Three Tips to Protect Yourself During a Home Improvement Project

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Home Remodel Planning Checklist

Maybe you have decided it is time to renovate your outdated home, add some additional space or perhaps you’re looking into New Jersey kitchen remodeling. No matter what project you have in mind, it is important that you take precautions before you begin—so you can avoid hassles later down the road. Before you start any type of home improvement project, keep the following in mind:

  • Research Building Codes – Building codes can vary wildly even from one city to the next. You may be able to find building codes online, but these can be a complex tangle of jargon for those unfamiliar. Consulting an expert who is familiar with your area and has a highly regarded reputation is probably your best bet. Remodeling without the necessary building permits is obviously not recommended and can be very costly at a later stage.
  • Plan for the Future – Before you begin a renovation or remodel project, think about what you may want to do in the future. For instance, it may not make sense to install new cabinetry now if you plan to rewire the kitchen in just a couple of years. Consult with an expert as to what is the best way to go about the home improvements.
  • Don’t Overextend Yourself – Everyone likes to complete a do-it-yourself project. However, some things are simply too much to take on alone. You may find it is actually more affordable to hire a professional than it is to fix all the issues you cause by taking on a project you are not qualified to complete.

It is important that you take proper precautions before you start a project. Research your job ahead of time and make certain you leave no stone unturned. If you have further questions, feel free to contact the Trade Mark Design & Build. Our team of New Jersey home remodeling specialists is always happy to work with you and address any concerns you may have.


Home Renovations that Offer the Most Return on Investment

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Home additions or renovating the home interior can boost your property’s value significantly.

With years of experience under our belt we have met many homeowners hoping to  increase their home value should they choose to sell their home at some point. At Trade Mark Design & Build  we can consult with you, and give you a plan of action based on your particular home. Here are some options our clients often consider:

Kitchen remodeling:
Kitchen remodeling is one project that will yield a high return on your investment. kitchen remodeling in NJ will often times yield a 75 to 100 percent return on your investment when the house is sold. To get the most out of your remodel, ensure your kitchen cabinets are classically designed, fully functional and impressive enough to merit attention.

Bathroom renovation:
Most experts agree you will recoup anywhere from 75 to 100 percent of your investment on a bathroom remodel. To get you mulling over the possibilities, you may appreciate knowing that tile in various materials, industrial fixtures, bold colors and multithreaded showers are currently the rage in regards to bathrooms.

House additions:
Another project that yields a high rate of return is a home addition. Currently, expanding a home is yielding 50 to 75 percent of the investment. You can utilize the room to fulfill various needs. For example, creating a family room, home theater or even a man cave are all popular uses of newly created rooms.

When you are attempting to yield a high return on your investment for your home improvement project, it is important to remember to choose styles, colors and materials that won’t go out of style anytime soon. In other words, they should be classically beautiful. Keeping this in mind will ensure future buyers will also like your renovation when it comes time to sell your home and recoup your investment.


Three Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Renovation Project

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Pinterest baords are a great way to inspire creativity when home redesigning









Are you dreaming of doing something exciting with your home? Perhaps you’re thinking of new kitchen cabinets in New Jersey or turning that empty room in your basement into a home office. One of the hardest parts of any home improvement project is finding the perfect idea. Luckily, the internet and social media has made this a bit easier. Discover these three ways that Pinterest can help you with your next home improvement project.

  • Broad Inspiration – Pinterest is great for coming up with the basic ideas. Spend some time browsing through pinboads and perhaps you will be inspired. Once you find one idea on Pinterest, you’re probably just a few short clicks away from finding a group of related projects.
  • Color Considerations – Many people use Pinterest as a place to showcase color combinations. Look up paint samples or color wheels on the website and you’ll likely come up with board after board of great color ideas of all types.
  • Getting Input – Social media websites are a great way to get input from friends and family. Pin your bright ideas and then ask for input—most of the time people are more than willing to chime in and help!

As you can see, Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration (pinsteration?) for your next home improvement project. However, just because you find the idea online does not mean it is simple to complete the project by yourself. That is why we at Trade Mark Design & Build are here to help. Our NJ home remodeling experts can help make every project go smoothly—and take the pressure off you!


4 Tips for Designing a Spectacular Wine Room

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Wine Room Planning

If your a wine enthusiast, you’ve no doubt dreamed of building your own wine room, so you can collect good wine without having to worry about temperature fluctuations, sun and proper positioning. A wine cellar in NJ is within range of most homeowners and adds value to your home. However, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money. To do that, consider the following design tips:

1. Be realistic. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re making plans for wine rooms. After all, those pictures you see online are beautiful. However, will you really have the funds to keep a 200 or 500-bottle room fully stocked?

2. Choose a convenient location. Having a small wine room located right off of your kitchen (in a re-fitted pantry or closet) might make more sense than a large room in the basement. You’ll be more likely to use the room that’s close to the kitchen.

3. Don’t opt for too many accessories. Wine room features like a tasting island, glass racks, lead glass windows or even television sets can personalize your wine room. However, too many accessories can make your room look crowded and take away from the room’s primary function–to store wine.

4. Avoid UV lighting. Some wine sources feel that UV lighting can compromise the quality of the wine, just as sunlight can. Better to stick with incandescent lighting for your wine room.

Trade Mark Design & Build can help you turn your wine room plans into reality. Our NJ home remodeling company has years of experience in helping New Jersey homeowners create individual, spectacular interiors.