Spring Cleaning: 5 Steps To A Better Home

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Whoever said that spring cleaning was about dusting the rooms, shining the banister, and donating old clothes, never thought about the perks of redesigning your kitchen. At Trade Mark Design & Build, we believe that spring cleaning should be about making your current home into something from your dreams through these simple NJ kitchen remodeling tips.

Top 5 Tips to a Better Home

Did you know that the average American will spend 27 minutes each day making meals? That’s 189 minutes a week, 756 minutes a month, and 9072 minutes a year or 151.2 hours per year in the kitchen. With this in mind, we think that a kitchen should be a work of art – a place where you can enjoy your time with family and friends.

As you think about your next home remodeling project in NJ, here are a few tips to guide you towards a beautiful kitchen.

  1. Make room for storage – All too often people complain that they don’t have enough room for kitchen storage. As you begin your NJ kitchen remodeling ventures, be sure to think about what type of cabinets will offer you the most storage space. Do you want to have a built in wine rack or are you thinking of creating wine rooms in your basement? Perhaps you would like to install a hanging pot rack to make your kitchen seem like a professional chef’s cook area? No matter the style, storage space is key!
  2. Add light – If your kitchen doesn’t receive enough natural light, be sure to add in additional light fixtures. No one wants to cook in a dark kitchen. From under-the-cabinet lighting, to hidden light switches and dangling chandeliers the lighting options are practically endless.
  3. Up the ante with counter space. – In our NJ kitchen remodeling experience, the words “too much counter space” have never been uttered. With this in mind, we recommend increasing counter space and choosing a surface that is easy to work with and maintain.
  4. Save room for trash and recycling bins – Have you ever stepped into a beautiful kitchen and wondered why there was a giant trash can huddled in the corner? Chances are, the owners forgot to leave trash and recycling bin storage space.
  5. Think about the small details – When it comes to home remodeling in NJ, we believe that even the smallest of details matter. From hand-painted backsplash tiles, to the quality of cabinet wood, to updating a kitchen’s flooring, no detail is too small.

Well there you have it, five easy tips to help you make your home into a better living space. Stay tuned to our blog as we continue to discuss our future home remodeling in NJ projects and other helpful home advice!