5 Easy Home Projects To Increase Your Home’s Value

Home Remodeling

According to a National Home Improvement Survey conducted by HomeGain, there are many actions one can take on their own to increase the value of your home. In fact, the survey showed that affordable (and easy) DIY home projects such as simple de-cluttering and deep cleaning, adding fresh paint, wallpapering and enhancing storage space not only increases your chance of selling your home quickly but also gives you leverage to ask for–and get–the price you want.

Top 5 Easy Home Projects

1. Brighten your home by installing new light fixtures, skylights, or replacing old windows with energy-efficient, easy-to-open windows. Potential property buyers aren’t looking for a dungeon-like home lit by one lightbulb hanging naked in the hallway. They want illumination, sunlight and the appearance of a spacious, healthy living area.

2. Forbes Magazine states that “buyers want storage”. This means sellers will increase the desirability of their home by adding storage space in all rooms, especially bedrooms and bathrooms. The addition of shelving units in closets, in room corners or kitchen areas are great DIY projects that will convince buyers your home has plenty of storage space.

3. Embellish a boring kitchen with a new, decorative backsplash. Inexpensive backsplash materials include ceiling tiles, wallpaper, wooden beadboard or elegant stainless steel.

4. Accessorizing kitchen cabinets by exchanging old hardware for more aesthetic knobs and hinges will make your kitchen appear as if it had been completely renovated. Cabinet hardware comes in pewter, brass, bronze, chrome, ceramic and a variety of polished woods.

5. Are you interior doors mismatched or just plain boring? Upgrade worn-out bedroom, bathroom and entrance doors with noise-dampening doors referred to as “solid-core”. Not only will they suppress house and street noises but they come in a variety of woods and designs to stylize and improve the value of your home.

While these are actions that can be taken by most homeowners, more substantial improvements and changes require professional help. If you are looking for NJ home remodeling, give us a call today at 973-636-0100.