Love Your Lighting!

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Custom Kitchen Remodeling

Light makes a huge difference in the aesthetic of a room. An inventive lighting combination can increase the functionality of a room while adding character and style. Each room should have adequate lighting layers to accommodate its role. Let’s take a look at some options:


A kitchen should have a variety of lighting choices. Task lighting should be implemented under the cabinets, over the sink and all prep and cooking areas. The breakfast nook should have a lamp with a softer light, and recessed lighting may be used to illuminate the entire kitchen when there is a lot of activity.

Living and Family Rooms

This may be a high-traffic area that has multiple uses. Layered lighting is a necessity. Use recessed lighting with dimmers or track lighting to add volume when needed and table lamps for a softer feel when reading or watching television.


Each space within this area has a different lighting need. Natural light valances on either side of the vanity will give you direct light without shadows. Task lights along the cabinetry, near or in the shower and along the floor can help create a spa-like presence and avoid harsh overhead lighting, especially at night. Overhead lighting with dimmers can be used to provide a wider arc of light when needed.

Lighting is always a major consideration in a great remodeling design. Trade Mark Design & Build are the experts for New Jersey homes to help choose the right lighting for your interior décor!


Wondrous Wine Cellars

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For the wine connoisseur, having the perfect wine cellar is an integral part of the home. Today’s modern wine cellars have taken the high road, offering amenities and solutions that surpass the ordinary. Functionality is a given, but beauty is now a major consideration as wine cellars have migrated from single rooms to areas of entertaining.

What’s in a wine cellar? Modern wine cellars use design elements to create dream-worthy experiences. Pre-fabricated wine rack systems have hit the market in a major way, upping the ante on inventive interior concepts. The Vintage View is gorgeous, using natural stone and recessed spotlights to house large collections. Another system that is versatile and provides a beautiful presentation is The Reserve, which allows additions as your collection grows and displays label view, presentation view, standing view and cork views.

The modern design enthusiast will enjoy the uniqueness of the Nek Rite system, which is housed in a frameless glass enclosure with backlit LED lighting. A definitive statement piece, it provides a very sleek and stylish look which can be enhanced by stainless steel, wood or metal themes throughout the space.

These rack systems complement wine rooms that now have fireplaces, sofas and all the amenities of home, embracing a new standard of fine living. Ensuring you have the right interior design expert to bring your vision to life is important.

Trade Mark Design & Build is the premier New Jersey home remodeling firm that provides a stress-free personalized remodeling experience. Click here to view some of our previous projects in the northern New Jersey area.



Countertops for the Perfect Kitchen

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When remodeling your kitchen, it’s best to make a list and decide how your space will be used. Are you an avid cook or baker? Do you have a high volume of traffic, or is your kitchen used for a nice aesthetic? You can have a stylish kitchen while incorporating a countertop that includes durability and maintenance. Assessing your environment and its role is key.

Black granite and quartz are very popular, but functionality should take precedence over looks. Natural stone countertops such as soapstone, limestone and marble are soft materials and very high maintenance. Wood and laminate are good options, but are easily scratched. Heat can also scorch laminate very quickly.

For the avid cook or baker, engineered stone is a great option and comes in a variety of colors. These countertops are very durable and easy to maintain.

Concrete is a popular choice and comes in a variety of finishes like ground, pressed and trowel. Pigmented colors can be used to achieve the look you desire. Although a viable option, concrete can be very high maintenance. Changes in temperature may cause it to warp and wet spots left on the countertop can promote discoloration. These should be waxed every couple of months and sealed up to four times a year.

These are all great alternatives for finding a counter-top that will work for you. Trade Mark Design and Build can help you find the best option for you. Contact us today to take advantage of our free initial consultation.

Interior Design Trends for 2014

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When remodeling your home, it’s important to know the current trends before you start any project to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment. New Jersey homes are ripe with opportunity to upgrade your settings and make them magazine worthy. A few minor enhancements go a very long way. Here are some of the newest trends and interior design tips coming down the pipeline in 2014:

  • Modest design

The transition from stark modern to an integration of modern and modest is emerging. Metal, stone and woods are still popular, but in relaxing colors and raw metals with great finishes.

  • Open shelving

Kitchen design has embraced the open shelving concept in a major way, putting all your wares on display. Metal and glass shelving is very chic and forward-thinking and allows room to add art and smaller cabinetry.

  • Two-sided fireplaces

The open living concept separates rooms with only a room divider or shelving system. Two-sided fireplaces accommodate both sides, effectively utilizing the space.

  • Multigenerational features

Faucets with motion sensors, wall mounted sinks and other features assist all family members, from children to aging adult parents.

  • Hidden storage cabinetry

Window seating that doubles as storage spaces for holiday decorations, microwave cabinets, and more. This concept keeps counters and areas free of clutter while maximizing space.

Trade Mark Design & Build are the go-to experts to help you create awe-inspiring concepts, assisting in all your remodeling and design needs in the New Jersey area. View our vast and beautiful portfolio here.