Break Bread In Style

8:17 pm

For centuries, the kitchen has been the most sacred room of a house. This is where we break bread with those we love. Whether or not you use the term in a religious sense, the act of sharing a meal with someone is an intimate and personal experience. Inviting someone into your home for a meal is a clear act of inviting them into your life. It is a display of love and affection. This is one of the primary reasons why the kitchen is so frequently the room that gets the most traffic from visitors.

Therefore, when considering where to start on your home remodel, the kitchen makes the most sense. After all, if you are going to have friends and family come in and out of this important room on a regular basis, you want it to look spectacular. Additionally, focusing on one room gives your budget a little room to breathe.

Hiring a Bergen County kitchen remodeler to handle the overseeing and execution of your kitchen remodeling project is the surest way to ensure that the backbone of your friendships comes out looking and feeling elegant and inviting. While challenging yourself with a DIY project can produce wonderful results in some instances, a task like a kitchen remodeling is not the place to start breaking out your construction skills. Call and hire a professional who does this work day in and day out.

Then, invite friends over and break bread in style.

Spring Into a Home Remodel

8:34 pm

kitchen long shotTraditionally, spring is the time of renewal. All around us nature is renewing itself. Thousands of folks are embarking on epic spring cleanings. Something about the season sparks a desire within us to make the changes we have been thinking about all winter.

The same goes for our homes. After being trapped indoors while it snows and sleets all winter, many of us have taken a good look around our homes and have realized we are in desperate need of a Bergen County home remodeling.

Perhaps the weather has gotten the best of your home’s insulation? Or you have realized the kitchen cabinets that worked so well last year are looking a little ragged now? Either way, you have come to the distinct conclusion that your home needs remodeling. Thankfully for you, spring is the best time to embark on such an endeavor! Do your online research. Browse through the different styles of kitchen cabinets, take a peek at home design magazines to see what others are doing and then give a Bergen County contractor a call to discuss the details.

If you act now, you will have a fully remodeled home to show off during summer barbeques and Fourth of July gatherings.

Visit our site and then call for a consultation today.

Adding a Bedroom

4:10 pm

bed room additionWhether you are about to have a baby or want a place for guests to comfortably call their own, sometimes the reality simply is that our homes are not as big as we need them to be. One solution is to up and move. Find a bigger house and relocate. Anyone who has owned a home even once knows that this is not the easier, softer way. Selling and buying homes is expensive, emotionally and physically exhausting and downright hard to do in today’s housing market. And that does not even begin to take into account the emotional attachment you have to your home.

By far, the easier solution is to do some research into home addition remodeling. A reputable remodeling contractor like Trade Mark will be able to come to your home, assess the foundation and surrounding area and lay out a plan of action that gives you the bedroom addition you need without the cost, stress and disturbances that come from moving.

While significantly easier than moving, adding a room is not something that deserves little or no thought. You will have to work with a contractor to draw up blueprints, plan for ventilation, insulation, windows and plumbing. Once all this is done, you get to embark on the fun of decorating an entirely new room from scratch.

Call Trade Mark today and talk to our home addition experts to see if this is the solution for you and your family.

Planning Your Home Addition

3:34 pm

home additionYou have decided that a room addition would make sense. Perhaps your family is expanding or you have decided to work from home and now need a home office. In theory, adding a room to your current home is the easiest solution. Now your mind is awash in questions, concerns and general planning chaos. Take a deep breath. Then sit down with a pen and paper and do some serious planning. Getting everything you need to do down on paper in black and white will go a long way towards slowing the racing in your head.

Home Addition Planning Checklist:

  1. Study the pros and cons of adding a room to your house. It might be easier to convert an existing room. Consider how much space you need and how you plan to use the room in the future. If you decide to embark on adding a room, continue with this list.
  2. List the things you know how to do yourself. For the rest, start doing research into hiring a home addition contractor. (We at Trade Mark do offer home additions in NJ!)
  3. With our guidance, create a floor plan. It might help to obtain a blueprint of your home’s current design to use as a starting point. Be sure to plan out all the features ahead of time.
  4. Sit down with a professional and map out what the process will look like in terms of time, money and labor.

Use this information to consult with your family and plan accordingly.

Pristine and White

3:43 pm

New Jersey kitchen remodeling trends come and go. Cozy and rustic was all the rage for a couple of years. Then modern and stainless comes into favor. As a homeowner, it can be hard to keep up with all these changing preferences. And the last thing you want to do is fork over all that money for a NJ home remodeling and then have to replace the style a few years later.

Kitchen Remodel in Wyckoff, NJ

White Kitchen Cabinet Variations & Options

White kitchens save the day here. Whether they are paired with black for a classic black and white look or warmed up with dark wooden tones, white is here to stay. It is the epitome of timeless and classic. While it might at first seem like your style options are limited with such a basic color, this is not at all the case. Many options for white kitchen cabinets exist, from whites that are cool tones to whites that are warmer tones – creamy neutrals to grey whites and everything in between. You will be surprised at how many different types of white kitchen cabinets are available. The hardest part may just be which one to pick!

What To Look For When Choosing A White Kitchen Cabinet

Now that you are aware of how many options are out there for white cabinets in may seem overwhelming to select one. Look at a large sampling of the different choices available, lay them all out side by side – right away you should see some you can exclude based on the color direction you have in mind. Then think about how the remaining choices may pair with some countertop options, if you color scheme is close in color, like a white on white, it’s best to view these samples against the actual countertop choices as well to ensure the two do not clash. Then take your final choices along with you countertop samples to the tile store to select the tile backsplash, here is where all the items will come together to create a beautiful symphony of color and textures, make sure to select a tile that pulls it all together.

Here are two of the most timeless styles you might want to try.

  1. Black and White: Adding black accents (such as appliances or tiling) to a white kitchen instantly imparts class to the room. Or, opt for a tiled black floor and keep the rest of the kitchen pristinely white. Regardless of what you choose, this is sure to be a stunner.
  2. Accent with Wood: Using wood accents in your white kitchen is the perfect way to warm up the room. Try a wood trim to your countertop or add solid wood trim around the windows in a dark, saturated color.

Need help choosing a white for you kitchen?

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