Love Your Lighting!

Home Remodeling


Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Light makes a huge difference in the aesthetic of a room. An inventive lighting combination can increase the functionality of a room while adding character and style. Each room should have adequate lighting layers to accommodate its role. Let’s take a look at some options:


A kitchen should have a variety of lighting choices. Task lighting should be implemented under the cabinets, over the sink and all prep and cooking areas. The breakfast nook should have a lamp with a softer light, and recessed lighting may be used to illuminate the entire kitchen when there is a lot of activity.

Living and Family Rooms

This may be a high-traffic area that has multiple uses. Layered lighting is a necessity. Use recessed lighting with dimmers or track lighting to add volume when needed and table lamps for a softer feel when reading or watching television.


Each space within this area has a different lighting need. Natural light valances on either side of the vanity will give you direct light without shadows. Task lights along the cabinetry, near or in the shower and along the floor can help create a spa-like presence and avoid harsh overhead lighting, especially at night. Overhead lighting with dimmers can be used to provide a wider arc of light when needed.

Lighting is always a major consideration in a great remodeling design. Trade Mark Design & Build are the experts for New Jersey homes to help choose the right lighting for your interior décor!