Wine Rooms for Wine Aficionados

Wine Cellars

Wine collection is rising in popularity all over the country, and with that has come a boom in the construction of wine rooms. Collectors of all ages and styles are jumping at the chance to add a wine cellar to their home, for both long-term organizational purposes and to keep their bottles of wine in perfect shape. It’s easy, when in the early phases of design, to get caught up with aesthetics, but there are some crucial aspects of wine cellars that are often ignored.

The main purpose of creating a separate enclosure for your wine is to monitor its temperature and overall humidity. Before modern refrigeration and air control was an option, wine was generally stored beneath the ground, hence the inception of the wine cellar. Today, you can store your wine anywhere in your house as long as the proper sealing and air control is installed, which can be a tricky procedure for the amateur home-builder.

Once your collection passes the point where a wine fridge can hold all of your treasured bottles at the 50-55 degree temperature and 60-75% humidity, it’s time to make the wine room investment. In order to make sure your prized and growing collection raises in value over the years, trust Trade Mark Design & Build’s NJ home remodeling team to create and build a beautiful and accurate wine room.