New 2016 Cabinetry Products from Decora

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New 2016 Cabinetry Products from Decora


Whether you are building a new home, planning a home addition, or are looking to do a kitchen remodel, cabinets are a huge consideration in the process. Cabinets can truly make or break a space. As a premier NJ remodeling company, we wanted to share with you the newest cabinetry products from Decora coming in 2016 and what makes them special.

Color, Craftsmanship, and Customization
The Spring introduction for 2016 underscores that which sets Decora apart.

Color: Four new takes on neutral paint options refresh their Color Collections.

Craftsmanship: Three beautiful 9-piece styles showcase their meticulous attention to door building.

Customization: Exciting storage innovations and wireless lighting solutions help cabinet designs function as well as they fit and flatter.

Decora Inset Cabinetry

Three beautiful new cabinet doors. 
Quality construction is their hallmark, and three new 9-piece cabinet doors illustrate their continuous commitment to product excellence. Based on beloved existing Decora doors, Altmann, Atwater and Haskins offer an extra dose of style met with precise construction, thanks to applied molding details.


Four new cabinet paint colors.
Today, versatile gray and tan-based neutrals are in demand for their ability to infuse a space with light and personality. Extra White, Agreeable Gray and Analytical Gray offer new cabinet color choices within this spectrum, balanced by the addition of Black Fox – a complex, deep color that is easy to love and even easier to incorporate into your home designs.


Cabinet storage innovation.

Keep function top of mind. From slim storage solutions to deep drawer designs, Decora has new cabinet storage options for many types of kitchen designs and for all sorts of purposes.


Wireless cabinet lighting solutions.
Their new wireless cabinet lighting solutions offer an easy way to take a design from ordinary to extraordinary. Warm or cool, well-placed lighting choices make food prep easier, highlight focal points in the room, and add an extra bit of drama.


See what’s new at Decora.

If you are looking for an expert opinion on cabinetry for your home, contact Trade Mark Design & Build today to learn more.

Cabinetry by Decora Savings Event

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Cabinetry by Decora Savings Event

Upgrade your cabinetry style with our exclusive savings event.

(Girard, Braydon Manor, Plaza, Lexington, Artisan, Galleria, and Modesto)

– Not stackable with other promotions
– Excludes Inset Cabinetry
– Excludes Applied Moulding Doors (Altmann, Atwater, Haskins, and Yardley)

Offer valid on orders placed from:
April 4, 2016 – May 6, 2016

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Make sure to check previous custom cabinetry work done by our team. If you’re in the market for kitchen cabinets in New Jersey, or any other room in your house, our team of dedicated and professional specialists can help! Get in contact with us today!

Designing a Modern Chic Kitchen in New Jersey

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Suburban Chic in Mahwah NJ

Designing a modern kitchen means more than just incorporating the most contemporary design features of the day, it means having the ability to make decisions based off of your desires for design. Integrating chic features into a modern design, while maintaining efficiency in space, and staying true to your character.

Let’s highlight a kitchen remodeling project done by our team, where we brought chic urban style to the suburbs in Mahwah, NJ.

Suburban Industrial Mahwah NJ

Minimalism in the Kitchen

A minimalist design approach was used to create a contemporary, industrial look and feel for the space. This kitchen design is great for families who cook several meals a week at home, it takes high-capacity usage as well, and keeps the cleaning process down to a minimum. A few great pieces of art can help integrate your character among a minimalist kitchen.

Stainless Steel Features

In this Mahwah, NJ Kitchen we incorporated stainless steel countertops to complement the semi-custom cabinetry in cherry with a chocolate stain and provide contrast. The custom stainless steel hood offers both utilitarian and aesthetic value, flowing seamlessly into the surrounding Gagganau & Miele appliances and cabinetry and facilitating efficient ventilation while cooking.

Modern Islands

Last but certainly not least, the spacious island affords ample space for food preparation and a nexus for socializing with friends and family–because after all, regardless of your intentions, company tends to migrate straight to the kitchen. Large islands allow for your family and friends to gather around in the kitchen without everyone having to stand in one place. You can place bar chairs around the island so your guests have a place to sit while you work in the kitchen, or even have a chance to get them involved in the cooking!

With contemporary, or modern kitchens, you get to keep your personal style, without sacrificing efficiency, design, and function.

Trade Mark Design & Build is a team comprised of NJ Kitchen Remodeling experts. We offer high-quality kitchen remodeling in North Jersey and the surrounding area. A specialized team of designer-builders will assist a project director in the design and construction of anything you can think of.

Ring in the Savings! Special New Year Promotions

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We’re excited to announce two Winter Savings events at Trade Mark Design & Build! See below for some awesome cabinet savings to help jumpstart your kitchen remodeling project today! 

Promotion #1: Schrock Cabinetry

Ring in the savings this year by enjoying 10% off select styles, and 5% off all other styles from Schrock Cabinetry.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.27.06 AM

Schrock’s legacy is built on quality craftsmanship and contemporary design. Founded in 1961, Schrock specializes in handcrafted cabinetry from the heart of Amish country. For a limited time only, we are offering special savings on Schrock products, contact us today to lock in these special rates and to get your project started!

Promotion #2: Decora Cabinetry

Winter is a great time to start your home renovation project, and with our savings it’s now easier than ever! Enjoy 10% off select styles, 5% off all other styles of Decora Cabinetry for a limited time only.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 3.32.16 PM

Every Decora Cabinet is sustainably handcrafted in Jasper, Indiana, an American woodworking and furniture-making capital since the 1800s.

Our team is excited to help you bring Decora’s quality cabinetry into your home renovation project, get started today!

Kitchen Gadgets: Part 2

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bergen county contractorWe’ve recently discussed a few new kitchen gadgets for 2013 and how they can make or break a New Jersey kitchen remodeling project. Well, let’s take a look at another round of top-of-the-line gadgets that could very well inspire you to update your kitchen and your cooking lifestyle!

  • Clocking in at one of the more expensive “gadgets” is the new Mugnaini Wood-Fired Pizza Oven ($6,500-$9,550). Certainly something you would plan around a home remodeling project, this oven gives you the key to endless delicious homemade pizza!
  • It’s the future. Stop going to your grocery store for rotisserie chicken and start spinning your own. The La Cornue Rotisserie ($10,000) is sure to be the talking point of your kitchen. Without the need for any special ventilation, this rotisserie can be seamlessly added to your suite of cooking tools.
  • If you and your family love to cook a lot, this next kitchen feature is a necessity. The Rohl Swing Arm Pot Filler ($2,200) is installed near the stove surface so you don’t have to lug heavy, dangerous pots of water across the kitchen. Simply fill up and bring to a boil.
  • Throwing parties regularly? The Wolf Warming Drawer allows for early preparation of larger dishes by keeping them warm and covered for later meals or late arrivals.

Everyday Kitchen Tips

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Let’s face it, when it comes to keeping a clean, organized, and put-together kitchen, the kitchen cabinets are just the beginning. Everyday use and storage quickly jumps the forefront of importance for a meticulously organized kitchen space. Here are a few tips to keep your cooking, cleaning, and general kitchen use as efficient and savvy as possible:

  •  To relieve your hands from the smell of garlic and onion, simply wash them with warm water and baking soda, or you can even rub them against any stainless steel element.
  • Get the most out of your fresh squeezed juices by microwaving them for about 20 seconds, letting them sit for a minute, then rolling them on the counter with some pressure.
  • If you need to reheat any type of bread in the microwave, simply place a cup of water with it to add much needed moisture to the air.
  • Separate your onions and potatoes—they both make each other go bad at a faster rate.
  • In just a few minutes, with a bucket of water, ice, and salt, you can easily cool down your lukewarm bottle of wine or beer.
  • To help eliminate odors from the garbage disposal, grind up some excess orange or lemon peels. If it’s really bad, you can even freeze vinegar ice cubes and grind those as well!

These tips (coupled with your NJ kitchen remodeling) will quickly, for better or worse, make your kitchen the most popular get-together space!

Kitchen Gadgets: Part 1

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kitchen remodeling bergen countyKitchen gadgets have always been a prominent feature in a home’s kitchen area, whether it’s hooking up all your devices to the Internet or a deluxe cappuccino maker. Let’s take a look at a few of the latest kitchen gadgets to complement your recent New Jersey kitchen remodeling. You can decide for yourself if they’re worth the, sometimes, outrageous price tag:

  • The Hammacher Juicer, priced at $9,900, is considered one of the best juice machines ever made—we certainly hope so for that price tag! What makes it special? The juicer expertly separates the juice from every other part of the whole fruit.
  • Continuing in the thread of extravagance, Hammacher makes a Double Espresso machine complete with an ornate copper dome and a brass eagle. Sure, it looks great and makes a killer cup-of-Joe but at $8,000 a pop, it may just be worth stopping by your local coffee shop.
  • The Margaritaville Frozen Smoothie Maker is a bit more on the affordable side of the spectrum; costing only $550, it could bring new life to your friend or family gatherings. The drink maker can be pre-programmed to create six of your favorite drink combinations and is sure to keep you cool during the hot summer months!

To find out more about these luxurious kitchen gadgets, check out this article from Forbes.

Kitchen Appliance Advancedment

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bergen county contractorIt’s 2013. Some of us are wondering where our auto-filling refrigerators and ultra-dehydrated Back To The Future-esque meals are. It seems that many of the kitchen upgrades taking the country by storm aren’t so much futuristic and flashy as they are modeled after large-scale commercial kitchens. Sure, there are endless models of flashy refrigerators with streaming Netflix and temperature-controlled kitchen cabinets. If you talk to any real kitchen pro, however, you’ll find that the real trend is modeling these appliances after commercial kitchens—often ignoring some of the flashier aspects of technology change.

Ranges and cook-tops are moving from the traditional four-burner style to a more expansive range, often requiring an entire kitchen remodeling project. With a multi-unit range you have the capability to go beyond the traditional kitchen style and try out griddles, steamers, and fryers, while having commercial ventilation available at all times. The overall kitchen designs are changing to incorporate dedicated task stations with flexible and smaller appliances when available. This makes the kitchen very task-oriented and easy to keep different aspects of cooking separate from others. The sink is another major difference. We’re starting to move from sleek and to industrial size with hands-free technology.

Find out what designs best meet your home by contacting our team today.

Stone Countertop Options

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home renovation nj

Stone is one of the most beautiful and elegant options for countertops, and judging by the popularity boom, individuals undergoing kitchen remodeling in Bergen County NJ are on the same page as the rest of the country. Well, what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to wood and metal options?

Stone options are much more durable and are able to withstand the pressures of a hectic kitchen atmosphere. As we mentioned before, they have unique styles not found in wood and metal. One issue, however, is that they require a bit more maintenance down the line because of the naturally occurring pores found in rocks and minerals—given the inherent moist environment, this makes perfect sense. Here is a quick look at a few popular stone options:

  • Granite: Granite is one of the most popular countertop choices and is easily one of the more durable and longer-lasting of choices. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets in New Jersey, you’ll find a plethora of granite options that match any cabinet style.
  • Marble: The only downside to marble is that it is considered slightly less durable than granite, but it does get style points. Marble works in any type of kitchen, from modern to classic.
  • Quartz: The final stone option to review costs much less than the rest. However, the style is much more uniform and looks a bit less unique. The durability, however, is still top notch!

Increase Your Living Space, Love Your Home

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NJ home remodeling Our overall goal as your design build company is to, quite simply, make you love your home. We’ve previously discussed how a kitchen renovation or kitchen cabinet redesign can improve your home, but you have plenty of other options for home improvement everywhere around your home.

  • Add-A-Level: One of our larger-scale projects, adding a level is a great way to increase the value of your home and create a massive amount of extra space! Whether you want to add one room or go all out with a three-room addition, you’ll immediately love your loads of extra room.
  • Basement Renovations: You may not realize it, but your unfinished basement is a diamond in the rough! Clear out the clutter of your basement and finally turn it into a home office or entertainment area (you can even toss a bar down there!).
  • Master Bedroom: So, the kids are finally out of the house and you have an extra room or two? Perfect. Knock down a couple walls and create the master bedroom of your dreams (you deserve it).
  • Wine Rooms: We previously wrote about custom wine rooms for your home—in essence, they give your wine collection a safe place of its own and keep your bottles out of the kitchen.