NJ Home Remodeling Holiday Gift Guide

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Wouldn’t it be nice to give your spouse or partner a present this holiday season that would make them happy all throughout the year? Giving a loved one the gift of a home renovation is definitely a gift that will keep on giving. It will please them each time they enter that area of their house while possibly providing them with additional storage and organization. Best of all, it can increase the value of your home. Each time they enjoy their newly remodeled space they will lovingly remember the thoughtful gift you gave them.

give the holiday gift of a home remodel

Which Area to Renovate?

If your partner or spouse is constantly complaining about one room, in particular, your decision as to which room to renovate will be easy. In fact, if you listen to exactly what they dislike, you will even know what direction to take your NJ home remodeling project in. On the other hand, you might want to simply surprise them with something completely different. We have a wife that is purchasing a wine room for her husband for Christmas. That is certainly one lucky guy.

If you are still indecisive, begin with the idea of a kitchen remodel. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and updating it will increase the value. You can update the appliances, add special, features like an attractive range hood, and design an island that will meet your individual needs. The island can be anything from a little extra counter space with bar stools on one side for additional seating to a command center complete with a built-in microwave, small refrigerator, and farmhouse sink.

The bathroom is another popular room to remodel, and anyone would be excited to be the recipient of that gift. You could put in a new walk-in shower, a large tub, and double sinks for luxury and convenience. If space allows, you could even include features like a dressing area or walk-in closet into the design. Whether going large or small with the remodel, be sure to include beautiful new cabinetry that will give you and your loved one extra storage while enhancing the overall look of the room.

Along with the kitchen and bathroom, you could consider giving the gift of renovating one of the forgotten areas of your home. Basements can be finished in order to provide you with extra bedrooms and bathrooms, a home office, or a family recreational room. Consider places like the laundry room too. This is usually the last place to get any attention. Homeowners see it as functional, but it can also become a bright and welcoming room that everyone will enjoy using.

The holidays are a busy time of year when you are entertaining many of your closest friends and family. As you host dinners and parties, you may realize just how little space you have. Think of how delighted your spouse or partner would be if you present them with a dining room renovation. Talk to your home remodeling contractor about possibilities such as opening it up into the kitchen and living area in order to create a great room that is ideal for entertaining.

How to Present the Gift of a NJ Home Remodeling Project

Although a home remodel is a wonderful gift idea, it can be hard to give as a present. You can’t exactly surprise someone with a newly renovated room while they are living in the house, and it certainly isn’t the type of gift you can wrap and place under the tree. Fortunately, there are ways you can still have the thrill of opening a present and surprising them. All it takes is a little creativity.

If you are planning on remodeling the bathroom as your loved one’s gift, buy them a new set of luxurious bath towels. Wrap them up with a note tucked inside that announces the renovation. The same can be done form a kitchen by giving a new set of dishes or cookware in the same manner. You will have the fun of seeing the expression on their face, and they will have an actual gift to open on Christmas Day.

No matter what area of the house you, decide to remodel or how you plan to present the idea, a home renovation project can be the perfect gift for your spouse or partner. It will, be a gift that keeps, on giving by offering you and your loved one an updated, organized room that you will both treasure for many years to come.

Basement Remodel – Increase your living space without an addition

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Many homeowners believe they have to put an addition on to the house to gain space, but in reality, they are literally sittting on top of a wealth of extra room. That dark and dingy basement that you avoid at all cost can be transformed into the extra room you have been dreaming about. When beginning a NJ home remodeling project, consider utilizing this wasted space.

basement living room

A Family Room

Basements are ideal as family rooms because they are in such a quiet area of the house. Along with being a peaceful place to rest and enjoy time with others, you want this space to be cheerful. Brighten the basement by adding an egress window to bring in natural light. Choose whites, ivories, light grays, or pastels for the walls and take advantage of reflective surfaces such as oversized mirrors. Furnish the space in the same way you would any living room with comfortable sofas and recliners, ottomans, and entertainment features like a big screen TV for watching movies and gaming.

The Media Room

A media room is simply a term used to describe an all purpose room that is most often used as a home theater. What could be a more perfect place to watch your favorite films than the basement where it is naturally darker and quieter. Use a drop ceiling to soften the echo effect, and add soft lighting that won’t distract from the oversized TV screen. Keep it simple by using a sectional for seating, or go for the full theater effect by adding stair stepped floors with reclining chairs and sofas placed on each level just like you find at the local cinema.

A Home Bar

A home bar is a wonderful room for entertaining friends. When it is placed in the basement, it allows you to enjoy yourself without your guests disturbing the rest of the family. Have your contractor bring in a bar with stools for seating on one side and shelves, a mini fridge, and wine storage on the other. Place a flat screen TV over head, and ad a pool table for extra fun. Rather then choosing a traditional drop ceiling, leave the pipes and beams exposed. Paint them in a solid color for an industrial look that still has style.

The Wine Room

A wine room is a more sophisticated space than a home bar, and the basement can easily be transformed into a place where you can store and enjoy your favorite beverages. Finish the basement with rich wood doors and trim as well as plenty of shelves designed with special cubbies for the bottles. Be sure to include a refrigerator for those lighter summer wines that are best served chilled. Instead of a bar that gives the room the feeling of a local pub, place leather upholstered chairs around a table in matching wood tones.

A Play Room

If you want a place where your kids can be kids without making a mess out of the entire house, finish the basement and turn it into a play room. Paint the walls and ceiling in bright, fun colors with whimsical murals thrown in for an unexpected focal point. Be sure to create plenty of storage for both small and large toys. Use specially designed padded tiles for the floor so that the little ones have a soft surface to play on. Child size tables and chairs, bean bags, and large pillows are all the seating you’ll need.

The Guest Bedroom

A nicely finished basement is the ideal place for a guest bedroom. Whether you have friends staying for the occasional weekend or long term family members moving in, they can enjoy the privacy a basement provides. Decorate the bedroom in soft, relaxing hues. Use a variety of lighting. This includes overhead lights for brightness, lamps for task lighting, and accent lights to create the perfect ambience. Don’t forget to include a full bath in the design. Having their own bathroom, complete with a shower and tub, will keep both your guests and your family happy.

The Laundry

You may already be doing your laundry in the basement, but finishing the space properly will make this mundane task more enjoyable. Concrete floors painted to resemble stone or marble flooring is both attractive and practical for a laundry room. Paint the walls in a cheerful color, and add home decor items that make it feel more like an actual living space than a utility room. With the the plumbing already in place, this would be the ideal location for an extra bathroom as well.

Once you have completed the transformation of your basement, you will find that not only have you increased the living space in your home, but you have increased its value as well. Best of all, you and your home remodeling contractor will have achieved all this without ever having to put a costly addition on to the house.

Great Wines For The Fall

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The fall season brings about cooler temperatures along with a beautiful display of colors in the foliage. It is also the time of year when we trade our shorts and tees for a cozy sweater and our favorite jeans. Just like the way the scenery changes and you switch out your wardrobe, you need to be selecting a new variety of wines that will pair perfectly with all of the delicious fall harvest foods you will be enjoying.

fall wine list

Which Wine to Choose

Those slightly chilled, crisp white wines were perfect for sipping next to the pool on a hot day, but they seem to lose their appeal as the temperature drops. Although you are in search of something heartier, you may not be ready yet for the full-bodied red wines that you enjoy next to the fireplace on a snowy evening. What you need for the fall season are wines that bridge the gap between summer and winter’s classic choices. This would be any of the full-bodied whites or the light to medium reds that pair so well with fall’s harvest of amazing foods.

Pinot Noir

A glass of Pinot Noir is the perfect way to welcome in the fall season. It is a natural choice with its earthy aromas that bring to mind wet leaves and its faint floral smells of the fading summer. This wine’s warm clove, vanilla, and nutmeg spices are well suited to the harvest bounty while the cranberry and tart cherry notes usher in winter.


If you love the rich pies, mochas, and cozy atmosphere of this time of year, you will enjoy Merlot. Characteristics like plum, black cherry, and raspberry flavors paired with a hint of vanilla, cedar, and coffee make this wine the ideal complement to all of those wonderful fall treats you will be filling your kitchen with.

Oaked Chardonnay

Oaked Chardonnay was made for crisp fall days with flavors that include ripe pears, baked apples, toffee, caramel, and vanilla. Aged in oak barrels, this wine has a richer, nuttier characteristic than the typical Chardonnay. You can’t get a flavor closer to the fall experience than this.

Cabernet Franc

Sipping a glass of Cabernet Franc gives you a true sense of the season in the same way getting out your favorite leather jacket does when the days get colder. This old friend’s notes of savory dried oregano, red pepper, and leather are balanced by a juicy raspberry sauce and plum, and just like your Oaked Chardonnay, it has been aged in an oak barrel for a superb richness.


This wine is like being able to bottle up the feeling of a warm fire. A full-bodied red wine, Syrah is filled with the flavor of rich black and red fruits that are combined with hints of black pepper and smoke. The result is a wine that includes aromas that will leave you in anticipation of the first snow fall.

Where to Store Your Fall Wines

The Wine Cellar NJ residents most enjoy are ones that blends in nicely with the architecture and décor they already have established within their home. There are several different options you can choose from when incorporating wine storage into your own house. Begin by deciding whether you would like a full sized wine cellar or simply a space within the kitchen that can hold a few seasonal bottles of your favorite varieties.

The Wine Cellar

If you have a finished basement, you have the ideal place for a wine cellar. Wine cellars are most often created out of cabinets and wine racks constructed from rich woods that give the space a warm and inviting feel. If there is room, incorporate an actual bar with seating on one side and shelves on the other to hold everything you need to make the perfect mixed drink, serve lovely wines, or simply enjoy a beer with friends.

Floor to ceiling shelves with wine cubbies for bottles serves double duty as storage and visual appeal. Don’t forget to include racks for hanging the wine glasses from. The wine cellar is one area of your home where you don’t want to hide your clutter. Bottles, glasses, and other essentials are an important element to the over-all beauty of this space.

Wine Storage in the Kitchen

If you are limited when it comes to space, you can still have a beautiful storage area for your seasonal wines. Many homeowners now include wine storage into their NJ kitchen design. Use a set of cupboards to be designated for this project. Overhead cabinets work best. This is especially true for the cupboards above the range. Replace solid doors with clear glass so the beauty of the glasses and bottles can be seen. You can also incorporate this type of wine storage into an island where it won’t take up any additional space, but it will still add to the elegance of the kitchen.

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7 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen 

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It’s time to talk about one of the busiest and most visited rooms at home – your kitchen. The kitchen is where you spend the majority of your time cooking and socializing with friends and family. Since it’s often a very heavily visited area it’s important to keep it updated and attractive with the latest interior design trends. Does your kitchen no longer have the appeal it once had? Discover tell-tale signs that you should improve its look with a NJ Kitchen Remodel.

before nj kitchen remodel

1. Outdated appliances

Old and worn appliances are more prone to breaking and having mechanical issues. By changing the look of your kitchen and investing in new appliances you’ll have an easier time cooking. You will no longer need to worry about certain appliances not working correctly or taking an extended period of time to cook dinner.

2. Difficulties cleaning

If you realize that getting stains out of your old countertop is taking longer than usual, it may be time to change the look of your kitchen. Another indication it might be time to remodel is if your floors are grimy due to wear and tear and no longer have the glow they once had. With new sleek floors and countertops, you’ll have a much easier time cleaning up after a meal.

3. No longer enjoy the room

When you walk into your kitchen you should feel excited by it and motivated to start cooking or having guests over. If you no longer view your kitchen as one of the highlights of your home, then you might want to consider changing its appearance. Your kitchen should be a gorgeous room that you’re proud of and eager to show off to friends and family.

4. Limited storage and counter space

Your kitchen shouldn’t feel cramped when you’re trying to cook or socialize. If there’s not adequate room to walk around freely in your kitchen as well as store essential items, such as plates, glassware, etc., then you should consider remodeling your kitchen. With some extra space you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed and won’t need to worry about where to sit guests for a large dinner party.

5. Layout isn’t functional

If the design of your kitchen makes it challenging to cook or enjoy a meal, then it may be time to make a change. Also, if the set-up of your kitchen is potentially dangerous then you should improve the configuration of your space. You shouldn’t be afraid that you’re going to start a fire while cooking since you have limited space for your stove.

6. Reluctant to spend time in kitchen

Do you find yourself often eating out since you can’t stand the sight of your kitchen? It’s normal to get bored of eating at home every day. However, if you feel a sense of hatred towards your kitchen and find it challenging to enjoy a nice meal at home then you should remodel it. Your kitchen should make you feel relaxed and at home not stressed.

7. Affects the value of your home

Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the near future or just want to increase the value of your home, a poorly designed kitchen with outdated appliances will quickly lower the value of your home. A gorgeous and functional kitchen with room to cook as well as entertain can help your home’s value. Since the kitchen is a very busy and popular room, it’s key to keep it updated with the latest design trends so it can help boost your home rather than hurt it.

Bottom line on Remodeling your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a large investment that usually causes people to feel overwhelmed. Often this project involves having your kitchen out of commission for a few months. However, the reward of having a new and stunning kitchen that you look forward to spending time in is worth the energy spent planning and worrying about this project. Make your kitchen a room you can genuinely be proud of. You’ll love entertaining and cooking in a room that’s cozy as well as very trendy.

Article written by Jessica Herring as a guest blogger.

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Boho Interior Design – What is boho design?

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What is Boho Decorating?

boho interior decorating

Boho, or Bohemian, decorating is a way of filling your home with an eclectic mix of culture, life, and interesting objects from around the world. The style embraces relaxed and carefree elements. You will find that all Boho rooms will have a similar look and feel, but there are no two that look alike.

Boho is loved by those that enjoy an unconventional life. This includes people such as actors, travelers, and writers. You will find that Boho design combines colors objects, and patterns that reflect this type of lifestyle. The décor consists of a mix of items from a variety of places and cultures with no set theme in place. If you want your home to be a true reflection of exactly who you are, Boho will be your perfect design style.

Boho Colors

The first rule of Bohemian design is that there are no rules. Commonly used colors include Earth tones such as deep browns, grays, and greens, but it is not unusual to see bright jewel tones and metallic mixed in. Accessories often bring a pop of fiery orange, saturated purple, or electric blue into the room. This combination of colors all layered in together fits in perfectly with the true thought behind Boho design and will enhance your NJ kitchen remodeling project.

Give yourself the freedom to mix patterns and textures. Don’t shy away from styles that you normally wouldn’t use together in one room. Boho is certainly not a conventional way of decorating. Use textures and patterns from around the globe. This will add a sense of exoticism and fun to the space. Hang area rugs and tapestries on the walls, and layer throws on the furniture.

Bohemian Materials

Boho embraces the philosophy of more is better. Forget about the modern, minimalist, sleek designs used in most decorating. When capturing a Bohemian feel, don’t be afraid to mix and match materials freely. Burlap, sisal, and other natural materials can be combined with chenille and silks. Regardless of which materials you use, they should appear to be worn. Look for pieces that fall somewhere between shiny new and damaged.

Crochet, fringe, and macramé often find their way into Boho design. Use these elements around area rugs, throw pillows, and curtains. All of these materials combined together will create a cozy, worldwide inspired area. Canopies over the living spaces and beds are another signature look of this design style.

Boho Furniture

You won’t find Bohemian furniture in your local home stores. Boho rooms are filled with pieces that you collect over time. As you complete your NJ home remodeling projects, search for second-hand and vintage items in thrift stores and antique malls. Choose furniture that looks like it could tell a story. These items will be right at home in your Boho design.

You can also use plush sofas and chairs that are saturated in color to make you and your guests feel the vibe of Boho instantly. Over stuffed floor pillows and throw rugs can be considered extra seating as well as butterfly chairs, chaise lounges, and daybeds. Avoid straight back chairs or pieces that are streamlined. Boho should make people feel welcomed and as though you want them to stay awhile. The more comfortable it is, the better.

Boho Lighting

Your goal is understated, ambient lighting in a Boho room. It adds to the relaxed and comfortable vibe. Avoid overhead fixtures. Instead, look for candles, lanterns, and floor or table lamps for soft illumination. Search global markets for a variety of shapes and sizes to further enhance the mix and match design element.

Worldly Accessories

Since the whole idea of Boho design is to embrace the world, use hanging plants to give your home a natural feeling. This works especially well in your NJ kitchen remodeling project. They will improve the air quality while adding vibrancy to the space. The more plants you incorporate, the more Bohemian it will look. If you don’t have much luck with plants, consider using succulents. They come in a variety of colors and require very little care beyond occasional watering.

Complete your Boho style by adding in your family heirlooms, photos, handmade items, and souvenirs form your travels. Your accessories need to tell your family’s story. Showcase what you love whether that is a collection of vintage maps, bottles or mismatched dishes. Always remember that Boho design is based on an eclectic feel. You can even throw in a glamorous chandelier or chic gold framed mirror into the mix. The only rule with Bohemian decorating is that the finished room tells a story about you.

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Fall Cleaning Checklist

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As fall approaches, the days grow shorter and the air a little crisper. These tell tale signs of the changing seasons signal the beginning of your fall clean-up chores. Cleaning both the exterior and interior of your home before winter hits ensures a comfortable and relaxing time for you and your family throughout the colder months as well as protects your investment in your NJ home remodeling projects. Use the following checklists to make sure you don’t forget any important items.

NJ Home Remodeling

Outdoor: Fall Cleaning Checklist

• Now is the time to clean and store all of your patio furniture, children’s toys, and grills. Wash all of these items, and put them inside of a protective garage or shed. Use a rented storage space or outdoor covers if you don’t have enough space at home.
• Walk around your home’s exterior and touch up any peeling or missing paint on the trim, doors, or porch rails.
• Inspect the caulk around all windows. Replace it with new if necessary.
• Make sure that all of the exterior doors shut tightly. You can save energy and money by keeping the warm air from escaping the interior space. Use weather stripping to fill gaps.
• While you are looking at the windows, take the time to wash the outside of the glass and sweep away dirt and debris from the ledges.
• Remove your garden hose from the exterior spigot and drain it. Wind it up, and put it in a safe place until next spring. Use an insulated spigot cover to keep the exposed pipes and nozzle from freezing or deteriorating in the cold weather.
• Clean all debris such as leaves and sticks from the gutters and downspouts so that melting ice and heavy rains will run off of the roof without causing damage. When ice backs up, it can work its way under the shingles where it creates leaks and destroys the roofing material.
• Have all chimneys and flues cleaned and inspected by a professional to avoid the risk of fire.

Inside: Fall Cleaning Checklist

• Focus your energy on the main rooms of the house such as the living room, family room, guest bedroom, and entryway.
• Clean each of these areas from top to bottom. Wash curtains and blinds as well as vacuum all drapes and other window treatments that cannot be laundered. Wipe out the window sills, and vacuum all baseboards.
• While you have the window treatments removed, wash the glass thoroughly.
• You will also need to vacuum any upholstered furniture. Don’t forget to move each piece and vacuum the floor underneath as well.
• Turn all mattresses. If they can be flipped over, do so. Otherwise, simply swing the mattress around so that the foot of it now rests at the head of the bed.
• Wash all bedding. This includes the seldom laundered items like duvets and mattress pads. Take dry clean only items to a professional. Put all lightweight blankets in storage, and replace them with heavy, cozier quilts and throws.
• This is the time of year to schedule a professional carpet cleaning too. Make your appointment early, as these companies get busier as the holidays approach. You can also rent carpet cleaning machines to do it yourself or purchase a steam cleaner to keep on hand.
• Speaking of the coming holidays, autumn is the perfect time to clean and organize the kitchen. Clean out cabinets and cupboards, and make sure you have all of the pans, baking supplies, and containers needed for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and treats.
• You can make holiday baking even easier by cleaning off the kitchen countertops. Remove small appliances that are not used weekly. This gives you more workspace and looks nicer.
• Pull out the refrigerator and scrub the walls and floor behind it. Vacuum off the condenser and coils before putting it back in place.
• Wash all lighting fixtures. Wipe bases with a clean cloth, and wash glass globes in dish detergent.
• Inspect all of your household appliances to ensure that they are functioning properly. Stock up on supplies like salt for the water softener.
• After all of this cleaning, check and empty the central vacuum system’s collection area. If you are using an upright vacuum, take apart all canisters, filters, and attachments. Wash each piece and dry thoroughly before putting it back together.
• Clean any electronic air cleaning machines or humidifiers. This keeps allergens and bacteria from re-circulating throughout your home.
• Inspect the hoses on your washing machine. Look for bulges, cracks, and splits. Replace the hose when necessary or every two years.
• Check the dryer exhaust for any build-up of lint. Clean it out carefully, and make sure the exterior vent closes tightly when not in use.
• You need to schedule a cleaning and inspection of your main heating system before the temperature drops. Stock up on filters, and replace them routinely throughout fall and winter.
• Drain any sediment from your home’s hot water heater. If it builds up, it can shorten the heater’s lifespan.

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Custom Kitchen Range Hoods

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The details make the difference when it comes to an elegant kitchen that is both functional and beautiful. You want every item to enhance and elevate the overall look and feel of the room, and this includes a custom kitchen range hood. A quality custom range hood is essential for clean air, but it can also become the focal point of your NJ home remodeling project when you choose a size, finish, and style that will fit in perfectly with your new kitchen design.

Custom Kitchen Range Hood

A Stylish Upgrade

Gone are the days when the kitchen range hood was nothing more than a necessity. Today’s designs are elegant enough to use as the focal point of your new kitchen. Brooks Custom offers range hoods that instantly add a bold design statement to your room. Their new artisan cast range hoods offer a stylish option for elegant kitchens while their bronze finished range hoods add warmth and charm to traditional spaces. You will even find ones created with a metal coating to look like sheet metal that are ideal for industrial designs.

Enhanced Lighting

Your range hood can be custom made to include overhead lighting that will make working at your stove so much easier. You will be able to clearly see your dishes as you prep and prepare meals in your kitchen. This additional task lighting will also help you when it comes to clean up. Proper lighting allows you to get all of that hard to see grease and grime that hides in every nook and cranny of your range top. Options in kitchen range hood lighting range from basic illumination that draws the eye to your beautiful backsplash to state-of-the-art designs for the serious home cook.

Improved Air Quality

Even though range hoods are a beautiful addition to any home kitchen, they do provide a very necessary service. A range hood’s most important job is to improve the quality of air in the kitchen. They are designed to remove smoke, odors, grease, and pollutants that are created while cooking. The air is drawn in through a fan and released outdoors or filtered and recirculated back into the room. By removing these irritants, you, your family, and guests are left with nothing more than the wonderful smell of the dishes you are creating.


The heat produced while cooking can make the kitchen uncomfortable. Range hoods remove excess heat and steam, leaving the kitchen feeling comfortable while preparing food or entertaining. Don’t worry that it will interfere with the beautiful design of the room. Amore Design Factory offers stylish range hoods that blend in wonderfully with your existing countertops and cabinets. Rather than drawing attention, they enhance the look of all the one-of-a-kind items you have carefully selected for your new kitchen project.

Reduced Odors

As we mentioned already, a quality range hood will remove odors while you are cooking, but they also rid your home of those lingering odors that hang on long after your dinner was finished. The ventilation they provide eliminate scents that normally remain after clean-up. Rather than waking up the next day to a reminder of last night’s Italian feast or Friday’s fish fry, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful smell of breakfast as your family awakes.

Easy Clean-Up

Kitchens without a range hood often have a greasy film that develops over cabinets and countertops. This can ruin the appearance of your new kitchen remodel project as well as make cleaning a nightmare. A good ventilation hood can help prevent this greasy build-up and cut down on the clean-up time needed. Best of all, using the fan on your range hood can prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that can bother those with allergies or asthma. You will be able to rest assured that your kitchen is as healthy and clean as it is attractive.

A Good Investment

An updated kitchen is one of the best ways to invest in your home. Beautiful kitchens with modern appliances add to the resale value of any house. Choosing the right range hood will further add to this value as well as make the kitchen comfortable and convenient for your family while you are living there. Consider made to order range hoods from retailers like Range Craft to upgrade your home’s kitchen. You will be able to pick from finishes like copper, brass, and stainless steel as well as a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure that it is a piece that will blend in perfectly with your décor.

Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about how the right kitchen range hood can enhance and elevate your kitchen. Together, you can find the perfect size, style, and finish to compliment your space. Whether you are looking for a bold statement piece or simply an elegant and functional item that will blend in beautifully, you are sure to find one that suits your individual needs.

Living Room Design Trends

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Before you start your NJ home remodeling project, consider some of the latest living room design trends. These new textures and colors will bring new life to any space while helping you create a beautiful space the entire family will enjoy.
trendy furniture

Trendy Living Room Furniture

The latest trends in furniture range from modern contemporary lines to cozy velvet seating, but all of these styles draw from a nostalgic look and feel. HGTV designers describe this new direction in furnishings as a way from people to pull back from technology and create family friendly spaces within their homes.

For an edgy artisan style, you can mix raw woods with cement accents. Sofas, chairs, and tables with Lucite legs are softened with benches covered in sheepskin. By bringing back this mid-century design style, you can create a very trendy area that is both comfortable and functional.

Designers are also excited about color, especially blue which mixes well with neutral shades. Don’t worry. Not all modern trends focus on the cool color tones. If you love deep, rich colors, use velvet covered chairs in warm rust and wines to add that richness you are looking for.

If you truly want a modern appearance to your living room, place a gaming table in front of a large window, sliding door, or in an empty corner. The look will instantly take you back to a time when games wear enjoyed with friends and family. Use your table as a conversation area when entertaining.

The Latest in Living Room Flooring

Stone and hardwood floors are among the most popular choices in living room designs these days. Homeowners are searching for a more natural look that synthetics simply cannot provide. Patterns make these flooring options pop. Wide planks are very much on trend as well as mixed widths. Don’t rule out Chevron and Herringbone designs. These, along with diagonal placement, can make the floors a major focal point.

Texture and color are vital to the overall look. Distressed surfaces such as wire brushed or hand scraped wood floors are certainly on trend. You’ll find that many of the leaders in living room design such as House Beautiful are combing these surfaces with light colors. Whites, blondes, honeys, and grays are replacing the dark flooring of the past.

Carpet and laminate floors are still among the most popular floor coverings. Consider these for high traffic areas or homes with pets and children. They are easy to care for, and modern versions are taking advantage of today’s technology which allows them to reproduce the look of the more expensive flooring options.

Living Room Color Trends

Elle Décor describes the latest color trends for living rooms as the new minimalist color palette. New shades include metallic, fiery reds, and bold violets. When these bright hues are incorporated properly, you will have a pop of color that adds elegance without over powering the space.

Consider the softer Caviar Black for accent pieces. It pairs well with the neutral grays, but won’t create a stark contrast with the other furniture. Go in a totally different direction with statement turquoise. Use this color on the walls to create a bold statement.

The gold hues and rustic tones dominated the world of design for many years. If you are like many homeowners, you are now ready for something new and bright. Sunny shades of yellow will lift the spirits of all who enter your living room. Yellow is a very organic color that gives you a natural feel.

If you aren’t looking for such dramatic styles, turn to the modern and sophisticated blush tones for the walls. These dusty rose hues have a classic look that creates the perfect backdrop for richer earth tones. Avoid a washed out appearance by bringing in a small pop of vibrant red among the accents.

Updated Décor For Your Living Room

The latest trends in living room décor include much more than bold colors and organic backgrounds. Velvet is becoming a popular addition to family rooms across the country. Whether you bring it into your space with a new sofa or a set of throw pillows, the texture will add dimension to the space.

Small spaces are trending which means compact décor is very much in demand. This is great news if you are living in an apartment or smaller home. Manufacturers are designing pieces that create a fluid space by focusing on multi-functioning items. Simply designed storage units and sectionals look modern, and they can evolve with your family’s needs over time.

This trend of organic decorating has allowed plants to make a big comeback. Whether you bring the look of nature into your living room with prints or actual greenery, it will bring life and warmth to the space. Larger potted plants and hanging baskets give you a summertime feel while smaller succulents can be the perfect finishing touch to any design.

All of these décor ideas can be incorporated into any style. Add these small touches to a contemporary space in moderation or use a country inspiration for rustic settings.

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Lili Cement Tiles For Your Kitchen And Bath Designs

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Handmade cement tiles are quickly becoming a popular trend in home decorating. Their bright colors and unique patterns are perfect for creating a beautiful focal point in any kitchen or bathroom design. They are most commonly found being used as flooring or backsplashes, but they are slowly working their way into other areas of the home.

cement tile patterns

The Benefits of Cement Tile

It is easy to see why cement tiles are being used in so many NJ home remodeling projects. These tiles combine beauty and function in one durable, long-lasting piece. In fact, a floor created from cement tiles will last longer than comparable hardwoods and ceramic tiles. They also allow you to customize them with your own ideas by changing the layout, colors, or shapes being used.

The Twinkle line from Lili helps you create the look of carpeting while enjoying all the benefits of tile. You can also achieve a traditional look by using their Paris collection or you can go for a bright, bold look with the Crest or Lorraine tiles.

Cement tiles can even help you balance a room perfectly. If you have decorated with neutral tones, a colorful tile like Cle’s Big Spin or Half Moon patterns provide just the right pop of color with a touch of a retro feel.

How Cement Tile is Made

Cement tiles look similar to ceramic versions, but they have definite differences due to the process used to make them. Ceramics are fired in a kiln where as cement tiles go through a multi-step process.

A mixture of cement, sand, and color pigment along with marble powder is poured into metal molds. These molds will give each tile its distinct shape. A dry concrete mixture is then poured over it to form the backing. The layered mixture is compressed under 2,000 pounds of pressure.

The result is a high thermal piece with excellent insulation qualities. Homeowners often experience a savings in their monthly utility bills as well as notice a difference in their level of comfort after installing cement tile s.

Unique Ways to Use Cement Tiles

While these tiles are on trend in kitchens and bathrooms as flooring and back splashes, they are making their way into several other areas of the house. Their strength and durability make them ideal for laundry rooms, and the beautiful patterns add to any living room, dining room, or foyer decor.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when using cement tiles. The latest kitchen remodeling NJ homeowners are having done include cement tiles on the top of the island as well as underneath it. This makes the kitchen island the focal point of the entire room.

Try arranging these tiles around the face of your fireplace for a unique look. They can instantly create a modern feel as easily as they can provide a vintage look. It simply depends on the patterns you select. Continue the tile up from the mantle all the way to the ceiling. This can replace the traditional painting or mirror as the room’s main artwork.

You will even see cement tile s being placed on the ceiling. This can be just what a plainer room done in neutral colors may need. On the other hand, solid colored, hex shaped tiles will help tone done a bright, colorful space. Some decorators are leaving it off the ceiling, but they are using it in place of traditional crown molding. Cement tiles won’t need to be painted, and they can become an attractive border that draws the eye upwards.

cement tile backsplash design

Cleaning Your Cement Tiles

These tiles are fairly easy to take care of. When used as a backsplash, they simply need to be wiped clean with an all-purpose cleaner. Flooring should be swept daily, and you will want to mop regularly with water and a neutral cleaning solution. If you find that you have stains, use an all-purpose cleaner on the area. Harder to remove stains may require the use of oxalic acid. Rub oxalic acid crystals in small circles with a pad until the stain is gone. Be sure to rinse well afterwards with water and dry the surface completely.

Don’t allow liquids to set on the tiles for an extended length of time. Wipe up any spills immediately. As long as you are properly taking car of your cement tiles, they will last you for many years to come. They will be a beautiful and functional addition to your home that you will enjoy and love.

NJ Home Remodeling With Big Style For Small Spaces

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If you are like most people, you don’t think that big style can be accomplished in a small NJ Home Remodeling Project. When one hears someone talk about a stylish kitchen or bathroom, they automatically envision a large, expansive area. In reality, you will have an easier time creating a stylish space in a smaller home.

Small spaces are simply an opportunity to splurge on high-end finishes since the amount of materials needed is much less than with a large room. For example, hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can cost a fortune in a large great room. Use hard wood flooring in a small kitchen, and you have a designer look without the hefty price tag.


Bathroom remodeling NJ


A Small Bathroom Remodel

The more floor space you can see, the larger a room will look. To keep your small bathroom from looking cramped and cluttered, open up the floors. Switch your traditional tub out for a vintage style claw foot one instead, and trade your vanity for a pedestal sink. Allowing your bathroom remodeling contractor to make these simple changes will give the illusion of a larger room instantly.

There are other ways to give your small bathroom the appearance of having more space too. Use mirrors as a surround for the tub, and if all you have is a shower, install a clear glass door. Both of these ideas allow the eye to travel further which tricks the mind into thinking the area is bigger than it actually is.

Make the most of your vertical space, especially when looking for additional storage. Open shelving that goes from the floor to the ceiling provides plenty of room to store towels and bath essentials in decorative baskets. Limit the wall decor. Instead of many separate framed prints, cover one entire wall with tiles arranged in a stylish pattern.

Corner Stove Kitchen

A Tiny Kitchen Renovation

Professional NJ Home Remodeling Experts can recreate your small kitchen in a way that features well thought out design elements that make this space feel much larger. For example, opening up one wall into the adjacent room will give you more work-space while giving the impression of a much larger kitchen. Replace the wall with a counter. Add seating on the opposite side so friends and family can join you without being underfoot.

Allowing as much natural light as possible to enter a tiny kitchen adds an open and airy feeling to the room. Minimize window treatments. Instead, paint the trim in an accent color to frame the glass. A skylight will also bring the sunshine indoors while giving you the illusion of being in a wide open area.

Just like in a small bathroom, decorative pieces will make the space look cluttered. Find ways to add a personal touch without bringing in artwork or tabletop decor. A stylish tile backsplash replaces wall art while being functional. Switch out old drawer pulls and handles for something new and modern.

Wine Cellar Construction in Saddle River, New Jersey

A Compact Custom Wine Cellar

Don’t think that the ability to have a special place to store your favorite wines is a luxury reserved for those in large houses. Even the smallest homes have an empty corner that could be utilized for just such a feature. Even an unused portion of the basement will suffice.

Be creative when it comes to wine storage. The simple addition of floor to ceiling shelving on two walls that meet in a corner can become the perfect place to rest bottles. Arrange two chairs in front of the shelving with a small table between them, and you will have a cozy spot to entertain.

Some homeowners are willing to think outside of the box. Adding a small refrigerator, wine racks, and shelves to hold glasses inside of a closet allows you the ideal place to mix drinks. When you are not serving beverages to friends, the entire wine stock is out of sight. The best part is that it doesn’t take up any of your precious space within your small home.

Custom Home Bars

The Fitted Custom Home Bar

If you are looking for something more casual for your NJ Home Remodeling Project, you can create a custom home bar in your family room, dining room, or rec room. There are many stylish bar designs available that provide a small counter with bar stools that fit underneath. On the back side, you will have a shelf where you can mix drinks along with plenty of drawers and cupboard space for storage.

Homeowners with small children in the house like to make this spot a family friendly area by incorporating wine racks overhead where the kids can’t reach. Small refrigerators can be placed under the back side of the bar for water and sodas that can be used in mixed drinks but are still safe for children.

To best utilize your limited amount of space, turn the bar at an angle across an unused corner. This leaves the illusion of a larger room, and allows the bar to actually become a focal point, much like a fireplace would. Mirrors hung on the wall behind the bar open up the space further.

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