Summer Projects for Family Bonding

Home Remodeling

For property owners living in NJ, home remodeling projects completed during the summer mostly involve exterior improvements such as adding a patio or improving on an existing patio, building a fire pit to make their block parties the best in the neighborhood or constructing a screened-in back porch to enjoy sitting outside on pleasantly warm summer evenings without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Other popular summer home projects include:

Installation of energy efficient windows–reducing skyrocketing air conditioning bills and increasing the value of a home are two great reasons for replacing old, unattractive and ill-fitting windows with windows designed to prevent heat or cold from escaping your home.

Quick bathroom remodeling tips–updating old chrome fixtures, replacing a stained vanity with one that is stylish and trending or adding “smart” features such as touch screen or remote options for water and temperature control, light intensity and music selections are all nifty methods to give your bathroom a much-needed makeover in the summer.

Additional NJ home remodeling projects currently trending and in demand are:

  • Painting interior walls with vibrant colors such as lemon yellow, lime green, nectarine orange and even varying shades of red.
  • Replacing hardware and fixtures with a highly polished brass much brighter than traditional “hammered” brass.
  • Creating a “man-cave” or home office out of an existing, unused area of a garage or house has also been a popular and easy summer project for New Jersey homeowners.

Spending time making improvements to the house when the kid’s are home from school can be a great bonding experience. Need more than a lift? Contact us today at  973-636-0100 for your NJ kitchen remodeling and home remodeling.