Winterizing The Home: A Homeowner’s Cheat Sheet

Home Care

Winter is just a couple of days away. With this season comes dipping temperatures and sometimes destructive precipitation. If you are new homeowner, chances are you may not be aware of the steps one should take in order to ensure their home stays in tip top shape during the winter months.

We’re here to help. Check out these tips below:

  1. Detach all of your outdoor hoses and let them drain to prevent them from freezing and cracking when water expands
  2. Reverse your ceiling fans in order to push down heated air
  3. Survey your home insulation, especially in your attic in order to reduce ice buildup on the home
  4. Clean out your gutters to avoid ice buildup.
  5. Turn off all exterior faucets from the source in order to avoid any pipes bursting.
  6. Stow away all yard tools, lawn mowers, and summer items in a shed to prevent them from being eaten by the elements during the winter months.
  7. Clean your chimney before the season. Chimney fires are very dangerous and can be easily prevented with proper preparation
  8. Caulk your windows and other gaps to ensure you make the most of your heating system. This will also cut down on energy bills.
  9. If you don’t already have snow shovels or a snow blower, buy them now. If you wait until the first big snow store storm, it’ll be a lot tougher than need be.

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