Popular Remodeling Design Colors this Spring

Hot spring colors inspiring New Jersey kitchen remodeling projects involve neutral, harmonious hues that not only influence mood but also unify and enlarge your kitchen while establishing a warm, cozy ambiance that makes your kitchen the only place in the world you want to be. Soft brown, oyster white or buttery yellow are just a few of … Read more

These Hot Kitchen Floor Trends for 2014 Will Have You Floored

Floors steal the show in NJ kitchen remodeling trends for 2014. Kitchen makeovers are one way to increase the value of a home as we discussed earlier, but the focus needs to be on functionality. Flooring gives you an opportunity to add extreme style to the mix and get something really distinctive for your home, … Read more

Kitchen Design Trends in 2016

Countertops for the Perfect Kitchen

When remodeling your kitchen, it’s best to make a list and decide how your space will be used. Are you an avid cook or baker? Do you have a high volume of traffic, or is your kitchen used for a nice aesthetic? You can have a stylish kitchen while incorporating a countertop that includes durability … Read more

Kitchen Designs to Look Out for in the New Year

If a kitchen remodel is on your wish list for the new year, you might be interested in the trending popularity of glamorous materials, jewel tones and lighter cabinet colors. Elle Decor, the harbinger of style and good taste for the home, has just released popular decor choices for 2014, and they include a dose of … Read more

Kitchen Remodeling – Unusual Kitchen Designs

As experts in NJ kitchen remodeling we have seen all types of different kitchen designs, both the wacky and the wonderful. We thought these designs definitely stand out: What do you think? Would you consider doing a similar design when you do home remodeling? Let us know in the comments.

Project Spotlight: Modern Kitchen

Every once in a while one of our home remodeling projects stands above the rest–this recent NJ kitchen remodeling projects is one of our standouts from this season. As you can see below, there are plenty of characteristics to highlight within this stunning kitchen design. Now, interested in seeing a transformation in your kitchen and … Read more

Kitchen Remodeling Prep

Whether you are considering NJ Kitchen Remodeling for your own personal visual pleasure or because you are thinking about selling your home, kitchen remodeling is a daunting prospect. Between the number of decisions that need to be made and the amount of money that will be spent, it is enough to scare anyone off. To … Read more

Welcome To Our Blog

Almost no one walks into the house of their dreams right off the bat. We all have ideas about home improvements that would make the place truly “perfect.” Even as we get closer to one version of perfect, our tastes evolve or styles change and we once again consider kitchen remodeling or expanding part of … Read more