Colors and Your Mood

Home Remodeling

Is it time to give your house a face lift? Break away from plain white walls by adding dashes of color that inspire, refresh and improve your moods. A few color options and how they can influence the way you feel:

Bright, Saturated Colors for Energy

In 1994, researchers are UCLA did a study that indicated that a color’s effect on us was determined, in part, by how bright and saturated the color is. Bright colors make us cheerful, saturated ones give us focus. So, a warm orange wall in your kitchen will wake you up more than a paler shade.

Yellow for Focus

Consider sunny yellow accents for your in-home office. The color yellow has been found to increase focus. Adding it to your working space can enhance your concentration and more productive. You can introduce the color through curtains, picture frames and wall moldings, or, add it to a single wall in the room. Avoid painting an entire room yellow, though. In studies, too much yellow was found to cause anxiety.

Sleep Well with Cool Colors

At the end of a long day, all you want to do is unwind. Add pale blue, gray or muted greens to your bedroom or bathroom to make those rooms a haven from the hectic world outside. Cool colors slow the heart rate and help you transition into a calmer mood. You’ll feel less stress and sleep better at night.

Take advantage of the power of color during your NJ home remodeling by adding hues that inspire the moods you desire. Mood-enhancing hues help set the stage for a home that makes you and your family feel your best.

Home Lighting and Your Mood

You may already realize that general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting are all essential elements when it comes to designing a room, but natural lighting is also a very important addition to any space. Natural sunlight can leave you feeling energized and healthier. When it is missing, your mood will certainly be affected.

Interior Lighting and Your Mood

Lighting directly affects your mood. An article by American Family Physicians states that 40% of people experience some sort of mood change during the winter months while 4 – 6% suffer from winter depression. This change in mood is the body’s reaction to the lack of sunlight during this time of year.

Even your choice of interior lighting can affect your mood. Think about how the brightly lit kitchen makes you feel energized while the soft illumination of the bedroom feels relaxing. Understanding how the sun affects us, and how to properly use interior lighting to our benefit, allows you to incorporate the ideal lighting into each room of your home for the most beneficial results.

Designing with Natural Light

Natural light is a wonderful source of illumination to use when incorporating the benefits of sunlight into your interior design. Large picture windows or bay style windows look amazing, but they are also excellent ways to bring that mood-lifting sunshine inside. Bedrooms can benefit from several traditional style windows while skylights are perfect in private settings such as a bathroom or a dressing room.

Adding Full Spectrum LED Lighting

Unfortunately, there are rooms, such as a finished basement, that don’t allow for natural light from windows, and even if you can include windows into your design, the winter months are short on sunshine. Using full-spectrum lights to replace sunlight while indoors is quite beneficial. Full-spectrum lights can be used to lift your mood when natural light is at a minimum.

All living plants and animals, including humans, need full-spectrum light or natural light to maintain optimal health and a biochemical balance. When the days become shorter and there is less and less sunlight, consider adding full-spectrum light boxes or task lighting into your main living areas. These lights include all of the colors found in the electromagnetic wavelength. This includes ultraviolet light in addition to visible and none-visible light. The result is an illumination that resembles the natural sunlight when it comes to its healthy benefits.

The Benefits of Verilux Happy Light

Adding the use of Verilux Happy Light when a room design does not allow for enough natural light can improve your health and lift your spirits. Happy Light therapy lamps not only enhance your mood, but they can improve your sleep and increase your energy levels by imitating natural sunlight. Best of all, you can enjoy these benefits without experiencing any of the harmful UV rays that the sun emits.
verilux happy oight
Light therapy has been credited with helping people that experience sleep disorders, winter blues, jet lag, and light deprivation. Happy Lights accomplish this with 10,000 lux while providing you with full-spectrum lighting. Verilux offers light boxes that you can adjust from a warm white light to a daylight. These boxes also allow you to adjust the level of brightness for added comfort. They even have timers so that you can control exactly how much of this beneficial lighting you receive each day. You can also purchase table lamps, floor lamps, or task lights that provide full spectrum lighting. These designs can be worked into your home decor beautifully without distracting from the over all look of the room.

Create Lighting That is Stunning and Beneficial

Regardless of which type of light you use, you will enjoy the beauty and functionality of these lamps and light boxes. The full spectrum light that mimics the sun will keep your mood uplifted throughout those long winter months so that you can feel more energized and appreciate better sleep. Use your Verilux lights along with natural light from windows for an overall illumination that enhances your home decor beautifully all year long.