5 Reasons To Consider A NJ Kitchen Remodeling

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Most people have at least one thing they’d like to change about their home. Regardless of how content you are with your space, it’s human nature to always crave improvement. One room which we find people often like to see improvements in is the kitchen. The kitchen can be seen as the heart of the home, and a Nj kitchen remodeling job can bring it to life.

nj kitchen remodeling

Let’s look at three reasons why you should consider upgrading your kitchen.

1. Added home value – While your family will see a great deal of positive aspects of a kitchen remodeling job, so will your home’s value. Any improvement to a home increases it’s worth. That’s why investing in home upgrades is such a smart idea. Down the road, if you ever go to sell your home, you can bank on it being worth more than it was previous to the job.

2. People migrate to the kitchen – I’m sure you’ve noticed this. Whether you’re working with a closet-sized space or a grand eat-in kitchen, company will migrate towards that room. Take note at the next gathering you attend and you will see that people love the kitchen. So, why not make capitalize and make it the best kitchen possible!

3. Cooking in a cluttered kitchen is the worst – Have you ever tried to cook meal with family members or friends in a kitchen with a poor layout? If you have, you know that it’s terrible. Undergoing a NJ kitchen remodeling can make group cooking a far more enjoyable experience.

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Winterizing The Home: A Homeowner’s Cheat Sheet

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Winter is just a couple of days away. With this season comes dipping temperatures and sometimes destructive precipitation. If you are new homeowner, chances are you may not be aware of the steps one should take in order to ensure their home stays in tip top shape during the winter months.

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We’re here to help. Check out these tips below:

  1. Detach all of your outdoor hoses and let them drain to prevent them from freezing and cracking when water expands
  2. Reverse your ceiling fans in order to push down heated air
  3. Survey your home insulation, especially in your attic in order to reduce ice buildup on the home
  4. Clean out your gutters to avoid ice buildup.
  5. Turn off all exterior faucets from the source in order to avoid any pipes bursting.
  6. Stow away all yard tools, lawn mowers, and summer items in a shed to prevent them from being eaten by the elements during the winter months.
  7. Clean your chimney before the season. Chimney fires are very dangerous and can be easily prevented with proper preparation
  8. Caulk your windows and other gaps to ensure you make the most of your heating system. This will also cut down on energy bills.
  9. If you don’t already have snow shovels or a snow blower, buy them now. If you wait until the first big snow store storm, it’ll be a lot tougher than need be.

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3 Tips to Saving Money on Home Renovation

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Worried you’ll remodel yourself into bankruptcy? Don’t!

Doing research on ways to save money during home remodeling can mean the difference between adding value to your home or spending away your hard-earned equity.

Kitchen remodeling bergen county NJ

Tips for Saving Money on Home Remodeling:

  1. Pay Your Taxes with Trash: Donate unwanted materials to a nearby Habitat for Humanity chapter. Not only will this get your refuse picked up for free and help your environment by saving landfill space, but it will also earn you a charitable tax credit.
  2. Leave the Paintbrush at the Factory: Clapboard siding (wood boards that make up the side of a building) can be purchased pre-primed and pre-painted for roughly 15 cents extra per foot. Short-term this will cost you more, but long-term this will save you on future paint jobs. The factory paint job will last two times longer than a normal paint job. This is because factory paint jobs are done on dry wood under optimal conditions with no precipitation or interfering elements.
  3. Be Your Own Cleanup Crew: Cleanup by a construction crew adds up fast. Handling the cleanup yourself is free! Use the money you save to get nicer countertops installed in your kitchen, or pay for some other service you can’t do yourself.

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Treat Your Home To A Holiday Gift

12:13 pm

The holiday season is finally upon us! It’s time to spread love, gather with family, and show your affection for others in the form of gift giving. For some, this time of year is purely joyous and warm. For others, it may become stressful. Ensuring you purchase or create the perfect gift for the special people in your life can become a bit unsettling.

While many people give gifts to individuals, why not give a gift your entire family or household can appreciate?

While more pricey than a trinket or gift card to your favorite coffee shop, a NJ home remodeling job is a gift that will last and will add value to your home. If you’ve been considering a home addition, kitchen remodeling job, or home entertainment room, now’s a great time to act!

Take a look below at some of our favorite services and offerings in New Jersey:

NJ Kitchen Remodeling

nj kitchen remodeling

Your kitchen should be a place you want to be in. A perfect place to work on dinner with your family and converse. If your kitchen is cluttered or has a bad layout, it may be time to make some changes.

Home Theaters

nj home remodeling

Everyone has had their dream of a home theatre. It’s more obtainable than you think! Upgrade your living room or transform your basement into the entertainment area you’ve always dreamed of.

Home Additions

nj home additions

Sometimes no matter how you rearrange your home or re-do your space, you run out of room. Growing families and growing ideas require more space.

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