3 Exterior Home Renovation Projects for Spring

Home Additions

With Daylight Savings Time behind us, spring is coming. Get the exterior of your home ready so you can make the most of the longer days with these 3 springtime house additions and exterior home renovation projects.

1. Build a deck – A deck extends your living space and makes the perfect base for relaxing during spring and summer evenings, grilling simple meals for the family and even enjoying a backyard fire pit. Decks should always be built by professional NJ home remodeling experts, since they require proper footing and contact with the home exterior to remain structurally sound. A contractor can design and build your deck, install safety railings to prevent falls, and paint or stain the completed project.

2. Roof repair – If your roof needs repair, spring can be an ideal time to tackle this project. It’s before the summer rush of contracting companies like Trade Mark Design & Build, so you’ll have an easier time scheduling the project and are unlikely to encounter delays in sourcing material. Taking a proactive stance on roof repair can protect the rest of your home by safeguarding against water damage, pest damage or mold.

3. Replacing or repairing exterior fences – Exterior fences take a beating in the winter, as snow and ice put pressure on the wood. Spring makes the perfect time to repair or replace exterior fences. A home renovation nj contractor can take down your old fence, mount the new fence even in rocky soil, and paint or stain the fence to protect against the elements. A good fence improves your curb appeal and your home safety.