Living Room Design Trends

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Before you start your NJ home remodeling project, consider some of the latest living room design trends. These new textures and colors will bring new life to any space while helping you create a beautiful space the entire family will enjoy.

Trendy Living Room Furniture

The latest trends in furniture range from modern contemporary lines to cozy velvet seating, but all of these styles draw from a nostalgic look and feel. HGTV designers describe this new direction in furnishings as a way from people to pull back from technology and create family friendly spaces within their homes.

For an edgy artisan style, you can mix raw woods with cement accents. Sofas, chairs, and tables with Lucite legs are softened with benches covered in sheepskin. By bringing back this mid-century design style, you can create a very trendy area that is both comfortable and functional.

Designers are also excited about color, especially blue which mixes well with neutral shades. Don’t worry. Not all modern trends focus on the cool color tones. If you love deep, rich colors, use velvet covered chairs in warm rust and wines to add that richness you are looking for.

If you truly want a modern appearance to your living room, place a gaming table in front of a large window, sliding door, or in an empty corner. The look will instantly take you back to a time when games wear enjoyed with friends and family. Use your table as a conversation area when entertaining.

The Latest in Living Room Flooring

Stone and hardwood floors are among the most popular choices in living room designs these days. Homeowners are searching for a more natural look that synthetics simply cannot provide. Patterns make these flooring options pop. Wide planks are very much on trend as well as mixed widths. Don’t rule out Chevron and Herringbone designs. These, along with diagonal placement, can make the floors a major focal point.

Texture and color are vital to the overall look. Distressed surfaces such as wire brushed or hand scraped wood floors are certainly on trend. You’ll find that many of the leaders in living room design such as House Beautiful are combing these surfaces with light colors. Whites, blondes, honeys, and grays are replacing the dark flooring of the past.

Carpet and laminate floors are still among the most popular floor coverings. Consider these for high traffic areas or homes with pets and children. They are easy to care for, and modern versions are taking advantage of today’s technology which allows them to reproduce the look of the more expensive flooring options.

Living Room Color Trends

Elle Décor describes the latest color trends for living rooms as the new minimalist color palette. New shades include metallic, fiery reds, and bold violets. When these bright hues are incorporated properly, you will have a pop of color that adds elegance without over powering the space.

Consider the softer Caviar Black for accent pieces. It pairs well with the neutral grays, but won’t create a stark contrast with the other furniture. Go in a totally different direction with statement turquoise. Use this color on the walls to create a bold statement.

The gold hues and rustic tones dominated the world of design for many years. If you are like many homeowners, you are now ready for something new and bright. Sunny shades of yellow will lift the spirits of all who enter your living room. Yellow is a very organic color that gives you a natural feel.

If you aren’t looking for such dramatic styles, turn to the modern and sophisticated blush tones for the walls. These dusty rose hues have a classic look that creates the perfect backdrop for richer earth tones. Avoid a washed out appearance by bringing in a small pop of vibrant red among the accents.

Updated Décor For Your Living Room

The latest trends in living room décor include much more than bold colors and organic backgrounds. Velvet is becoming a popular addition to family rooms across the country. Whether you bring it into your space with a new sofa or a set of throw pillows, the texture will add dimension to the space.

Small spaces are trending which means compact décor is very much in demand. This is great news if you are living in an apartment or smaller home. Manufacturers are designing pieces that create a fluid space by focusing on multi-functioning items. Simply designed storage units and sectionals look modern, and they can evolve with your family’s needs over time.

This trend of organic decorating has allowed plants to make a big comeback. Whether you bring the look of nature into your living room with prints or actual greenery, it will bring life and warmth to the space. Larger potted plants and hanging baskets give you a summertime feel while smaller succulents can be the perfect finishing touch to any design.

All of these décor ideas can be incorporated into any style. Add these small touches to a contemporary space in moderation or use a country inspiration for rustic settings.

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