Kitchen Appliance Advancedment

Kitchen Cabinets

bergen county contractorIt’s 2013. Some of us are wondering where our auto-filling refrigerators and ultra-dehydrated Back To The Future-esque meals are. It seems that many of the kitchen upgrades taking the country by storm aren’t so much futuristic and flashy as they are modeled after large-scale commercial kitchens. Sure, there are endless models of flashy refrigerators with streaming Netflix and temperature-controlled kitchen cabinets. If you talk to any real kitchen pro, however, you’ll find that the real trend is modeling these appliances after commercial kitchens—often ignoring some of the flashier aspects of technology change.

Ranges and cook-tops are moving from the traditional four-burner style to a more expansive range, often requiring an entire kitchen remodeling project. With a multi-unit range you have the capability to go beyond the traditional kitchen style and try out griddles, steamers, and fryers, while having commercial ventilation available at all times. The overall kitchen designs are changing to incorporate dedicated task stations with flexible and smaller appliances when available. This makes the kitchen very task-oriented and easy to keep different aspects of cooking separate from others. The sink is another major difference. We’re starting to move from sleek and to industrial size with hands-free technology.

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