Home Remodeling FAQs

Simply give us a call and a member of our design team will begin working with you on your project.
No, the first visit and design are complimentary.
An onsite survey of the space is recommended for all remodeling projects. New construction projects will take place in our showroom.
The initial design and budget are usually completed within a week.
Yes, we can provide you with some budgetary numbers based on previous projects that are similar to yours.
Yes, please visit the "Our Services" page of our web site for a complete look at the Design & Build process. Any additional questions can be answered by calling or e-mailing our office.
Our most common projects include; kitchens, baths, home theaters, wine rooms, home bars & libraries along with any renovation, remodel or addition that may be necessary to complete the space.
Trade Mark works directly with various Architects and Engineers that will assist in the planning process.
Trade Mark will apply and obtain all necessary permits for your project.
After the design process is complete a project coordinator will be appointed to your project.
Yes, your project designer and coordinator will assist you with all your product selections.
Our most common projects are typically completed between 5-8 weeks from the date construction begins.
Yes, we have well established relationships with lenders who are ready to assist you with your financing needs.
Yes, all of our products come with a manufacturer's warranty.
We have over 20 years of industry experience.
We are located at 1114 Goffle Road, Suite 201 Hawthorne, NJ 07506
Yes, it is recommended if you would like to discuss your project with a designer. Our general office hours are from 9-5 M-F and by appointment.

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