Wine Rooms for the Amateur or the Oenophile

Wine Cellars

Chances are you will only recognize the word oenophile if you are one. The word originates from the French oeno (wine) and phile (more) so naturally it means someone who is a wine connoisseur. Any wine expert will tell you that the most common factors that cause wine to go bad are air, age and heat. If these are not ideal, certain chemical processes can occur which may cause the wine to spoil. Storage is thus a crucial component in ensuring your wine stays top notch.

Wine rooms or cellars are a great way to make sure the air and heat factors are the most favorable for storing your favorite bottles of pinot and merlot.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a cellar or basement to build a wine room. It takes creativity and expertise but you can create a wine room in almost any space available. You can transform an under-the-staircase closet into a wine haven.

If you don’t have a spare closet or room in the basement, another option is to create a wall hanging space. These are aesthetic as well as convenient. They can act not only as a storage place but as a wall feature, adding a lot to a bare room. We at Trade Mark have a wealth of experience in New Jersey kitchen remodeling and creating wine cellars in NJ.

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