House Additions the Right Way: Design and Build

2:42 pm

Getting into a home renovation or home addition project can be a stressful experience, from finding a design company, locating a team to successfully implement that design to cutting through all the red tape. Thankfully, the design & build process eliminates many of these common issues. Stemming from the idea that everyone is on the same team and working towards the same goal, team members handle different tasks simultaneously and with open communication, eventually finishing any job more efficiently and with up-most quality.

When you work with Trade Mark Design and Build, we do just that: design and build. We work vigorously with homeowners to see their vision become a reality.

Wine Rooms for Wine Aficionados

3:43 pm

wine cellars njWine collection is rising in popularity all over the country, and with that has come a boom in the construction of wine rooms. Collectors of all ages and styles are jumping at the chance to add a wine cellar to their home, for both long-term organizational purposes and to keep their bottles of wine in perfect shape. It’s easy, when in the early phases of design, to get caught up with aesthetics, but there are some crucial aspects of wine cellars that are often ignored.

The main purpose of creating a separate enclosure for your wine is to monitor its temperature and overall humidity. Before modern refrigeration and air control was an option, wine was generally stored beneath the ground, hence the inception of the wine cellar. Today, you can store your wine anywhere in your house as long as the proper sealing and air control is installed, which can be a tricky procedure for the amateur home-builder.

Once your collection passes the point where a wine fridge can hold all of your treasured bottles at the 50-55 degree temperature and 60-75% humidity, it’s time to make the wine room investment. In order to make sure your prized and growing collection raises in value over the years, trust Trade Mark Design & Build’s NJ home remodeling team to create and build a beautiful and accurate wine room.

Difficulty Selling Your Home? Home Remodel Time!

6:14 pm

kitchen cabinets in njAround the country, home sales, as well as real estate as a whole, have taken a huge downward plunge since the housing bubble burst in the early 2000s. Countless people are unhappy with their current living situation but unable to sell their home at anything worthwhile–in many cases still owing money on a home they no longer own. There are a few different options available for homeowners looking to sell their home at a worthwhile value–ranging from house additions to general remodeling.

A home addition is a major step in the right direction when it comes to increasing your home’s value and overall ease of sale. Brand new rooms give potential buyers a sense that you really care about the home and will absolutely help when it comes to making the sale. One downfall to that is the upfront cost, which can be intimidating when searching for a new home to purchase. A great way to dodge this issue is to choose a room to totally remodel instead of adding an entirely new room. The go-to room to redesign is almost always the kitchen. The kitchen stands out as the heart and soul of your living space and represents your overall home’s value and worth.

The story is the same in Northern New Jersey as well, so call Trade Mark Design & Build, your New Jersey home remodeling experts, and get the best deal when selling your next property.

Stop Choosing Between Practicality and Aesthetics

10:05 pm

Have Fun With Your Bergen County Kitchen Remodeling Too many folks spend their whole lives living in homes decorated in a way they would describe as “tolerable,” not exceptional. Given the fact that your home is the only place in the world that is entirely yours, it should be a place you love to spend time in. You should spend your days looking forward to returning home at night. One of the best ways to do this is to be a little bold in your decorating choices. If you have decided that the time for a remodeling has come, a Bergen County kitchen remodeling expert can guide you in how to take your kitchen from functional and practical, but boring, to exciting and fun to use.

Many people are under the misguided belief that in order for a kitchen to remain functional and work properly, it must be a little staid. This is simply not true. Adding eye-catching amendments like a bold color on the wall or fun kitchen cabinet handles can be exactly the thing your home needs to take its look from ho-hum to wow! The only question is whether you have the courage to take the leap into this bold new territory.

With a little reassurance from friends and family, Bergen County home remodeling can be an exciting adventure. The key to this is trusting the professionals. Let these people do what they do best and guide you towards a kitchen you will love when the whole process is completed.