4 Easy Outdoor Living Spaces

Home Remodeling

With the current stay at home order and restricted travel in place, we are all spending much more time at home. You can make this period an enjoyable experience for the entire family by creating an outdoor space that is fun and exciting. If you can’t get away, bring some pleasure to your home instead by finally completing that outdoor NJ home remodeling project you have been dreaming about. The following are four suggestions to help get you started.

fire place and patio

An Outdoor Fireplace & Patio

An outdoor fireplace is an excellent place to relax at the end of a long day. It can also be a great setting for making memories with the kids. Either way, it is an addition that can help make this time spent at home fun and enjoyable. When it comes to having a fireplace added to your property, your options range from a simple fire pit to a grand, traditional fireplace that rivals those found indoors. They can be wood burning or powered by natural gas, propane, or electric.

The first thing you need to do is discuss with your contractor where to put your outdoor fireplace. Keep in mind that a fire pit can be enjoyed from all sides. You need plenty of room surrounding it for seating. A traditional style of fireplace is only viewed from the front. This allows you to place it against a wall or fence or put it across a corner of the property.

When preparing an area for a fire pit, you can use a variety of materials to create a comfortable space. For a rustic feel, use a gravel base, but you can go as formal as a patio complete with accent walls used as a perimeter. Four cement benches placed in a square formation allows for a casual atmosphere that is easily maintained while Adirondack chairs provide comfort for all ages.

When it comes to an actual fireplace, be creative. It can be in a covered area where it anchors outdoor chairs and sofas to mimic a living room setting, or you can have it as a focal point on an open patio. Decorate these spaces in the same manner as any deck or patio area. Have plenty of seating for everyone and use pillows and cushions for comfort. Plants and flowers will help to make your new fireplace fit into the rest of your landscaping.

teak outdoor kitchen

An Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is an area outside where you can cook and prepare meals for you and your family. If you love to grill out, but hate having to constantly run inside and back out with supplies, an outdoor kitchen will simplify the entire process. Best of all, it makes clean-up quick and easy.

Outdoor kitchens are similar to an indoor kitchen with plenty of counter space, a sink, a refrigerator, cabinets for food and equipment storage, and some type of heating element. This could be an actual outdoor stove or cooktop as well as a grill or even a pizza oven. When designing your outdoor kitchen, be sure to include everything you need to create your favorite dishes for family and friends.

A truly amazing outdoor kitchen will include a seating area in addition to the workspace. When choosing the seating for your kitchen, consider how the space will function. Will you be eating here too? Do you want to visit with people while you cook? Will there be more than one person preparing food? Choose a table and chairs to create a dining area next to the kitchen, or include bar seating on the opposite side of the workspace countertop where others can sit and enjoy your company while you work.

Don’t forget to add in the little extras that will make this space special. Use outdoor pillows and cushions to make seating more comfortable. Choose cabinetry, appliances, and countertops that are functional and beautiful. You want this space to mimic an indoor room where all elements coordinate perfectly. You can even have some fun picking out dinnerware that will add color and personality to your meals.

While we have discussed the fun of an outdoor kitchen, these spaces do provide you with many benefits. Cooking inside during the warm summer months can heat the entire house up. This puts a strain on the air conditioning system, making it hard to keep your indoor temperature cool and comfortable. Odors tend to linger inside as well. Keep your home fresh and cool by taking advantage of an outdoor kitchen for daily meals.

raised planter beds

Decorative Raised Gardening Beds

Gardening is a wonderful activity that will get you outside and moving. Best of all, it is an activity all members of the family can participate in. Creating a garden, caring for it, and watching it produce can be quite rewarding. Whether you choose to plant fruits and vegetables or design a lovely flower bed, you will enjoy the time and effort you put into it as much as the results.

A great way to get started is by talking to your home remodeling experts about adding elements such as raised boxes, special features, and decorative items. Raised boxes can be constructed flat on the ground or up on legs. Using a combination of the two adds interest to the space while keeping plants neat and organized. Set your imagination free, and ask about boxes that are designed to look like specific shapes or patterns.

Consider adding a water feature as a centerpiece to a garden. Fountains are lovely additions to any garden area. Use the size of your garden to determine how large the water feature should be. Small spaces are elevated with a simple tabletop display while large settings can handle full-blown fountains with their own pond.

Another great way to enjoy your garden is by creating a small seating area amidst the flowers and plants. An understated bench can be an elegant touch in any size plot. If you have the room, you could add something larger such as a pergola. These open structures are simply vertical posts or pillars used to hold up the beams that make a roof. Lattice is sometimes added to allow vines and trailing plants to creep over the top and form a natural covering.

trex deck

A Deck Addition

Decks are wonderful additions to any home. They provide a place to gather with your family as well as an ideal place to relax during a beautiful summer afternoon. During this stay at home order, a deck can be a much-needed retreat where you can go to soak up some sunshine and take a relaxing break.

Your deck can be a simple patio style design or a complex, multi-level area compete with a hot tub. Think about the size of your home and property along with your needs when trying to decide what style of deck to have built.

There are many types of materials to choose from as well. Composite lumber, hardwood imports, and plastic decking can all create unique decks that are durable and functional. Redwood and cedar provide a rich, beautiful color that looks amazing in many settings. Tropical hardwoods like Philippine mahogany, cumaru, and red tauari are exotic options that offer a wonderfully natural look while today’s modern plastic decking gives you a low maintenance, attractive choice. These materials won’t warp, split, or splinter. Your contractor can make recommendations for your individual needs.

As with any outdoor living space, the details will make it a warm and inviting place to unwind. Use potted plants to add warmth. Choose plants that coordinate with existing landscaping around the home. You can also have that landscaping extended in order to make the new deck blend in. Choose seating and tables that suit the way you intend to use your new outdoor living space, and don’t forget to create a children’s area for the little ones.

These outdoor living spaces will provide you with a place where you and your family can enjoy yourselves during this difficult time. There are no worries about Coronavirus exposure as the construction crew will practice social distancing, and once the remodel is complete, you will have the perfect pace to gather together within the safety of your own lawn or garden. Once this pandemic is over, you will have a home addition that will add value to the property while bringing you pleasure.

Home improvement companies, as well as material suppliers, are essential businesses in the state of New Jersey. That means they are there for you so that you can complete your outdoor project now.