3 Tips to Saving Money on Home Renovation

Home Remodeling

Worried you’ll remodel yourself into bankruptcy? Don’t!

Doing research on ways to save money during home remodeling can mean the difference between adding value to your home or spending away your hard-earned equity.

Tips for Saving Money on Home Remodeling:

  1. Pay Your Taxes with Trash: Donate unwanted materials to a nearby Habitat for Humanity chapter. Not only will this get your refuse picked up for free and help your environment by saving landfill space, but it will also earn you a charitable tax credit.
  2. Leave the Paintbrush at the Factory: Clapboard siding (wood boards that make up the side of a building) can be purchased pre-primed and pre-painted for roughly 15 cents extra per foot. Short-term this will cost you more, but long-term this will save you on future paint jobs. The factory paint job will last two times longer than a normal paint job. This is because factory paint jobs are done on dry wood under optimal conditions with no precipitation or interfering elements.
  3. Be Your Own Cleanup Crew: Cleanup by a construction crew adds up fast. Handling the cleanup yourself is free! Use the money you save to get nicer countertops installed in your kitchen, or pay for some other service you can’t do yourself.

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