The New Jersey Wine Boom

9:51 pm

new jersey home remodelRemember the good ‘ole days of the California gold rush? Well, keep your eyes peeled, New Jersey might just be having a rush of its own–a wine rush!  A New Jersey State Senate panel recently approved measures to give the state’s wine industry a major boost. Growth of the industry will not only be facilitated through research, education, and advertisements, but also government assistance with activities related to wine production, such as growing grapes.

We’ve got a feeling that plenty of house additions are going to reflect the newly state-supported hobby of wine production and collection. We’ve previously discussed the current rise of wine room construction and believe the frequency will only increase with this legislation. To learn more about these exciting changes take a look at this article!

Energy-Efficient Appliances

3:49 pm

kitchen remodeling bergen county njWhen getting through all the aspects and decision making for designs, particularly when it comes to your kitchen remodeling in Bergen County NJ, it can be easy to get caught up with some of the larger issues, like kitchen cabinets.  However, one of the latent and surprisingly important parts of the kitchen layout is your choice in appliances.

Everyone has favorite brands and styles when it comes to appliances, and with a solid Design-Build team you’ll have no problem incorporating any appliance of your choosing. We suggest, regardless of what brand you like, to lean towards an energy-efficient brand. These days, machines that reach a certain standard of efficiency are labeled Energy Star appliances.

Energy Star was started in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency to help create a country-wide standard for efficiency, built off of the Clean Air Act. In recent years, Energy Star has been one of the more successful government programs when it comes to environmental protection mixed with consumer needs. Utilizing independent and third party testing on all machines guarantees an integrity that very few privately owned companies would be able to achieve. Since its inception over 20 years ago, countless brands have partnered with Energy Star to bring savings to the consumer and help save the environment.

Deck Material Options

2:30 pm

home renovation njHouse additions can be a bit daunting when looking at the big picture, from planning to finding a proper home additional remodeling team and picking out the materials; it’s most definitely stressful. Decks are no different. There are a multitude of options for materials that vary from metal and wood to composites. How can you wade through all this? Well, do some research on your own and work with your design-build team to figure out the best deck for your needs. In the meantime, here are some popular deck materials.

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber: Generally seen as the most economic option, pressure-treated lumber is used on over half of new decks made and continues to be popular. Routine maintenance is required to avoid swelling and cracking.
  • Hardwoods: Hardwoods are much more expensive than pressure-treated lumber but are seen as a much more visually appealing material. Generally darker and richer, hardwoods are also naturally resistant to moisture, making maintenance less of an issue.
  • Aluminum: The advantages of metal over wood are pretty clear: no rotting, warping, splinters, or cracks. However, making a metal deck look good attached to your home comes with its own set of difficulties.
  • Composites: Composed of fiber and recycled plastics, composites are a fast growing sector of the deck industry. Namely on account of its diversity and cheaper cost than regular wood.

Caring for Your Cherry Cabinets

4:44 pm

Cherry Island

When it comes to kitchen cabinets in New Jersey, cherry has become one of the more popular types of wood chosen. This elegant, dark lumber is so popular with consumers because of its classic beauty and overall success when it comes to matching different appliances and flooring. Cherry is also favored by kitchen remodeling companies for its ease of use when it comes to cutting and sanding–eventually making it a mutually beneficial material for kitchen remodeling. Once your kitchen is finalized and your cabinets totally installed, the work doesn’t stop!

In order for your kitchen cabinets to maintain their overall beauty, it’s vastly important to take proper care of the cherry wood surface over time. Normal kitchen use produces steam, grease, and grime that eventually creates a film over the cherry surface. The main goal is to prevent cloudiness and discoloration. Utilizing different furniture polishes and wood care solutions has proven to be the best overall solution. And as with any type of cabinetry, clean up spills and messes right away, use mild cleaning solutions, and try not to bang around pots and pans too much on your surfaces.

Read more about cherry cabinet care and find specific products you can use here!