Great Wines For The Fall

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The fall season brings about cooler temperatures along with a beautiful display of colors in the foliage. It is also the time of year when we trade our shorts and tees for a cozy sweater and our favorite jeans. Just like the way the scenery changes and you switch out your wardrobe, you need to be selecting a new variety of wines that will pair perfectly with all of the delicious fall harvest foods you will be enjoying.

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Which Wine to Choose

Those slightly chilled, crisp white wines were perfect for sipping next to the pool on a hot day, but they seem to lose their appeal as the temperature drops. Although you are in search of something heartier, you may not be ready yet for the full-bodied red wines that you enjoy next to the fireplace on a snowy evening. What you need for the fall season are wines that bridge the gap between summer and winter’s classic choices. This would be any of the full-bodied whites or the light to medium reds that pair so well with fall’s harvest of amazing foods.

Pinot Noir

A glass of Pinot Noir is the perfect way to welcome in the fall season. It is a natural choice with its earthy aromas that bring to mind wet leaves and its faint floral smells of the fading summer. This wine’s warm clove, vanilla, and nutmeg spices are well suited to the harvest bounty while the cranberry and tart cherry notes usher in winter.


If you love the rich pies, mochas, and cozy atmosphere of this time of year, you will enjoy Merlot. Characteristics like plum, black cherry, and raspberry flavors paired with a hint of vanilla, cedar, and coffee make this wine the ideal complement to all of those wonderful fall treats you will be filling your kitchen with.

Oaked Chardonnay

Oaked Chardonnay was made for crisp fall days with flavors that include ripe pears, baked apples, toffee, caramel, and vanilla. Aged in oak barrels, this wine has a richer, nuttier characteristic than the typical Chardonnay. You can’t get a flavor closer to the fall experience than this.

Cabernet Franc

Sipping a glass of Cabernet Franc gives you a true sense of the season in the same way getting out your favorite leather jacket does when the days get colder. This old friend’s notes of savory dried oregano, red pepper, and leather are balanced by a juicy raspberry sauce and plum, and just like your Oaked Chardonnay, it has been aged in an oak barrel for a superb richness.


This wine is like being able to bottle up the feeling of a warm fire. A full-bodied red wine, Syrah is filled with the flavor of rich black and red fruits that are combined with hints of black pepper and smoke. The result is a wine that includes aromas that will leave you in anticipation of the first snow fall.

Where to Store Your Fall Wines

The Wine Cellar NJ residents most enjoy are ones that blends in nicely with the architecture and décor they already have established within their home. There are several different options you can choose from when incorporating wine storage into your own house. Begin by deciding whether you would like a full sized wine cellar or simply a space within the kitchen that can hold a few seasonal bottles of your favorite varieties.

The Wine Cellar

If you have a finished basement, you have the ideal place for a wine cellar. Wine cellars are most often created out of cabinets and wine racks constructed from rich woods that give the space a warm and inviting feel. If there is room, incorporate an actual bar with seating on one side and shelves on the other to hold everything you need to make the perfect mixed drink, serve lovely wines, or simply enjoy a beer with friends.

Floor to ceiling shelves with wine cubbies for bottles serves double duty as storage and visual appeal. Don’t forget to include racks for hanging the wine glasses from. The wine cellar is one area of your home where you don’t want to hide your clutter. Bottles, glasses, and other essentials are an important element to the over-all beauty of this space.

Wine Storage in the Kitchen

If you are limited when it comes to space, you can still have a beautiful storage area for your seasonal wines. Many homeowners now include wine storage into their NJ kitchen design. Use a set of cupboards to be designated for this project. Overhead cabinets work best. This is especially true for the cupboards above the range. Replace solid doors with clear glass so the beauty of the glasses and bottles can be seen. You can also incorporate this type of wine storage into an island where it won’t take up any additional space, but it will still add to the elegance of the kitchen.

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NJ Home Remodeling With Big Style For Small Spaces

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If you are like most people, you don’t think that big style can be accomplished in a small NJ Home Remodeling Project. When one hears someone talk about a stylish kitchen or bathroom, they automatically envision a large, expansive area. In reality, you will have an easier time creating a stylish space in a smaller home.

Small spaces are simply an opportunity to splurge on high-end finishes since the amount of materials needed is much less than with a large room. For example, hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can cost a fortune in a large great room. Use hard wood flooring in a small kitchen, and you have a designer look without the hefty price tag.


Bathroom remodeling NJ


A Small Bathroom Remodel

The more floor space you can see, the larger a room will look. To keep your small bathroom from looking cramped and cluttered, open up the floors. Switch your traditional tub out for a vintage style claw foot one instead, and trade your vanity for a pedestal sink. Allowing your bathroom remodeling contractor to make these simple changes will give the illusion of a larger room instantly.

There are other ways to give your small bathroom the appearance of having more space too. Use mirrors as a surround for the tub, and if all you have is a shower, install a clear glass door. Both of these ideas allow the eye to travel further which tricks the mind into thinking the area is bigger than it actually is.

Make the most of your vertical space, especially when looking for additional storage. Open shelving that goes from the floor to the ceiling provides plenty of room to store towels and bath essentials in decorative baskets. Limit the wall decor. Instead of many separate framed prints, cover one entire wall with tiles arranged in a stylish pattern.

Corner Stove Kitchen

A Tiny Kitchen Renovation

Professional NJ Home Remodeling Experts can recreate your small kitchen in a way that features well thought out design elements that make this space feel much larger. For example, opening up one wall into the adjacent room will give you more work-space while giving the impression of a much larger kitchen. Replace the wall with a counter. Add seating on the opposite side so friends and family can join you without being underfoot.

Allowing as much natural light as possible to enter a tiny kitchen adds an open and airy feeling to the room. Minimize window treatments. Instead, paint the trim in an accent color to frame the glass. A skylight will also bring the sunshine indoors while giving you the illusion of being in a wide open area.

Just like in a small bathroom, decorative pieces will make the space look cluttered. Find ways to add a personal touch without bringing in artwork or tabletop decor. A stylish tile backsplash replaces wall art while being functional. Switch out old drawer pulls and handles for something new and modern.

Wine Cellar Construction in Saddle River, New Jersey

A Compact Custom Wine Cellar

Don’t think that the ability to have a special place to store your favorite wines is a luxury reserved for those in large houses. Even the smallest homes have an empty corner that could be utilized for just such a feature. Even an unused portion of the basement will suffice.

Be creative when it comes to wine storage. The simple addition of floor to ceiling shelving on two walls that meet in a corner can become the perfect place to rest bottles. Arrange two chairs in front of the shelving with a small table between them, and you will have a cozy spot to entertain.

Some homeowners are willing to think outside of the box. Adding a small refrigerator, wine racks, and shelves to hold glasses inside of a closet allows you the ideal place to mix drinks. When you are not serving beverages to friends, the entire wine stock is out of sight. The best part is that it doesn’t take up any of your precious space within your small home.

Custom Home Bars

The Fitted Custom Home Bar

If you are looking for something more casual for your NJ Home Remodeling Project, you can create a custom home bar in your family room, dining room, or rec room. There are many stylish bar designs available that provide a small counter with bar stools that fit underneath. On the back side, you will have a shelf where you can mix drinks along with plenty of drawers and cupboard space for storage.

Homeowners with small children in the house like to make this spot a family friendly area by incorporating wine racks overhead where the kids can’t reach. Small refrigerators can be placed under the back side of the bar for water and sodas that can be used in mixed drinks but are still safe for children.

To best utilize your limited amount of space, turn the bar at an angle across an unused corner. This leaves the illusion of a larger room, and allows the bar to actually become a focal point, much like a fireplace would. Mirrors hung on the wall behind the bar open up the space further.

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4 Tips for Designing a Spectacular Wine Room

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Wine Room Planning

If your a wine enthusiast, you’ve no doubt dreamed of building your own wine room, so you can collect good wine without having to worry about temperature fluctuations, sun and proper positioning. A wine cellar in NJ is within range of most homeowners and adds value to your home. However, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money. To do that, consider the following design tips:

1. Be realistic. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re making plans for wine rooms. After all, those pictures you see online are beautiful. However, will you really have the funds to keep a 200 or 500-bottle room fully stocked?

2. Choose a convenient location. Having a small wine room located right off of your kitchen (in a re-fitted pantry or closet) might make more sense than a large room in the basement. You’ll be more likely to use the room that’s close to the kitchen.

3. Don’t opt for too many accessories. Wine room features like a tasting island, glass racks, lead glass windows or even television sets can personalize your wine room. However, too many accessories can make your room look crowded and take away from the room’s primary function–to store wine.

4. Avoid UV lighting. Some wine sources feel that UV lighting can compromise the quality of the wine, just as sunlight can. Better to stick with incandescent lighting for your wine room.

Trade Mark Design & Build can help you turn your wine room plans into reality. Our NJ home remodeling company has years of experience in helping New Jersey homeowners create individual, spectacular interiors.


Wondrous Wine Cellars

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For the wine connoisseur, having the perfect wine cellar is an integral part of the home. Today’s modern wine cellars have taken the high road, offering amenities and solutions that surpass the ordinary. Functionality is a given, but beauty is now a major consideration as wine cellars have migrated from single rooms to areas of entertaining.

What’s in a wine cellar? Modern wine cellars use design elements to create dream-worthy experiences. Pre-fabricated wine rack systems have hit the market in a major way, upping the ante on inventive interior concepts. The Vintage View is gorgeous, using natural stone and recessed spotlights to house large collections. Another system that is versatile and provides a beautiful presentation is The Reserve, which allows additions as your collection grows and displays label view, presentation view, standing view and cork views.

The modern design enthusiast will enjoy the uniqueness of the Nek Rite system, which is housed in a frameless glass enclosure with backlit LED lighting. A definitive statement piece, it provides a very sleek and stylish look which can be enhanced by stainless steel, wood or metal themes throughout the space.

These rack systems complement wine rooms that now have fireplaces, sofas and all the amenities of home, embracing a new standard of fine living. Ensuring you have the right interior design expert to bring your vision to life is important.

Trade Mark Design & Build is the premier New Jersey home remodeling firm that provides a stress-free personalized remodeling experience. Click here to view some of our previous projects in the northern New Jersey area.



Wine Rooms for the Amateur or the Oenophile

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Chances are you will only recognize the word oenophile if you are one. The word originates from the French oeno (wine) and phile (more) so naturally it means someone who is a wine connoisseur. Any wine expert will tell you that the most common factors that cause wine to go bad are air, age and heat. If these are not ideal, certain chemical processes can occur which may cause the wine to spoil. Storage is thus a crucial component in ensuring your wine stays top notch.

Wine rooms or cellars are a great way to make sure the air and heat factors are the most favorable for storing your favorite bottles of pinot and merlot.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a cellar or basement to build a wine room. It takes creativity and expertise but you can create a wine room in almost any space available. You can transform an under-the-staircase closet into a wine haven.

If you don’t have a spare closet or room in the basement, another option is to create a wall hanging space. These are aesthetic as well as convenient. They can act not only as a storage place but as a wall feature, adding a lot to a bare room. We at Trade Mark have a wealth of experience in New Jersey kitchen remodeling and creating wine cellars in NJ.

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The New Jersey Wine Boom

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new jersey home remodelRemember the good ‘ole days of the California gold rush? Well, keep your eyes peeled, New Jersey might just be having a rush of its own–a wine rush!  A New Jersey State Senate panel recently approved measures to give the state’s wine industry a major boost. Growth of the industry will not only be facilitated through research, education, and advertisements, but also government assistance with activities related to wine production, such as growing grapes.

We’ve got a feeling that plenty of house additions are going to reflect the newly state-supported hobby of wine production and collection. We’ve previously discussed the current rise of wine room construction and believe the frequency will only increase with this legislation. To learn more about these exciting changes take a look at this article!

Wine Rooms for Wine Aficionados

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wine cellars njWine collection is rising in popularity all over the country, and with that has come a boom in the construction of wine rooms. Collectors of all ages and styles are jumping at the chance to add a wine cellar to their home, for both long-term organizational purposes and to keep their bottles of wine in perfect shape. It’s easy, when in the early phases of design, to get caught up with aesthetics, but there are some crucial aspects of wine cellars that are often ignored.

The main purpose of creating a separate enclosure for your wine is to monitor its temperature and overall humidity. Before modern refrigeration and air control was an option, wine was generally stored beneath the ground, hence the inception of the wine cellar. Today, you can store your wine anywhere in your house as long as the proper sealing and air control is installed, which can be a tricky procedure for the amateur home-builder.

Once your collection passes the point where a wine fridge can hold all of your treasured bottles at the 50-55 degree temperature and 60-75% humidity, it’s time to make the wine room investment. In order to make sure your prized and growing collection raises in value over the years, trust Trade Mark Design & Build’s NJ home remodeling team to create and build a beautiful and accurate wine room.