Three Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Renovation Project

Home Remodeling

Are you dreaming of doing something exciting with your home? Perhaps you’re thinking of new kitchen cabinets in New Jersey or turning that empty room in your basement into a home office. One of the hardest parts of any home improvement project is finding the perfect idea. Luckily, the internet and social media has made this a bit easier. Discover these three ways that Pinterest can help you with your next home improvement project.

  • Broad Inspiration – Pinterest is great for coming up with the basic ideas. Spend some time browsing through pinboads and perhaps you will be inspired. Once you find one idea on Pinterest, you’re probably just a few short clicks away from finding a group of related projects.
  • Color Considerations – Many people use Pinterest as a place to showcase color combinations. Look up paint samples or color wheels on the website and you’ll likely come up with board after board of great color ideas of all types.
  • Getting Input – Social media websites are a great way to get input from friends and family. Pin your bright ideas and then ask for input—most of the time people are more than willing to chime in and help!

As you can see, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration (pinsteration?) for your next home improvement project. However, just because you find the idea online does not mean it is simple to complete the project by yourself. That is why we at Trade Mark Design & Build are here to help. Our NJ home remodeling experts can help make every project go smoothly—and take the pressure off you!