Home Remodeling FAQs

[zt_accordion title=”1. What is the first step?”]Simply give us a call and a member of our design team will begin working with you on your project.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”2. Do you charge a fee for the first visit or design?”]No, the first visit and design are complimentary.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”3. Where does the appointment take place?”]An onsite survey of the space is recommended for all remodeling projects. New construction projects will take place in our showroom.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”4. How long does it take to get the first design back?”]The initial design and budget are usually completed within a week.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”5. Can a general price range be given prior to a design? “]Yes, we can provide you with some budgetary numbers based on previous projects that are similar to yours.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”6. This is our first remodeling project; can you help us with the process?”]Yes, please visit the “Our Services” page of our web site for a complete look at the Design & Build process. Any additional questions can be answered by calling or e-mailing our office.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”7. What type of projects does your company normally handle?”]Our most common projects include; kitchens, baths, home theaters, wine rooms, home bars & libraries along with any renovation, remodel or addition that may be necessary to complete the space.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”8. What if our project requires an Architect or Engineer?”]Trade Mark works directly with various Architects and Engineers that will assist in the planning process.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”9. Who is responsible for obtaining permits?”]Trade Mark will apply and obtain all necessary permits for your project.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”10. Who will run the project?”]After the design process is complete a project coordinator will be appointed to your project.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”11. Will someone be able to assist me with all the product selections?”]Yes, your project designer and coordinator will assist you with all your product selections.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”12. How long will my project take?”]Our most common projects are typically completed between 5-8 weeks from the date construction begins.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”13. Do you offer financing?”]Yes, we have well established relationships with lenders who are ready to assist you with your financing needs.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”14. Do your products come with a warranty?”]Yes, all of our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”15. How many years of experience do you have in the industry?”]We have over 20 years of industry experience.[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”16. Where are you located?”]We are located at 1114 Goffle Road, Suite 201 Hawthorne, NJ 07506[/zt_accordion]
[zt_accordion title=”17. Do I need an appointment?”]Yes, it is recommended if you would like to discuss your project with a designer. Our general office hours are from 9-5 M-F and by appointment.[/zt_accordion]

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