Managing Expectations During Renovations

Renovations are a lot of work and are a financial investment. Much like contractors, homeowners exert considerable attention, energy, and time to the renovation project which often results in stress. There are however a few things homeowners can do to reduce stress during the renovation process. Be creative but realistic. Although ambition is typically a … Read more

Home Automation: The Future Is Here

We all remember the days when the talk of the town was Bill Gates’ amazingly technical home automation system. Rumors about the different characteristics were everywhere, from changing the temperature upon entry to having personalized lighting options for each member of the household. Well, we can’t promise you a recreation of the billionaire tech-giant’s home, … Read more


Increase Your Living Space, Love Your Home

Our overall goal as your design build company is to, quite simply, make you love your home. We’ve previously discussed how a kitchen renovation or kitchen cabinet redesign can improve your home, but you have plenty of other options for home improvement everywhere around your home. Add-A-Level: One of our larger-scale projects, adding a level … Read more

Deck Material Options

House additions can be a bit daunting when looking at the big picture, from planning to finding a proper home additional remodeling team and picking out the materials; it’s most definitely stressful. Decks are no different. There are a multitude of options for materials that vary from metal and wood to composites. How can you … Read more

Spring Into a Home Remodel

Traditionally, spring is the time of renewal. All around us nature is renewing itself. Thousands of folks are embarking on epic spring cleanings. Something about the season sparks a desire within us to make the changes we have been thinking about all winter. The same goes for our homes. After being trapped indoors while it … Read more

Adding a Bedroom

Whether you are about to have a baby or want a place for guests to comfortably call their own, sometimes the reality simply is that our homes are not as big as we need them to be. One solution is to up and move. Find a bigger house and relocate. Anyone who has owned a … Read more