Colors and Your Mood

Home Remodeling

Is it time to give your house a face lift? Break away from plain white walls by adding dashes of color that inspire, refresh and improve your moods. A few color options and how they can influence the way you feel:

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Bright, Saturated Colors for Energy

In 1994, researchers are UCLA did a study that indicated that a color’s effect on us was determined, in part, by how bright and saturated the color is. Bright colors make us cheerful, saturated ones give us focus. So, a warm orange wall in your kitchen will wake you up more than a paler shade.

Yellow for Focus

Consider sunny yellow accents for your in-home office. The color yellow has been found to increase focus. Adding it to your working space can enhance your concentration and more productive. You can introduce the color through curtains, picture frames and wall moldings, or, add it to a single wall in the room. Avoid painting an entire room yellow, though. In studies, too much yellow was found to cause anxiety.

Sleep Well with Cool Colors

At the end of a long day, all you want to do is unwind. Add pale blue, gray or muted greens to your bedroom or bathroom to make those rooms a haven from the hectic world outside. Cool colors slow the heart rate and help you transition into a calmer mood. You’ll feel less stress and sleep better at night.

Take advantage of the power of color during your NJ home remodeling by adding hues that inspire the moods you desire. Mood-enhancing hues help set the stage for a home that makes you and your family feel your best.