Stone Countertop Options

8:46 pm

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Stone is one of the most beautiful and elegant options for countertops, and judging by the popularity boom, individuals undergoing kitchen remodeling in Bergen County NJ are on the same page as the rest of the country. Well, what are the advantages and disadvantages compared to wood and metal options?

Stone options are much more durable and are able to withstand the pressures of a hectic kitchen atmosphere. As we mentioned before, they have unique styles not found in wood and metal. One issue, however, is that they require a bit more maintenance down the line because of the naturally occurring pores found in rocks and minerals—given the inherent moist environment, this makes perfect sense. Here is a quick look at a few popular stone options:

  • Granite: Granite is one of the most popular countertop choices and is easily one of the more durable and longer-lasting of choices. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinets in New Jersey, you’ll find a plethora of granite options that match any cabinet style.
  • Marble: The only downside to marble is that it is considered slightly less durable than granite, but it does get style points. Marble works in any type of kitchen, from modern to classic.
  • Quartz: The final stone option to review costs much less than the rest. However, the style is much more uniform and looks a bit less unique. The durability, however, is still top notch!

Home Automation: The Future Is Here

8:21 pm

home renovation njWe all remember the days when the talk of the town was Bill Gates’ amazingly technical home automation system. Rumors about the different characteristics were everywhere, from changing the temperature upon entry to having personalized lighting options for each member of the household. Well, we can’t promise you a recreation of the billionaire tech-giant’s home, but your NJ home remodeling experts can, and proudly do, offer you home-based technologies to help simplify your lives!

Our go-to interface is made by Crestron, and it makes home automation much more practical than the past, integrating your whole house to one major hub. Naturally, the best time to integrate your home with this automatic software is during a house addition or general remodel; we can, however, install this at any time! Take advantage of technology and check out some of the things you can do with home automation:

  • Lighting Control: Automated lights by time of day? We’ll take it!
  • Climate Control: Advanced climate control systems allow for personalized settings for time of day and outside temperature readings.
  • Security and Surveillance: Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe. With this monitoring system, it has become easier than ever!
  • Digital Media: Want your music to follow you room to room? No problem!

These characteristics are only a small portion of the possibilities that come with home automation. Contact us today to learn more about home personalization!

Cooking Tips from the Kitchen Experts

8:08 pm

kitchen cabinets NJOK, we’re most known for our New Jersey kitchen remodeling, but what you may not realize is that we love cooking! By day we design and install the best kitchen cabinets in NJ, and by night we return to our own kitchens and get cooking! Here are a few tips we’ve gathered that will help you out around the kitchen:

  • Fruit Storage: As a general rule, fruits (other than berries) should not be stored in the fridge. Unless you live in a hot climate, storing fruits like apples, bananas and pears will dull the taste and won’t help with longevity very much.
  • Spice It right: Don’t fear your salt! Salt and pepper are still your go-to  spices. The sodium used in home cooking is not much when compared to eating takout or processed foods.
  • Overcooking: Overcooking is one of the major problems for the burgeoning home chef. Overcooked meats are dry and tasteless, while overcooked vegetables are mushy. What can you do? The skill that is crucial here is pulling the product off the heat slightly before it is done–it will, quite literally, cook itself the rest of the way!
  • Cutting Boards: There are two important factors when it comes to cutting boards to note. First, make sure to never share a raw meat board and a vegetable board; it’s just plain dangerous! Second—a lesser known tip—is to have separate boards for cutting onions and garlic from everything else you’re cutting because their flavors will stick to the board!

Increase Your Living Space, Love Your Home

7:57 pm

NJ home remodeling Our overall goal as your design build company is to, quite simply, make you love your home. We’ve previously discussed how a kitchen renovation or kitchen cabinet redesign can improve your home, but you have plenty of other options for home improvement everywhere around your home.

  • Add-A-Level: One of our larger-scale projects, adding a level is a great way to increase the value of your home and create a massive amount of extra space! Whether you want to add one room or go all out with a three-room addition, you’ll immediately love your loads of extra room.
  • Basement Renovations: You may not realize it, but your unfinished basement is a diamond in the rough! Clear out the clutter of your basement and finally turn it into a home office or entertainment area (you can even toss a bar down there!).
  • Master Bedroom: So, the kids are finally out of the house and you have an extra room or two? Perfect. Knock down a couple walls and create the master bedroom of your dreams (you deserve it).
  • Wine Rooms: We previously wrote about custom wine rooms for your home—in essence, they give your wine collection a safe place of its own and keep your bottles out of the kitchen.

BBQ Taste On a Rainy Day

6:37 pm

kitchen cabinets in new jerseyIt’s finally summer and time to start making plans for outdoor BBQ parties to celebrate the 4th of July and just great weather in general. You’re all set with your favorite grill and, if you’ve been following our advice, an awesome new summer deck! Alas, the heatwave that prompted you to plan your outdoor BBQ was actually just a warning for a week of storms–what are you to do? Fret not, even without a whole kitchen renovation you can still emulate your favorite smokey and grilled taste inside–without the grill!

First off, under no circumstances should anyone try to use an outdoor grill inside their house or even inside the garage; gas and coal emit Carbon Monoxide which is poisonous to the human body in even low levels. Having said that, here are a few options that are safe for indoors:

  • Electric Indoor Grills: With more options than ever, at even better prices, an indoor grill is your best bet. Of course, it’s important to do research before purchasing; a common problem is trapped moisture caused by shallow grates.
  • Smoked Meat: A popular alternative to outdoor grilling is purchasing meat which is already seasoned with the “smokey” flavor we all crave. Naturally, this doesn’t help in emulating grilled vegetables.
  • Indoor Smoker: For the adventurous chef there is always an indoor home-smoker to infuse your food with a BBQ-like flavor. Careful with these, however, or you may end up smoking out your place and needing a total home renovation!