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Houzz is a new and powerful component in how people find trusted design and build teams to help them through home remodeling projects. This site features projects, photos, designs, and ideas that individuals and companies can utilize in the decision-making process. For consumers, Houzz allows people to browse through different styles and projects to find companies in their area who have similar tastes. Companies like us can put up our favorite projects and even share ideas with other professionals.

Here at Trade Mark Design & Build, we’ve got our own Houzz Page that focuses on New Jersey kitchen cabinets and beyond: Take a look at our page here!

Easy Homemade Ice cream Recipe

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I don’t want to alarm anyone, but this warm weather is not going to last forever. It’s important to make the best of it while you can—for some of us, it’s finally going forward with that home remodeling project, but for others it’s just enjoying the final few weeks of summer sunshine! Whether or not you have had your kitchen remodeling completed this summer or not, you can still enjoy the tastes of summer. With the following ice cream recipe and technique, you won’t need much counter space or any high-tech equipment, so grab the family and start this great activity!


Kitchen Gadgets: Part 1

5:33 pm

kitchen remodeling bergen countyKitchen gadgets have always been a prominent feature in a home’s kitchen area, whether it’s hooking up all your devices to the Internet or a deluxe cappuccino maker. Let’s take a look at a few of the latest kitchen gadgets to complement your recent New Jersey kitchen remodeling. You can decide for yourself if they’re worth the, sometimes, outrageous price tag:

  • The Hammacher Juicer, priced at $9,900, is considered one of the best juice machines ever made—we certainly hope so for that price tag! What makes it special? The juicer expertly separates the juice from every other part of the whole fruit.
  • Continuing in the thread of extravagance, Hammacher makes a Double Espresso machine complete with an ornate copper dome and a brass eagle. Sure, it looks great and makes a killer cup-of-Joe but at $8,000 a pop, it may just be worth stopping by your local coffee shop.
  • The Margaritaville Frozen Smoothie Maker is a bit more on the affordable side of the spectrum; costing only $550, it could bring new life to your friend or family gatherings. The drink maker can be pre-programmed to create six of your favorite drink combinations and is sure to keep you cool during the hot summer months!

To find out more about these luxurious kitchen gadgets, check out this article from Forbes.

Kitchen Appliance Advancedment

5:58 pm

bergen county contractorIt’s 2013. Some of us are wondering where our auto-filling refrigerators and ultra-dehydrated Back To The Future-esque meals are. It seems that many of the kitchen upgrades taking the country by storm aren’t so much futuristic and flashy as they are modeled after large-scale commercial kitchens. Sure, there are endless models of flashy refrigerators with streaming Netflix and temperature-controlled kitchen cabinets. If you talk to any real kitchen pro, however, you’ll find that the real trend is modeling these appliances after commercial kitchens—often ignoring some of the flashier aspects of technology change.

Ranges and cook-tops are moving from the traditional four-burner style to a more expansive range, often requiring an entire kitchen remodeling project. With a multi-unit range you have the capability to go beyond the traditional kitchen style and try out griddles, steamers, and fryers, while having commercial ventilation available at all times. The overall kitchen designs are changing to incorporate dedicated task stations with flexible and smaller appliances when available. This makes the kitchen very task-oriented and easy to keep different aspects of cooking separate from others. The sink is another major difference. We’re starting to move from sleek and to industrial size with hands-free technology.

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