When to Consider a Home Addition

Home Remodeling

Considering a Home Addition for Needed Space

If you’re suddenly feeling like the walls of your house are closing in, it may be time to consider a home addition. Additions allow you to create the home of your dreams without the hassle of selling your home and moving. As one of the top NJ home remodeling firms who have successfully completed numerous home additions over the years, we’ve seen plenty of scenarios where adding extra space was an extraordinary decision.

Working from Home

The work from home trend is exploding, with CNN Money reporting a 41 percent increase over a recent 10-year period. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics adds another notable stat to the mix, reporting that 24 percent of the American workforce telecommutes, or performs work tasks at home on a regular basis. A new office or private business space might be nice for all that working at home as it allows for the separate space from daily life and may help you keep a regulated environment to better focus.

Expanding Families

Nearly 4 million babies were born in 2012, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with preliminary numbers for 2013 adding another 4 million to households across America. A home addition can serve as the perfect solution to a growing family looking for more space. Add a brand new nursery, or perhaps a brand new room for an older child that is willing to give up his or her old bedroom for the expected baby. Plus, teenagers are notorious for craving their space, and a home addition can be a way to give it to them.

You may also find yourself needing a large living or kitchen area due to an expanding family. Add a two-story addition and incorporate both a living space and bedroom, or possibly a new bathroom.

Marriage and Retirement

Marriages and retirement are two more reasons to consider a home addition. The CDC reports that 2.1 million marriages took place in 2013, and if any of those couples are moving into one or the other’s existing homes, they may find space a bit cramped. This is especially true if they plan to have children or if there are already children involved.

The same can hold true for a retired couple that are suddenly spending much more time at home after years in the workforce. Home additions bring new life to the place, not to mention what they can do for some elbow room.

Desired Rooms

Maybe you always wanted a formal dining room or a bar to entertain guests, you just never had the space. You love your home and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, so why not just add on that room you want so bad? Home additions can help your home grow with you and your family over the years.

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