Popular Remodeling Design Colors this Spring

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Neutral colors serve to create an airy, spacious feel.
Neutral colors serve to create an airy, spacious feel.

Hot spring colors inspiring New Jersey kitchen remodeling projects involve neutral, harmonious hues that not only influence mood but also unify and enlarge your kitchen while establishing a warm, cozy ambiance that makes your kitchen the only place in the world you want to be. Soft brown, oyster white or buttery yellow are just a few of the extraordinary hues that work to visually enhance a kitchen. Directional lighting fixtures also enhance color continuity by illuminating corners and unlit recesses previously overlooked in small to medium-sized kitchens.

When planning any type of home renovation, NJ residents depend on Trade Mark Design & Build to provide them with creative inspiration, practical ideas and the latest news about kitchen remodeling trends influencing New Jersey home remodeling schemes. For example, Bergen County residents are amazed at the space their kitchens secretly harbored following a professional renovation that includes kitchen cabinets equipped with artificial double cabinet doors and concealed drawers you can pull out for storage and access to cookware. These cabinets represent a more efficient method of keeping pots and pans than the old way of shoving them into cabinet recesses where they usually get damaged or forgotten.

In addition to kitchen remodeling Bergen County NJ residents are opting for house additions to accommodate their lack of home space while beautifying their properties by integrating the newest home remodeling colors, materials and layouts. Adding an extra bathroom is one of the most requested home renovation projects among NJ homeowners. Current trends in bathroom renovations involve the use of cool, lighter hues such as blue or violet that reflect light and gives the illusion of a small space appearing airier and more spacious. Alternately, color schemes composed of contrasting hues tend to divide a whole space into smaller spaces, which works well in larger living spaces.




Redecorating? Don’t Shy Away From Color and Patterns

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Adding chevron print curtains can add a pop of fun to a more subtle design. Picture: Decorpad
Adding chevron print curtains can add a pop of fun to a more subtle design.
Picture: Decorpad

Whether your NJ home remodeling project is all done or you’re still in the planning stages, at some point, you’re going to want to think about how to manage your interior design dreams together your new house addition and budget. When it comes to fabrics, the key to a designed look is to strike just the right balance between color and pattern. Here are five simple tips to get you started when working on the interior design for your house addition:

Chevron prints are all the rage this season. Add a colored rug to brighten up your living room.
Chevron prints are all the rage this season. Add a colored rug to brighten up your living room.
  • Start with a foundation color or two that you really like (if using two, just make sure they complement each other and don’t clash).
  • Now look for three patterns that use your color, either as a primary color or in some small detail. This is the factor that will bind all your patterns together. Don’t choose three of the same type of pattern; mix them up – for instance, look for a plaid, a stripe and a floral rather than trying to use three florals. This creates depth and also keeps the room from looking cluttered.
  • Look for patterns of different sizes – for instance, a large floral, a medium stripe and a small plaid.
  • Match the scale of the pattern to the scale of the room: small room, small patterns; large room, large patterns. Medium patterns work well in any size room.
  • Likewise, match the scale of the pattern to the scale of the furniture: larger patterns work best on sofas and love seats while small patterns are better suited for chairs or ottomans.
  • Patterns still making you nervous? Choose neutral fabrics for larger pieces and add color and pattern on smaller pieces like an ottoman or side chair, or with accessories like colorful pillows or throws that can easily be changed as your tastes evolve.

As a leading New Jersey home remodeling company, Trade Mark Design & Build can help you get the look you want for your home sweet home. Contact us today at 973-636-0100 for your free estimate.



Open Floor Layouts Prove Popular for New Jersey Homeowners

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kitchen w island

One thing we have noticed over the years working on NJ home remodeling is the move away from closed layouts to more open floor plans. These have become one of the most popular and sought-after design options available today, and it’s no wonder: these plans are designed to help families stay in touch. Open plans typically limit the number of interior walls to create a cozy nest-like interior that’s ideal for promoting family togetherness – often a rare commodity in today’s “plugged in” society where digital devices can limit a family’s social interaction.

But creating a sharing, nurturing environment isn’t all an open floor plan can do. They also create better flow – both for foot traffic and for conversation – avoiding the feeling of isolation that comes when each room is like its own desert island.

Most open plans involve the kitchen, and the reason for that is simple: As the heart of any home, the kitchen tends to attract the most activity. Plans that join a kitchen space with a dining and family room area keep the cook from feeling they’ve been banished to a land of pots and pans by letting them join in the family fun, whether that means talking or watching a movie together. Combine that open kitchen design with an island or breakfast bar and you offer a convenient – and visible – place for kids to do homework and work on school projects.

Open-plan layouts can also work to open up a space and create a feeling of a larger, more spacious room. This is great for homeowners working with limited space as well. Because open-floor plans limit interior obstructions, they’re also a popular choice for empty-nesters and elderley people as it makes moving around and getting from one area of the house with walkers and wheelchairs if need be a lot easier.

With today’s modern materials, open floor plans are easy to create, even in existing homes. All it takes is careful planning and a skilled and experienced NJ kitchen remodeling contractor to make your home dreams a reality.

At Trade Mark Design & Build, we work with our clients to ensure every New Jersey home remodeling project we complete is tailored to the homeowner’s unique needs. Interested in learning how we can help your home look and feel more spacious and open? Contact us today at 973-636-0100 or fill out our online form and request your free estimate.


Wood floors top the list for homeowners and home buyers

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This Trade Mark kitchen remodeling project features light wooden flooring.
This Trade Mark kitchen remodeling project features light wooden flooring.

When it comes to choosing a flooring material for your home, one thing is clear: No other flooring material has the same classic appeal and warmth of natural wood. Unlike other types of flooring that can be “dated” to a specific time or style, wood floors work well with any style of home, from Victorian and French country to Arts and Crafts and contemporary.

That’s one reason why it remains a top choice for New Jersey home remodeling clients. It’s also a feature that’s highly prized by home buyers, who know a wood floor won’t “lock” them into a specific color or style like carpeting can.

Wood floors are also versatile, allowing you to easily highlight specific areas of a room, define a conversation grouping or change a room’s entire style, simply by adding a throw rug or two. That also makes them an ideal choice for homes with open floor plans, where a uniform floor material like wood can help every area of the space work in harmony.

Finally, while carpets begin to look worn and old after only a few years of regular use, wood floors develop a patina as they age. Most of today’s finishes are designed to withstand years of regular use, and when a floor does become worn, it has the added advantage of being fully restorable.

Of course, wood isn’t the best choice for all rooms. Puddles and high humidity can cause wood to warp, so for bathrooms and other rooms with high levels of humidity, materials like vinyl or ceramic tile are better choices.

At Trade Mark Design & Build, we work with our NJ home remodeling clients to create solutions for every area of the home. From installing a few cabinets to complete house additions, we can help you get the home you want at a price that suits your budget. Contact us today at 973-636-0100 or fill out our online form and request your free estimate.