Schrock Cabinetry: 50 Years of Excellence

Kitchen Cabinets

Schrock Cabinetry was the brainchild of two brothers from the Midwest—Illinois to be precise. Their vision was to emulate the elegance, durability, and craftsmanship of the Amish furniture makers they shared their community with. Clearly, their plan came to fruition. The kitchen cabinets that were created surpassed the competition at the time as Schrock continued to innovate and develop new styles and functions.

Today, Schrock has continued to excel in innovation by clashing the sheer brilliance of Amish craftsmanship with the modern conveniences we all enjoy—such as the inclusion of charging stations (pictured above).  In addition, Schrock has made it a priority to re-establish order in the increasingly gadget-filled kitchens. Take a look at a few of the organization updates below and think about how much your kitchen could use an update!