3 Exterior Home Renovation Projects for Spring

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With Daylight Savings Time behind us, spring is coming. Get the exterior of your home ready so you can make the most of the longer days with these 3 springtime house additions and exterior home renovation projects.

NJ home remodeling Deck
Extend your living space with a dark wooden deck.










1. Build a deck – A deck extends your living space and makes the perfect base for relaxing during spring and summer evenings, grilling simple meals for the family and even enjoying a backyard fire pit. Decks should always be built by professional NJ home remodeling experts, since they require proper footing and contact with the home exterior to remain structurally sound. A contractor can design and build your deck, install safety railings to prevent falls, and paint or stain the completed project.

2. Roof repair – If your roof needs repair, spring can be an ideal time to tackle this project. It’s before the summer rush of contracting companies like Trade Mark Design & Build, so you’ll have an easier time scheduling the project and are unlikely to encounter delays in sourcing material. Taking a proactive stance on roof repair can protect the rest of your home by safeguarding against water damage, pest damage or mold.

3. Replacing or repairing exterior fences – Exterior fences take a beating in the winter, as snow and ice put pressure on the wood. Spring makes the perfect time to repair or replace exterior fences. A home renovation nj contractor can take down your old fence, mount the new fence even in rocky soil, and paint or stain the fence to protect against the elements. A good fence improves your curb appeal and your home safety.


5 Entertainment Room Upgrades Just in Time for March Madness

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Media room
Home media room designed by Trade Mark Design & Build

The first round of March Madness kicks off March 16, with tournament games extending into April. Upgrading your home entertainment room with premium features can make it the perfect place to watch the games in style. When it comes to house additions, Trade Mark Design & Build recommends these 5 upgrades for home entertainment rooms.

1. Use surround-sound to bring the game ambience to your home – Surround sound speakers and a surround sound receiver are key in a home entertainment room. Upgrade to a surround sound receiver that uses HDMI cables to simplify entertainment room cord sprawl.

2. Free up floor space with built-in media cabinets – Store all DVDs, video games and media in custom built-in cabinets to keep the floor free, so you can get a workout in while you watch.

3. Wall mount your flat screen TV for optimal viewing- Mounting your flat screen on the wall frees up floor space and ensures an optimal viewing angle from the comfort of your sofa. Leave mounting to the professionals in home renovation nj so that valuable investment doesn’t come crashing down because it wasn’t placed on a stud.

4. Install sound absorption panels to keep peace in the home – Basketball fans get loud in the heat of a tight game. Keep the family peace with sound absorption panels that muffle game energy throughout the house.

5. Install a home bar – A home bar equipped with a wine room or a draft keg line can really make you feel as if you’re watching the game at your favorite sports bar.

If you are looking into NJ home remodeling, upgrading your entertainment zone might be just the thing to give your home the boost it needs!



Three Tips to Protect Yourself During a Home Improvement Project

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Home Remodel Planning Checklist

Maybe you have decided it is time to renovate your outdated home, add some additional space or perhaps you’re looking into New Jersey kitchen remodeling. No matter what project you have in mind, it is important that you take precautions before you begin—so you can avoid hassles later down the road. Before you start any type of home improvement project, keep the following in mind:

  • Research Building Codes – Building codes can vary wildly even from one city to the next. You may be able to find building codes online, but these can be a complex tangle of jargon for those unfamiliar. Consulting an expert who is familiar with your area and has a highly regarded reputation is probably your best bet. Remodeling without the necessary building permits is obviously not recommended and can be very costly at a later stage.
  • Plan for the Future – Before you begin a renovation or remodel project, think about what you may want to do in the future. For instance, it may not make sense to install new cabinetry now if you plan to rewire the kitchen in just a couple of years. Consult with an expert as to what is the best way to go about the home improvements.
  • Don’t Overextend Yourself – Everyone likes to complete a do-it-yourself project. However, some things are simply too much to take on alone. You may find it is actually more affordable to hire a professional than it is to fix all the issues you cause by taking on a project you are not qualified to complete.

It is important that you take proper precautions before you start a project. Research your job ahead of time and make certain you leave no stone unturned. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the Trade Mark Design & Build. Our team of New Jersey home remodeling specialists is always happy to work with you and address any concerns you may have.


Home Renovations that Offer the Most Return on Investment

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Home additions or renovating the home interior can boost your property’s value significantly.

With years of experience under our belt we have met many homeowners hoping to  increase their home value should they choose to sell their home at some point. At Trade Mark Design & Build  we can consult with you, and give you a plan of action based on your particular home. Here are some options our clients often consider:

Kitchen remodeling:
Kitchen remodeling is one project that will yield a high return on your investment. kitchen remodeling in NJ will often times yield a 75 to 100 percent return on your investment when the house is sold. To get the most out of your remodel, ensure your kitchen cabinets are classically designed, fully functional and impressive enough to merit attention.

Bathroom renovation:
Most experts agree you will recoup anywhere from 75 to 100 percent of your investment on a bathroom remodel. To get you mulling over the possibilities, you may appreciate knowing that tile in various materials, industrial fixtures, bold colors and multithreaded showers are currently the rage in regards to bathrooms.

House additions:
Another project that yields a high rate of return is a home addition. Currently, expanding a home is yielding 50 to 75 percent of the investment. You can utilize the room to fulfill various needs. For example, creating a family room, home theater or even a man cave are all popular uses of newly created rooms.

When you are attempting to yield a high return on your investment for your home improvement project, it is important to remember to choose styles, colors and materials that won’t go out of style anytime soon. In other words, they should be classically beautiful. Keeping this in mind will ensure future buyers will also like your renovation when it comes time to sell your home and recoup your investment.


Love Your Lighting!

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Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Light makes a huge difference in the aesthetic of a room. An inventive lighting combination can increase the functionality of a room while adding character and style. Each room should have adequate lighting layers to accommodate its role. Let’s take a look at some options:


A kitchen should have a variety of lighting choices. Task lighting should be implemented under the cabinets, over the sink and all prep and cooking areas. The breakfast nook should have a lamp with a softer light, and recessed lighting may be used to illuminate the entire kitchen when there is a lot of activity.

Living and Family Rooms

This may be a high-traffic area that has multiple uses. Layered lighting is a necessity. Use recessed lighting with dimmers or track lighting to add volume when needed and table lamps for a softer feel when reading or watching television.


Each space within this area has a different lighting need. Natural light valances on either side of the vanity will give you direct light without shadows. Task lights along the cabinetry, near or in the shower and along the floor can help create a spa-like presence and avoid harsh overhead lighting, especially at night. Overhead lighting with dimmers can be used to provide a wider arc of light when needed.

Lighting is always a major consideration in a great remodeling design. Trade Mark Design & Build are the experts for New Jersey homes to help choose the right lighting for your interior décor!


Interior Design Trends for 2014

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When remodeling your home, it’s important to know the current trends before you start any project to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment. New Jersey homes are ripe with opportunity to upgrade your settings and make them magazine worthy. A few minor enhancements go a very long way. Here are some of the newest trends and interior design tips coming down the pipeline in 2014:

  • Modest design

The transition from stark modern to an integration of modern and modest is emerging. Metal, stone and woods are still popular, but in relaxing colors and raw metals with great finishes.

  • Open shelving

Kitchen design has embraced the open shelving concept in a major way, putting all your wares on display. Metal and glass shelving is very chic and forward-thinking and allows room to add art and smaller cabinetry.

  • Two-sided fireplaces

The open living concept separates rooms with only a room divider or shelving system. Two-sided fireplaces accommodate both sides, effectively utilizing the space.

  • Multigenerational features

Faucets with motion sensors, wall mounted sinks and other features assist all family members, from children to aging adult parents.

  • Hidden storage cabinetry

Window seating that doubles as storage spaces for holiday decorations, microwave cabinets, and more. This concept keeps counters and areas free of clutter while maximizing space.

Trade Mark Design & Build are the go-to experts to help you create awe-inspiring concepts, assisting in all your remodeling and design needs in the New Jersey area. View our vast and beautiful portfolio here.



Plan Home Improvement Projects in Small ‘Bites’ to Ease Stress

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As we prepare to enter a new year, it is worth looking at some emerging trends and thinking about what they mean for the future. One of them, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) is the “slimming down”  attitude of American consumers. An analyst from The Futures Co. characterize this philosophy with the slogan, “Live large, carry little.” It’s a mindset that we understand.

The message has to do with a growing desire to “pay one’s way.” Research findings show that consumers, while still wanting nice things, are not willing to be in debt to have them. Economic conditions of the past several years have altered our attitudes. In a way, that’s a good thing. Undertaking the various phases of home improvement in small steps, and paying as you go rather than financing a major project, can be easier on the lifestyle as well as the budget.

If, for instance, you hope to modernize your kitchen, install new eco-friendly windows throughout your home, remodel the master bath and add a screened porch during 2014, you can plan a series of work phases, all conforming to a master plan. Your knowledgeable consultant from Trade Mark Design & Build will be happy to assist you with design sketches, timetables and budget considerations. We will work with you to plan all your projects and take the worry out of the work.

You can plan the improvements in logical phases that will cause as little disruption as possible in your day-to-day life. The kitchen work might be put off until a school vacation, when backyard barbecues, paper plates and informal meals are the norm. Smaller improvements can quickly add up to the home of your dreams without taking a toll on your budget or your sanity.

Trade Mark Design & Build are your go-to experts for home remodeling in New Jersey, with a vast and beautiful portfolio you can view here.

Spend Your Dollars for Function and Enjoyment, But Don’t Overdo It!

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When considering a remodel project, many homeowners ask, “Is it worth it?” The simple answer involves analyzing the benefits for you and your family. While future return on your investment can be a factor in the scope and style of your remodel or addition, it should probably not constitute the primary consideration in making a decision.

There are some basic principles to remember:

  • Design to enhance your lifestyle and meet specific needs
  • Be realistic, and set a realistic budget
  • Consult with a professional

In analyzing your needs, it is wise to consider how long you plan to live in the home. Perhaps a cosmetic update is all that’s required if you plan to move on within a couple of years. Replacing kitchen appliances and bath fixtures and repainting walls are simple tasks compared to adding a room, altering room functions, or finishing out a basement.

Primary reasons for undertaking home improvement projects are to improve function or to gain space. Improving function is generally the easier of the two, and with a qualified designer and a professional builder you can easily achieve realistic goals. Finding additional living space might require an honest appraisal of the relative merits of adding on or moving out. Again, by consulting with a professional and realistically considering your options, you will be able to make choices that are right for your family.

In terms of expected return on investment, Remodeling Magazine has compiled statistics based on averages in different parts of the country. They might help you when you consider a project to enhance your New Jersey residence.

Trade Mark Design & Build are New Jersey experts in home remodeling, renovation, cabinetry and so much more. We offer free consultations to begin the remodeling process. Check out some of our portfolio here.

Managing Expectations During Renovations

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Renovations are a lot of work and are a financial investment. Much like contractors, homeowners exert considerable attention, energy, and time to the renovation project which often results in stress. There are however a few things homeowners can do to reduce stress during the renovation process.

Be creative but realistic.

Although ambition is typically a good thing, for renovation projects it can sometimes lead to false hopes. This is why you must be cautiously ambitious. Know what is feasible to complete in your home and what isn’t by consulting with a professional designer. A consultation with an expert can let you know if, with the space and resources available to you, you will be able to achieve the specific results you want. With years of experience, they can guide you to the best option for your space. They may open you up to a variety of options you were unaware of, or help you to achieve your desired goals to the T.

Sometimes less is more.

A limited budget or space, when looking at a long list of “do-dos” can be stressful. Oftentimes, the project itself ignites excitement for the finished project which then prompts you to spend more or do more than you actually can. Remember this: Artistry depends on what you make of the items and space you have, and not on how many elements you include. Think minimalism.



Thanksgiving Home Ideas

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The thanksgiving buzz has hit us head on. We love this time of the year- the delicious food, cozy family dinner and the holiday atmosphere that permeates the day.

With our vast experience in  NJ home remodeling we have seen people incorporate creative and nifty ideas into their home designs. We love some of these decor ideas that can add a lovely thanksgiving touch to your home.

TG kitchen idea
Make a gratitude station. Each day a family member adds something they are thankful for to be read on thanksgiving. Source: Balancinghome.com
Add a bit of Thanksgiving spirit by placing fall inspired pieces over the staircase.  Source: WholeLivingWebMagazine
Add a bit of Thanksgiving spirit by placing fall inspired pieces over the staircase.
Source: WholeLivingWebMagazine
Thanksgiving over the fireplace decor. Source: Lisa Yriarte
Thanksgiving over the fireplace decor.
Source: Lisa Yriarte
Make a thanksgiving corner in your front yard.  Source: Zoobe
Make a thanksgiving corner in your front yard.
Source: Zoobe
Grab a bottle of wine from your wine room and dress it up with a wheat stalk and felt for a thanksgiving vibe.
Grab a bottle of wine from your wine room and dress it up with a wheat stalk and felt for a thanksgiving vibe.