Managing Expectations During Renovations

Home Additions

Renovations are a lot of work and are a financial investment. Much like contractors, homeowners exert considerable attention, energy, and time to the renovation project which often results in stress. There are however a few things homeowners can do to reduce stress during the renovation process.

Be creative but realistic.

Although ambition is typically a good thing, for renovation projects it can sometimes lead to false hopes. This is why you must be cautiously ambitious. Know what is feasible to complete in your home and what isn’t by consulting with a professional designer. A consultation with an expert can let you know if, with the space and resources available to you, you will be able to achieve the specific results you want. With years of experience, they can guide you to the best option for your space. They may open you up to a variety of options you were unaware of, or help you to achieve your desired goals to the T.

Sometimes less is more.

A limited budget or space, when looking at a long list of “do-dos” can be stressful. Oftentimes, the project itself ignites excitement for the finished project which then prompts you to spend more or do more than you actually can. Remember this: Artistry depends on what you make of the items and space you have, and not on how many elements you include. Think minimalism.