Mudroom Design in New Jersey

Home Remodeling

This transitional mudroom was designed to bring out the warmth of the entire space. Custom cabinetry with a 4 crown treatment featuring a beaded inset Prescott door from Decora Cabinetry in a white painted finish was used. The finish on the wood perfectly receives the sunlight for an energetic feel while also remaining cozy on a rainy day.

The mudroom serves as a multi-purpose location for the family to drop items as they come in from the outdoors. Inset cabinets create sleek lines that produce a modern look and feel. The freedom of designing with custom cabinets is that this idea can be adapted to many spaces and varying requirements. The unit features large drawers on the bottom for shoes, outdoor sporting items, pool towels, or whatever serves you best. Coat hangers can be utilized for coats as well as hats, scarves or leashes for walking pets.

The uppermost part of the unit features small cabinets for holding items that are used less frequently, such as seasonal goods. Under this are cubby holes for umbrellas, gloves, sunglasses and other small items. Check your cell phone at the door with a built in charging dock in the center of the unit. A wood floor laid in a herringbone pattern was used. This transitional mudroom is only an example of what we can do for your own mudroom. Call us to let us know what you would like for your next New Jersey home renovation.