat to do more work than necessary. By ensuring your windows are properly sealed you will be able to save money on heat. To do this you can apply plastic film seal to all of your windows, reinforce the edges with cauking, and buy thermal shades.

2.Turn it down: Most people have their heat set to about 72 degrees throughout the winter. Turning it down to the high 60s and throwing on a sweater will also help save on your energy costs. If this is something you don’t see yourself doing during the day, at least turn down the heat during the nighttime hours when you will be using heavy blankets in your bed.

3.Get the most bang for your buck: When partaking in household chores this winter season, ensure you go about them efficiently. Only run the dishwasher when you have a full load, and only run full washes when cleaning clothing. While these recommendations will help you year round, they will definitely give an extra boost when it comes to winter heating whoas.

5 Tips To Help Keep Your Kitchen Nice and Clean!

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The kitchen, whether we intend or not, is where people tend to gather. Think about it. Regardless of it’s size or shape, when guests come to the home, they migrate to the kitchen. That being said, maintaining a clean kitchen is very important for both social and sanitary reasons. Whether you’ve recently had some NJ kitchen remodeling work done or just need to spruce up your existing space, these tips should help you out:
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1. Constant-Cleaning: While this sounds like we are recommending you stay cleaning all the time, it’s much less demanding. Adopting a clean-as-you-go model when it comes to kitchen cleanliness philosophy is a must. As you cook, clean up your messes step by step. This will prevent a large mess pileup, and also help prevent the “Company will be here in twenty minutes, what do we do”?! feeling.

2. Clear Countertops: Take advantage of your cabinets and drawers. Only leave what you absolutely need on your countertops and leave the rest stored away. This will enable easy quick cleaning and maintain a far neater appearance as a whole.

3. Stock up on cleaning supplies: Make sure under your sink is stoked up with the essential cleaning materials, so when it comes time you’re not scrambling.

4. Smart Garbage: Keep your trash receptacles either under the sink. If this is impossible, ensure you have a clean looking can with a lid. This will prevent smells from spreading and also keep a neat appearance.

5. Clean Your Stovetop Frequently: Your stovetop can become the source of some nasty buildup. Try cleaning it after every use to avoid having to partake in a deep clean with impossible grease buildup.

We hope these tips help! When you’re ready for that NJ kitchen remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of, you know where to find us.

Caring for Your Cherry Cabinets

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Cherry Island

When it comes to¬†kitchen cabinets in New Jersey, cherry has become one of the more popular types of wood chosen. This elegant, dark lumber is so popular with consumers because of its classic beauty and overall success when it comes to matching different appliances and flooring. Cherry is also favored by kitchen remodeling companies for its ease of use when it comes to cutting and sanding–eventually making it a mutually beneficial material for kitchen remodeling. Once your kitchen is finalized and your cabinets totally installed, the work doesn’t stop!

In order for your kitchen cabinets to maintain their overall beauty, it’s vastly important to take proper care of the cherry wood surface over time. Normal kitchen use produces steam, grease, and grime that eventually creates a film over the cherry surface. The main goal is to prevent cloudiness and discoloration. Utilizing different furniture polishes and wood care solutions has proven to be the best overall solution. And as with any type of cabinetry, clean up spills and messes right away, use mild cleaning solutions, and try not to bang around pots and pans too much on your surfaces.

Read more about cherry cabinet care and find specific products you can use here!

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