Is Contracting in Your Future?

6:52 pm

Bergen County Home RemodelingThe majority of our Bergen County contractors have known they wanted to build things with their hands their entire life. These men and women are the ones who grew up practically glued to wooden blocks, Legos and tree house sets. Taking a pile of sticks and turning them into a home is practically in their blood. Is it in yours?

If this sounds like you, and if you are someone who has been building since the first moment you realized you could, a career in Bergen County home remodeling might be for you. Becoming a contractor is not as easy as one might think, but for those who simply have to work with their hands to feel satisfied, it is completely worth it. Learn the steps it takes to become a reputable contractor, and then call Trade Mark to see if we have room to take you onto our team.

Some contractors work for themselves, others join a team. Either way, you will need to take an honest look at your skill sets. What do you excel at? Where can you grow? Identify the areas where growth is needed and sign up for a class. Then get your documents in order. Write up contracts, send out resumes, gather before and after pictures for your portfolio. Once you have done all of this work, start marketing yourself. Build a website and post the link on social media sites. Then answer every reply. This could be the start of your new life!

Old Appliances: More Than an Eyesore

8:20 pm

Why The Answer To Your Health Woes Might Be In A Bergen County Kitchen RemodelingWhen contemplating Bergen County home remodeling, one of the first factors folks consider is what the process will look like financially. In today’s financially shaky world, people are often operating on a tighter budget than ever. While your budget absolutely should be a deciding factor, there are times when action simply needs to be taken. This very well could be the case with your home’s old appliances.

Many people fail to realize that their old appliances are more than a visual eyesore. They could actually be contributing to a host of health problems for you and your family. Opting out of calling a Bergen County contractor when it is purely a matter of aesthetics does make a degree of financial sense. However, when the problem has become one that is affecting the physical well-being of your family, it makes significantly less sense.

The appliances that have been serving you so well for the last decade are probably rusted by now. This rust can lead to the growth of allergens in the environment, which can lead to chest problems. Additionally, mold is likely to accumulate on appliances that regularly use water. These mold spores can wreak havoc on your immune system. If this is the case for your home, a remodeling job might mean the difference between a healthy lifestyle and constantly being sick. That seems worth it to us!

Remodeling To Make Room for Ailing Parents

7:40 pm

home addition for ailing parentsOne of the hardest decisions that adult children face is whether or not to put their parents in a nursing home. And, if so, at what point? How do you break the news to them? Is it really necessary? Will they be devastated? Can you trust the facility? These questions, and more, can keep us awake at night for weeks on end. We want to do right by mom and dad, but their health needs are more than they can manage on their own and our homes are not big enough for them to move in with all the needed medical supplies.

The care of your parents is an intensely personal decision. But, before you decide where to have mom or dad housed, consider a Bergen County home remodeling. If you would love to move your ailing parents into your home and care for them the way they did for you all these years but do not have enough space, a home addition might be a viable solution. This gives you more space and lets mom or dad have a little privacy. Additionally, it costs significantly less than moving to a bigger home. And over the long run, a home addition ends up being less expensive than paying a monthly fee for a nursing home and all the services it provides.

Think it over and talk to your family. This might just be the solution you have been searching for.