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Living Room Design Trends

Before you start your NJ home remodeling project, consider some of the latest living room design trends. These new textures and colors will bring new life to any space while helping you create a beautiful space the entire family will enjoy. Trendy Living Room Furniture The latest trends in furniture range from modern contemporary lines … Read more

NJ Home Remodeling With Big Style For Small Spaces

If you are like most people, you don’t think that big style can be accomplished in a small NJ Home Remodeling Project. When one hears someone talk about a stylish kitchen or bathroom, they automatically envision a large, expansive area. In reality, you will have an easier time creating a stylish space in a smaller … Read more

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5 Reasons To Consider A NJ Kitchen Remodeling

Most people have at least one thing they’d like to change about their home. Regardless of how content you are with your space, it’s human nature to always crave improvement. One room which we find people often like to see improvements in is the kitchen. The kitchen can be seen as the heart of the … Read more

3 Tips to Saving Money on Home Renovation

Worried you’ll remodel yourself into bankruptcy? Don’t! Doing research on ways to save money during home remodeling can mean the difference between adding value to your home or spending away your hard-earned equity. Tips for Saving Money on Home Remodeling: Pay Your Taxes with Trash: Donate unwanted materials to a nearby Habitat for Humanity chapter. … Read more

Custom Kitchen Range Hood

Range Hoods: Choosing The Right One

Upon taking on a NJ kitchen remodeling job, many aspects come into play. In addition to the design of the room and fixtures such as cabinets, additional pieces of hardware have a big role in both the functionality and appearance of your room. Today we’d like to take a look at one fundamental piece of the … Read more

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3 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Kitchen

Many people’s kitchens have become the focal point of their homes. From socializing to cooking to spending the mornings together, the kitchen is the perfect meeting spot. But what about an old kitchen, or perhaps one that is cluttered? Is there a way to improve the feel and look? Absolutely, and it starts with simple … Read more

Back To School: Time for Home Improvement!

That special time of year has come. The kids are back in school and your home has some room to breathe (until around 3 or 4 anyways). Now, while some may be a bit disappointed that summer is finally over, we must view the positive aspects of this change and take advantage of the conditions … Read more