4 Tips for Designing a Spectacular Wine Room

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Wine Room Planning

If your a wine enthusiast, you’ve no doubt dreamed of building your own wine room, so you can collect good wine without having to worry about temperature fluctuations, sun and proper positioning. A wine cellar in NJ is within range of most homeowners and adds value to your home. However, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money. To do that, consider the following design tips:

1. Be realistic. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re making plans for wine rooms. After all, those pictures you see online are beautiful. However, will you really have the funds to keep a 200 or 500-bottle room fully stocked?

2. Choose a convenient location. Having a small wine room located right off of your kitchen (in a re-fitted pantry or closet) might make more sense than a large room in the basement. You’ll be more likely to use the room that’s close to the kitchen.

3. Don’t opt for too many accessories. Wine room features like a tasting island, glass racks, lead glass windows or even television sets can personalize your wine room. However, too many accessories can make your room look crowded and take away from the room’s primary function–to store wine.

4. Avoid UV lighting. Some wine sources feel that UV lighting can compromise the quality of the wine, just as sunlight can. Better to stick with incandescent lighting for your wine room.

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Wondrous Wine Cellars

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For the wine connoisseur, having the perfect wine cellar is an integral part of the home. Today’s modern wine cellars have taken the high road, offering amenities and solutions that surpass the ordinary. Functionality is a given, but beauty is now a major consideration as wine cellars have migrated from single rooms to areas of entertaining.

What’s in a wine cellar? Modern wine cellars use design elements to create dream-worthy experiences. Pre-fabricated wine rack systems have hit the market in a major way, upping the ante on inventive interior concepts. The Vintage View is gorgeous, using natural stone and recessed spotlights to house large collections. Another system that is versatile and provides a beautiful presentation is The Reserve, which allows additions as your collection grows and displays label view, presentation view, standing view and cork views.

The modern design enthusiast will enjoy the uniqueness of the Nek Rite system, which is housed in a frameless glass enclosure with backlit LED lighting. A definitive statement piece, it provides a very sleek and stylish look which can be enhanced by stainless steel, wood or metal themes throughout the space.

These rack systems complement wine rooms that now have fireplaces, sofas and all the amenities of home, embracing a new standard of fine living. Ensuring you have the right interior design expert to bring your vision to life is important.

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Wine Rooms for the Amateur or the Oenophile

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Chances are you will only recognize the word oenophile if you are one. The word originates from the French oeno (wine) and phile (more) so naturally it means someone who is a wine connoisseur. Any wine expert will tell you that the most common factors that cause wine to go bad are air, age and heat. If these are not ideal, certain chemical processes can occur which may cause the wine to spoil. Storage is thus a crucial component in ensuring your wine stays top notch.

Wine rooms or cellars are a great way to make sure the air and heat factors are the most favorable for storing your favorite bottles of pinot and merlot.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a cellar or basement to build a wine room. It takes creativity and expertise but you can create a wine room in almost any space available. You can transform an under-the-staircase closet into a wine haven.

If you don’t have a spare closet or room in the basement, another option is to create a wall hanging space. These are aesthetic as well as convenient. They can act not only as a storage place but as a wall feature, adding a lot to a bare room. We at Trade Mark have a wealth of experience in New Jersey kitchen remodeling and creating wine cellars in NJ.

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The New Jersey Wine Boom

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new jersey home remodelRemember the good ‘ole days of the California gold rush? Well, keep your eyes peeled, New Jersey might just be having a rush of its own–a wine rush!  A New Jersey State Senate panel recently approved measures to give the state’s wine industry a major boost. Growth of the industry will not only be facilitated through research, education, and advertisements, but also government assistance with activities related to wine production, such as growing grapes.

We’ve got a feeling that plenty of house additions are going to reflect the newly state-supported hobby of wine production and collection. We’ve previously discussed the current rise of wine room construction and believe the frequency will only increase with this legislation. To learn more about these exciting changes take a look at this article!

Wine Rooms for Wine Aficionados

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wine cellars njWine collection is rising in popularity all over the country, and with that has come a boom in the construction of wine rooms. Collectors of all ages and styles are jumping at the chance to add a wine cellar to their home, for both long-term organizational purposes and to keep their bottles of wine in perfect shape. It’s easy, when in the early phases of design, to get caught up with aesthetics, but there are some crucial aspects of wine cellars that are often ignored.

The main purpose of creating a separate enclosure for your wine is to monitor its temperature and overall humidity. Before modern refrigeration and air control was an option, wine was generally stored beneath the ground, hence the inception of the wine cellar. Today, you can store your wine anywhere in your house as long as the proper sealing and air control is installed, which can be a tricky procedure for the amateur home-builder.

Once your collection passes the point where a wine fridge can hold all of your treasured bottles at the 50-55 degree temperature and 60-75% humidity, it’s time to make the wine room investment. In order to make sure your prized and growing collection raises in value over the years, trust Trade Mark Design & Build’s NJ home remodeling team to create and build a beautiful and accurate wine room.